10 Amazing Group Gift Ideas They’ll All Love

Group Gift Ideas

There’s nothing more challenging than shopping for a whole group. Whether it’s for a family, a group of friends, or even your team at the office, choosing a gift that will make the whole gang happy is a tall order. If you have a group on your list, we’ve made this gift guide just for you. Here’s a quick how-to guide, along with 10 great gift ideas for a group.

How to Choose a Gift for a Group

When shopping for a group, you want to make sure that your present satisfies each person. You don’t want to get something that leaves anyone out or favors one member in particular. Instead, you need to shop with everyone in mind and choose something that will make each member happy. One easy way to knock it out of the park is to get a delicious food gift your entire group can share. This is a great idea, especially for groups that don’t live together (i.e., your coworkers or your friends). Think gift baskets with plenty of treats to share or a platter of tasty treats that has enough goodies to share. Your group can chow down at your next gathering or pick their favorite goodies to take home.

If you’re shopping for a family or a group that often has get-togethers or lives in the same household, you could choose something that they could do together, such as a game or interactive puzzle they can all work on at their next gathering. This gift will give your loved ones something to do together while providing plenty of warm and happy memories of time spent together.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Group

If you’re shopping for a group and don’t know where to turn, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up ten gift ideas for a group that are sure to impress.

1. Chocolate Dessert & Cheesecake Platter

Chocolate Dessert & Cheesecake Platter

With fresh juicy strawberries covered in chocolate, plus chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, and graham crackers, this platter has something for everyone. If that weren’t enough, at the center, you’ll find three creamy cheesecakes topped with chocolate covered fruit.

Cost: $39.99

2. Slice Of Sweet Fruit Platter

Slice Of Sweet Fruit Platter

Made with only the freshest sliced pineapple, strawberries, melon, and more, this platter makes any celebration a bit sweeter. Plus, it’s even topped with a sweet pineapple daisy.

Cost: $44.99

3. TABLETOPICS Family: Questions to Start Great Conversations

TABLETOPICS Family Questions to Start Great Conversations

This set includes 135 thought-provoking questions that your group can use to spark conversations with one another. They’re all family-friendly, so you can even bring in the kids for a little bit of fun.

Cost: $25.00

4. TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector

TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector

Get your group together for a fun outdoor movie with this projector. It’s equipped with various ports so that you can connect your smartphone, DVD player, game console, and so much more. Plus, it features 4000lux LED for brightness and 3W HiFi stereo speakers with SRS sound system.

Cost: $89.99

5. Cuisinart ® Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker

Cuisinart Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Maker

Why go out for ice cream when you can make it at home? Your group will get a kick out of homemade ice cream with this fully automatic ice cream maker that can whip up a batch of ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet in as little as 20 minutes.

Cost: $69.95

6. 540 Colors 3D Puzzle

540 Colors 3D Puzzle

Challenge your group with this 540 piece, 360-degree puzzle. Each piece is a slightly different color, so your group will explore the color scale as they figure out how to piece together each hue in relation to the next.

Cost: $70.00

7. Canvas Print Wall Art

Canvas Print Wall Art

Get a personalized print of your group that they can all enjoy. This canvas wall art can include up to eight people with individual characteristics, such as hair color and style, and their names.

Cost: $55.95

8. At Home Murder Mystery Night

At Home Murder Mystery Night

Break your group out of their regular group gatherings. This kit has everything you need to host a murder mystery party with 12 name cards, trait cards, occupation cards, and clues, forms, and files that will add a bunch of twists and turns as you uncover this whodunit mystery.

Cost: $45.00

9. Homemade Stainless Steel Manual Roller Pasta Maker

Homemade Stainless Steel Manual Roller Pasta Maker

Your group will always look forward to pasta night with this homemade pasta maker. Made with heavy-duty stainless steel construction, it has two different width settings to allow you to make a variety of different pasta dishes.

Cost: $49.99

10. RoWood Mechanical Gear Vitascope 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Toy

RoWood Mechanical Gear Vitascope 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Toy-minRoWood Mechanical Gear Vitascope 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Toy

Get your group’s creative juices flowing with this wooden 3D puzzle made from 183 laser-cut wood pieces. Plus, it’s not just a model. Once constructed, you can use it as an actual working projector you can use to view old fashioned, black and white movies.

Cost: $49.99

No matter the occasion, these gift ideas are sure to please everyone in your group. Each member of your gang will appreciate the thought and care you took in choosing a gift for all of them.