10 Graduation Cards That Say a Lot More Than “Congrats”

Graduation Cards That Mean Something

If you have a special high school or college grad in your life, you know how momentous this occasion is. After years of hard work, late nights spent studying, and early mornings with a number two pencil in hand, your loved one is finally graduating. Take this time to celebrate your loved one’s accomplishments with a very special graduation card.

How to Choose a Graduation Card

There are so many graduation cards on the market today that it can be hard to choose the perfect option. You can find funny cards, inspiration cards, sentimental cards, and so much more. To find the best card for your loved one, think about their personality. Do they like to laugh? Choose a card that would make them smile or even chuckle out loud. Or maybe they like to reflect on all the special achievements they’ve accomplished thus far. Or perhaps you think they need a little inspiration for the road ahead.

You might also consider a graduation gift to go along with your card. A thoughtful and creative gift like the Graduation Celebration Platter from Edible® can give can go a long way in celebrating your loved one’s graduation. It’s packed with goodies like salted caramel apples, chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple daisies, and so much more.

Top 10 Graduation Cards

If you’re still in need of inspiration, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up ten amazing graduation cards your loved one is sure to appreciate. Feel free to pick your very favorite one or use it as a template to create your very own:

  1. Hallmark Class of 2019 Graduation Card

Hallmark Class of 2019 Graduation Card

With a glittery 2019 and a colorful star background, this card features a celebratory design and inspirational sentiment. It remarks that your loved one’s graduation is just one step closer to their bright and shining future.

Cost: $3.99

  1. Hallmark Dr. Seuss Graduation Card

Hallmark Dr. Seuss Graduation Card

Dr. Suess’s Oh the Places You’ll Go is practically a graduation cliché. This card features a new take on the celebrated book and wishes them the best in their next chapter – no matter what direction they choose.

Cost: $4.29

  1. Hallmark Mahogany Graduation Card

Hallmark Mahogany Graduation Card

“You didn’t give up, give in, or give out.” With a simple design and sweet sentiment, this card reflects on the perseverance of your graduate and reminds them that it’s only the beginning of their success.

Cost: $3.99

  1. 2019 The World Is Yours Pop Up Graduation Card

2019 The World Is Yours Pop Up Graduation Card

Featuring a beautiful three-dimensional globe atop a stack of books, this card is a work of art. It also displays the words, “The world is yours,” reminding your grad that she holds the entire world in the palm of her hand and can go anywhere she pleases.

Cost: $7.99

  1. New Beginnings Graduation Card

New Beginnings Graduation Card

With confetti graphics and beautiful foil, this card features a quote in gold script from Ralph Waldo Emerson that reminds your graduate that this ending is really a new beginning of the rest of their lives.  It also wishes them good luck on the journey.

Cost: $5.99

  1. 2019 Hats Off to You 3D Pop Up Graduation Card

2019 Hats Off to You 3D Pop Up Graduation Card

This 3D card lays flat to reveal a celebration of stars, mortarboard caps, diplomas, and a sparkly gold “2019” banner. On the inside, it says, “Hats off to you!” and wishes your grad congratulations.

Cost: $12.99

  1. The World Is Yours Graduation Card

The World Is Yours Graduation Card

This card features the words, “The world is yours,” laser cut into cardstock with a vintage map laid behind. It’s the perfect choice for a graduate who has great plans to travel the world.

Cost: $6.25

  1. Congrats Girl Graduation Card

Congrats Girl Graduation Card

This card features a hand drawn image of a girl in a graduation gown with your choice of gown and hair color. It’s perfect for wishing your favorite girl congrats on her big day.

Cost: $5.01

  1. Congrats Personalized Greeting Card

Congrats Personalized Greeting Card

This card is not only personalized with your graduate’s name on the front of the card, but you can also write your very own six-line personal message on the inside. You can even preview your customizations before buying so you can ensure it looks perfect for your loved one.

Cost: $3.99

  1. The One Where They Graduate Card

The One Where They Graduate Card

If your graduate loves reruns of Friends, this is the card for her. It features a fun personalized Friends title on the front and comes with your choice of colored envelope.

Cost: $5.49

Whether the graduate in your life likes to travel or appreciates 90s TV, this list of graduation cards will have an option for you. Don’t forget to pick up a great gift to go along with your card, like the 2019 Graduation Celebration Platter from Edible®. The graduate in your life will be forever grateful you took the time to celebrate such a momentous occasion in their life.