10 Spooky and Fun Halloween Treat Boxes

Spooky and Fun Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween treat boxes make it easy to distribute candy and other delicious treats. They’re also spooky, festive, and fun. Plus, kids love them and the sweet treats stored inside. You can buy Halloween treat boxes online, but it’s a lot more fun to make them at home. Making them yourself also allows you to easily customize them based on your needs.

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party and looking for the perfect party favors and Halloween gifts, sending your little ones off to a Halloween shindig at school, or getting ready for trick-or-treaters to come to your door, treat boxes are the perfect go-to. You can stuff them with miniature chocolates, candy corn, or your other favorite Halloween fare. Here’s how to make Halloween treat boxes.

How to Make Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween treat boxes are easier to make than you might think. To make your own box, simply find a pattern online to download and print onto cardstock. Then, cut it out, fold it according to the directions, and glue it in place. Decorate the box with any variety of cardstock, vinyl, googly eyes, yarn, and more. Or, skip the DIY and purchase treat boxes online. You can then decorate these already assembled boxes with your favorite Halloween supplies.

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Top 10 Halloween Treat Boxes

Elevate your Halloween party with some super fun party favors the kids will love. Here are ten Halloween treat boxes you can make at home:

1. Printable Coffin Halloween Treat Boxes

Printable Coffin Halloween Treat Boxes

To make these spooky coffin boxes, you just need to print the pattern on cardstock. Then fold, use a paper scorer or metal nail file to make sharp edges. Finally, secure the edges with glue.

2. DIY Halloween Treat Boxes

DIY Halloween Treat Boxes

These treat boxes require just a few simple steps to put together: print, glue, and fold to make your spooky houses in minutes. Fill with your favorite candies and close using tape or make a hole in the flaps and tie some ribbon through.

3. DIY Jack-o-lantern Halloween Treat Box

DIY Jack-o-lantern Halloween Treat Box

To make these sweet Jack-o-lanterns, you’ll need orange party favor boxes, black foam or construction paper, and double-sided tape. Create faces with the black foam or construction paper and use the double-sided tape to affix them to the boxes.

4. DIY Halloween Treat Boxes with Cards

DIY Halloween Treat Boxes with Cards

Start with Halloween-themed cardstock and use a simple pattern to create the box. Use black yarn to secure the ends. Next, affix your favorite Halloween cards to the box like a tag.

5. Halloween Glove Treat Idea

Halloween Glove Treat Idea

These glove treats couldn’t be easier to make. Just use non-latex surgical gloves and fill them with candy! Tie Halloween-themed ribbons on the top and add a plastic spider ring on a finger.

6. Candy Corn Treat Boxes

Candy Corn Treat Boxes

For this craft, you’ll need three colors of cardstock paper: orange, yellow, and white. Download, print, and cut the pattern. Score with a scoring tool and glue the sides of your box together where indicated.

7. DIY Halloween Monster Favor Boxes

DIY Halloween Monster Favor Boxes

Make these adorable monster treat boxes with favor boxes, crepe paper, white vinyl, mini pom-poms, googly eyes, and hot glue. Cover the favor boxes with crepe paper and make faces with vinyl, googly eyes, and pom-poms.

8. Frankenstein Treat Bags

Frankenstein Treat Bags-min

To make these adorable treat bags, you’ll need green cardstock, black streamers, double-sided tape, embroidery thread, and black cardstock. You’ll use the green cardstock to create the shape of the bags and the rest of the supplies to create the sweet Frankenstein faces.

9. DIY Halloween Treat Gift Boxes

DIY Halloween Treat Gift Boxes

With just a few sheets of colored cardstock, construction paper, and a printable box template, you can create these adorable little boxes. Decorate them to look like cats, jack-o-lanterns, or whatever your heart desires.

10. Bat Candy Favors DIY

Bat Candy Favors

Create these cute little bats that can hold bags of candy or pre-packaged, bite-size treats. You’ll need a printable bat template, black paper, lightweight cardboard, and a paper scorer.

These Halloween treat boxes will liven up your Halloween party and provide the kids with a little something to take home. Fill them with your favorite Halloween treats, such as miniature chocolates, M&Ms, candy corn, and so much more.