40+ Graduation Gift Ideas to Show Your Love & Support

5th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas

Their graduation day is imminent. On some days, it probably seemed like this event would never arrive. During other moments, you may feel like this day and the transitions that often accompany it arrived faster than you can believe. Graduation time is filled with so many emotions for the graduates and their loved ones, from joy and excitement to maybe even some fear or sadness. Despite the many feelings that this momentous occasion evokes, graduation is undoubtedly a time for celebration. Whether you are looking for classic gifts like a special flower delivery or gift ideas that can be customized or that offer practical benefits, you might be hoping for a little inspiration in choosing a graduation gift for your beloved person.

As you look for gifts for your nieces, sons, husbands, neighbours, friends, and any other individual whose accomplishments you want to recognize, explore the graduation gift ideas below to help streamline your shopping efforts. This list includes gifts across a wide range of price points, including selections that might be the perfect offerings for a sizable group of people. You’ll also see recommendations for items that can be customized by you for the special graduates in addition to gifts that will be useful to them as they head off to university or embark upon a new stage of adulthood, such as a new home or first job in their chosen profession. Celebrate graduates and their achievements with one of these graduation gift ideas or any other tokens of your recognition and affection that this search process might generate.

  1. Graduation Cupcakes and Dipped Fruit

cupcakes make a great graduation gift idea

For a complete party bundle, choose this delicious and decorative gift. In chocolate, vanilla, or celebration flavours, the mouth-watering cupcakes, pineapple numbers of the graduation year, beautiful fruit bouquets, and a celebratory balloon will meaningfully mark the importance of their graduation.

  1. Gift Your Grad Platter and Flowers

chocolate and flowers make a great graduation gift idea

Honour the special occasion and treasured graduate with this graduation gift idea that includes an elegant seasonal bouquet, as well as refreshing fruit dipped in gourmet chocolate. The chocolate covered pineapple numbers of this graduation year are also topped with mini sequin sprinkles for a festive touch.

  1. Air Fryer

an air fryer makes a great graduation gift idea

When their graduation coincides with a move to a place of their own, this graduation gift idea is an ideal choice for healthy and quick cooking. From homemade fries to seasoned steaks, this helpful kitchen tool is a premium gift for a treasured graduate.

  1. Hammock

hammocks make a relaxing graduation gift

This graduation gift idea sends them the clear message that now is the time to kick back and relax after their years of hard work. Whether they take it on one of their upcoming camping adventures or just enjoy it in the backyard, they’ll appreciate the encouragement to slow down and enjoy.

  1. Streaming Service Gift Card

streaming tv gift cards are a modern graduation present

Treat the graduates to their favourite shows, movies, and more with a subscription to a streaming service. Especially for individuals who are still considering where they may journey next or may have some travel in their immediate plans, this gift is portable and useful in keeping them entertained!

  1. Picture Board

picture boards show recent graduate memories

Surround them in celebration and the love of family and friends with this thoughtful gift that you, for initial presentation, and they, as they so choose, can personalize with treasured photos. Make sure to have the tissues available when they open this sentimental gift.

  1. Weekender Bag

a new travel bag offers a sophisticated graduation present

As the perfect graduation gift idea for the individual who is planning to embark upon eagerly awaited post-graduation trips, they can travel efficiently and stylishly with this faux leather bag.

  1. Personalized Graduation Box

personalized graduation gift box

Graduation often comes with transitions and contemplation about the future. This meaningful graduation gift idea provides them with a personalized box to store their memories and mementos as they accomplish their goals!

  1. Floor Chair

sofa chair graduation gift

To support his comfortable gaming or ensure that her friends always have a comfortable seat, this soft, thick seat can be adjusted into more than 10 different positions and slides easily under a bed for storage.

  1. School Hoodie

school sweatshirt graduation gift

Celebrate where they are headed next with this thoughtful graduation gift idea. Whether you opt for hats, hoodies, ties or simply a gift card so that they can pick up their own school apparel during the new year’s textbook shopping, they are sure to appreciate this meaningful gift!

  1. Storage Container

storage container  graduation gift

When it comes to dorm living or first apartments shared with an assortment of roommates, storage containers are essential for maximizing the available space. If you want to personalize this gift in preparation for the upcoming year or the start of their new job, consider filling it with some of their favourite snacks, a quilt, or another memorable gift, or other useful items, like pens or notebooks.

  1. Mindfulness Dice

mindfulness dice  graduation gift

Support their wellness with this mindfulness dice set. With hundreds of different combinations, this helpful graduation gift idea is a self-care resource for anyone who wants to invite calm and balance into their daily routine.

  1. Portable Grill

grill graduation gift

This small, portable charcoal grill is perfect for your own mealtime, camping trips, or hosting a small gathering. For veggie burgers, steaks, chicken, and vegetable skewers, and more, this grill is a fun and helpful gift!

  1. Air Plant Terrarium Kit

plants make an adulting graduation gift

Bring a little plant fun to the new graduate’s life with this air plant terrarium kit. This hanging kit provides a touch of vibrance to any new room or home and can be decorated as the graduate so chooses!

  1. Personalized Recipe Book

personalized cook book graduation gift

Make sure that the recipes for their favourite meals are always available to them with this meaningful graduation gift idea. With the ability to customize the size, page design, and cover, this incredible gift will bring them joy and happy memories both now and for years to come.

  1. Bluetooth Item Tracker

bluetooth tracker graduation gift

For keys, bikes, backpacks, and more, this tracking device ensures that their important items are easy to find. Graduates of any age are sure to appreciate this useful and practical gift as they move into the next phase in their lives.

  1. Travel Map

travel map graduation gift

The graduates who are dreaming about places that they have already been and those longing for the next opportunity to go someplace new will love this graduation gift idea, which provides them with the opportunity to document and celebrate their travel experience and be inspired for upcoming trips. This scratch-off world map can be displayed as wall art for motivation, enjoyment, and encouragement to share stories and memories with others.

  1. Shower Caddy

shower caddies make a great high school gift graduation

Help them prepare for dorm life with this personalized, waterproof shower caddy. Available in a variety of colours, they can take all of their bathing and personal care essentials with them in one streamlined, hangable tote.

  1. Espresso Maker

espresso maker  graduation gift

Wherever they land next, ensure that their preferred beverage is always available to them with this compact machine. For espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, and more, this quick and easy brewer will prepare them for their first days at the new job or long nights working toward their advanced degrees.

  1. Self-Care Box

self-care graduation gift box

Along with the excitement of graduation often comes the anxious anticipation of the road ahead. In addition to your personalized note with your own encouraging words, this kit is full of empowering tools that will help them on their way, like a goal planner, affirmation cards, motivational pen, positivity jewelry, and more!

  1. Music and Accessories Gift Card

graduates like music!

Fill their music library, encourage their e-reading, and more with this thoughtful graduation gift. New graduates will appreciate the freedom of choice that this selection provides to them, as they begin to accessorize their new lives following the festive graduation day.

  1. Graduation Bookmark

graduation bookmark

Available in a variety of colours and designs, this thoughtful gift for your favourite reader will commemorate not only the momentous occasion but also the activity that they truly love. They may not have had much time for reading during final exam studying and paper completion, so this gift also encourages them to relax and indulge with one of the books that they’ve been waiting to enjoy.

  1. Photo Keychain

photo keychain  graduation gift

Friends or family members can create a personalized photo keychain for their cherished graduates. That way, as graduates head off to college or start their new jobs, they’ll always have happy memories to carry with them.

  1. A Tree

Individuals who love the outdoors will appreciate having a tree planted in honour of their graduation! They might even be able to one day visit the forest of which their gift is a part!

  1. Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

noise cancelling headphones make a great graduation gift to deal with roommates

With this graduation gift idea, they can call home in comfort or enjoy some relaxation on their celebratory post-graduation trip with these on-ear noise cancelling headphones. Foldable and lightweight yet still able to deliver on the bass, your favourite music fans, frequent travellers, and young professionals alike will appreciate this useful gift.

  1. Pet Pillow

pet pillow graduation gift

Throughout the happiest times and the most challenging ones, their cherished fur friend was always right there with them. Make sure that your graduates always have their most beloved family members close with this thoughtful graduation gift for them.

  1. Mini Fridge

mini fridge graduation gift

Small and sleek, this personal fridge can keep items cold or warm depending on the graduate’s needs that day. Since it is also portable, it can be taken on the road for the weekend or be a helpful accessory when gathering with friends.

  1. Magnetic Key Holder

magnetic key board graduation gift

College graduations are often accompanied by moves to new residences, cities, or even countries! This helpful gift idea is a warm and inviting new display to help them keep organized and embrace the place they now call home.

  1. Towel

This circular towel is a playful and useful gift that the new graduate can take to the beach for some summer fun! It can also be used as a blanket or for other home decor needs.

  1. Money Holder

For graduation, many people present the honoured individual with monetary gifts. Offer a new twist on the format of this classic graduation gift idea or use the festive holder as a themed location for partygoers to leave their well wishes for the graduate.

  1. Compass Necklace

As a thoughtful graduation gift idea for her, present her with this inspirational necklace that reminds her that all of the strength she could ever need is already within her. When she wears it, she will not only think of you but also be reenergized by your belief in her.

  1. Instant Pot

As university graduates move into their first apartments, they will surely appreciate an appliance like this one that offers seven cooking functionalities in one compact package. Since shared living spaces or first residences can be tight on space, having a piece of equipment that serves a variety of purposes is not only a helpful and practical gift but also one that makes it even easier and faster to create one-pot meals!

  1. School Blanket

This personalized blanket is a thoughtful gift to honour the new graduate’s school and achievements. With the customized school information relevant to that individual as well as a choice of thickness and material, this blanket will keep them cozy while reminding them of how far they have come.

  1. Laundry Bag

laundry bags graduation gift

Although graduating from high school and heading to university may seem like the moment your laundry might decrease, it is likely that at some point their laundry may make it back home again. For easy transportation to the dorm machines, laundromats, or back home, personalize their laundry bag with colours, name, and font, and you can help them keep their items organized!

  1. Smart TV

The whole family can contribute to this graduation gift idea. Since this day is one of the most momentous days in their entire lives, people often collaborate in order to give a gift that fittingly marks the significance of the occasion. All graduates are sure to appreciate such an incredible gift from those who love them and want to emphatically celebrate their achievements.

  1. Tassel Ornament

This graduation gift idea turns their tassel into a holiday ornament, so that they can remember and honour their graduation for years to come. Choose the colours and personalization for the ornament, fill it with confetti or a special note if you wish, and then simply insert the tassel after the ceremony!

  1. Bluetooth Speaker and Charger

bluetooth speaker and charger graduation gift

To simplify and streamline their electronics, this bluetooth speaker and charging station with LED night light is a multi-purpose gift that they are sure to enjoy!

  1. Meal Delivery Gift Card

any graduate would look some meal delivery gift cards

For a little assistance in the kitchen or to reduce time spent doing meal preparation, this thoughtful graduation gift idea will be most welcome. With chef-designed recipes, ingredients sourced from local farms, and delivery directly to them, ensure that they are eating well and are supported in doing so with this gift.

  1. Album Cover Art

Celebrate them with a gift of art that they are sure to love. Choose their favourite artist and album, have that information transformed into a beautiful print, and select the perfect frame to complement the graduate’s design style.

  1. First Aid Essentials

Protect them even when you can’t be with them with this collection of essentials from bandages for when their textbook page corners are a little sharp or safety pins in the event that they need to do a quick clothing fix.

  1. Graduation Cheesecakes and Cupcakes

When you need a dessert spread to complete the graduation feast, this platter set has the indulgent delights that you need, from decadent cheesecakes with assorted toppings to delicious cupcakes in a variety of flavours. The congratulatory balloons will add some additional flair to the party decor and a smile to the graduate’s face.

In addition to these graduation gift ideas and many more, there are also an abundance of same day graduation gift ideas for those who may be doing their shopping at the last minute. From party platters to serve at the celebratory gathering to ensuring the delivery of a gift to a special graduate, if you can’t be there to celebrate them in person, Edible Arrangements® is here to provide a simplified shopping experience and support in choosing which graduation gift idea is right for your special graduate!