10 Out-of-this-World Gift Ideas for Teen Boys (+ Amazing Gift Ideas for Teen Boys from 28 Contributors)

10 Out-of-this-World Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Picking out a gift for a teenage boy is no easy task. Most teenagers already have so much — games, clothes, gadgets, and more. What else could he possibly want? Teenage boys don’t just have an excess of stuff, they’re also pretty picky. They know just what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you if you’ve missed the mark. So, how do you shop for a teen boy?

How to Choose a Gift for a Teen Boy

While finding a gift for a teenage boy can be challenging, it isn’t impossible. First, check in with the teenage boy in question. He can probably give you one or two ideas of things he wants as gifts. If that conversation leaves you empty-handed, you can still check in with him about his favorite activities. His current hobbies and interests can be a goldmine for potential gift ideas.

If neither of these options has sparked the perfect gift idea, there’s one classic that can never go wrong: something delicious. If teenage boys are any one thing, it’s hungry. After all, he’s a growing boy, and growing boys need to eat. Edible Arrangements® offers an extensive collection of mouth-watering treats and gifts that are perfect for teen boys, from fun, sports-themed fruit arrangements to boxes of delectable chocolate dipped fruits, gourmet chocolate confections, gourmet popcorn, and so much more.

At Edible Arrangements®, you can even create your own box of chocolate dipped fruits or create your own dessert box filled with all his favorite flavors and indulgent treats, like chocolate covered sandwich cookies and graham crackers, chocolate covered pretzels, creamy mini cheesecakes, scrumptious chocolate brownies, and more. Consider a curated movie night box packed with tasty snacks like gourmet popcorn, assorted fresh-baked cookies, and an assortment of chocolate dipped fruits. Complete with a FandangoNOW Promo Code to rent a movie, it’s the perfect gift for a teen boy who wants to plan a fun night with his friends.

For more fabulous gift ideas any teen boy will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite gift ideas for teen boys.

Seb HallSeb Hall


Seb Hall is the Founder and CEO of Cloud Employee, an innovative remote Software Engineer staffing company, providing hundreds of Philippines-based developers to tech companies in Europe, the US, and Australia.

“A personalized hoodie and having it printed with something that I know he likes would be nice to give to a teen boy. But if I have no clue about what he likes, or it’s an immediate gift where I’ll have no time to ask around about what he enjoys, then a gift card would be the play-it-safe, go-to present for me.”

Meirav Pardess-ZuaretzMeirav Pardess-Zuaretz


Meirav is the Marketing Manager at GoCube.

“The GoCube is an Award-Winning app-enabled Rubik’s Cube that allows ANYONE to learn how to solve the (unsolvable) classic puzzle from the ’80s in a fun and interactive way, improve skills, track progress, play different games that fit all ages and capabilities, and compete with friends online. It is a high quality, newly designed speed cube, equipped with advanced sensors that track and measure activity, as well as an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that tracks the cube’s orientation. The GoCube connects through Bluetooth 5.0 to its companion app.

GoCube encourages learning through play and fun. It is an innovative tool to teach problem-solving and practice memorization skills and helps to build self-esteem and confidence. GoCube was chosen as one of the best tech gifts for 2019 by the WSJ and one of the best STEM toys for 2019 by WIRED. GoCube also has won the Parent’s Choice award 2020 and the Tillywig Toy Award.”

Andrew PriobrazhenskyiAndrew Priobrazhenskiy


Andrew Priobrazhenskiy is the CEO of DiscountReactor. At DiscountReactor, their mission is to bring online shopping to a new level and help to save people on their purchases in different online stores. We offer unique coupon codes, special offers, discounts, and other deals with detailed terms and conditions of purchasing.

“Any gaming accessory can be a worthy gift for anyone who’s into gaming. For example, the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset with an aluminum frame is a great gift for any teen who’s into gaming. This headphone connects with a 3.5mm audio jack and works with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and a mobile phone as well. It has an immersive, 7.1 surround sound for positional audio, and this headset comes in a set of different colors. These colors include green, black, blue, white, pink, Star Wars edition, and a black/blue color combination, too.”

Daniel DemossDaniel Demoss

Daniel Demoss is the Founder of Dumbbells Review.

“The AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack is an excellent gift idea for a teen boy. This is a large multi-compartment backpack that comes with a padded sleeve for your laptop. This bag has internal dimensions of 12 x 4.5 x 17.5 (LxWxH) and external dimensions of 13.39 x 7 x 19.29 (LxWxH). Additionally, this backpack has compartments for organizing your stationery and mesh water-bottle pockets on the side. It even has a separate compartment to carry your cell phone. It can be a very useful gift for teen boys who usually carry such stuff around.”

Jennifer OppenheimJennifer Oppenheim


Jennifer Oppenheim is the CEO and Owner of Just Men’s Shoes.

“Shopping for teens can be challenging, especially teen boys. They like what they like, they’re unlikely to share this information with you, and gift cards just aren’t going to make it onto your list. Whether they’re as open about it as some giftees, a thoughtful gift that shows you really do know them will be something they remember. My teen loves these smart, yet colorful loafers. They’re suitable for a bunch of different occasions and aren’t too ‘showy’ but stand out enough that he wants to wear them.”

Katie TejadaKatie Tejada


Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional who enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, and sometimes works with companies like Plaza Japan.

“If you’re not sure where to start with gift shopping for a teenage boy, consider something that represents his favorite anime or video game! If he’s a fan of Gundam, he’ll love all of the most notable mobile suits from the series. He’ll have fun putting something together that results in a physical representation of his favorite anime.

If he loves games like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, a figure he can display is sure to be a hit! These figures aren’t children’s toys. These collectible figures are high-quality with amazing attention to detail, so you don’t have to worry about a favorite character having the wrong eye color. Action figures are easier to move than a poster, which is great for teenagers who may still be figuring out how they want to arrange their room.”

Mark HayesMark Hayes


Mark Hayes is the Head of Marketing at Kintell.

“My favorite gift idea for teen boys is this OFM Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair. It looks like we might be indoors for the foreseeable future in many parts of the world. As a result, an investment in comfort is a wise decision. With the release of the PS5, a new gaming chair for maximum comfort is the perfect gift for teen boys. At just $109, it’s a small price to pay for something so important to our body’s health.”

Miles BecklerMiles Beckler


Miles Beckler is the Founder and Entrepreneur of MilesBeckler.com.

The Sofa Sack is an amazing gift idea for a teen boy. It’s a giant, memory foam bean bag with a soft, yet tough, fabric. Not only is it perfectly comfortable for gaming and studying, but it also makes a perfect addition in front of any fireplace. If you’re looking to get the family together, pick up a couple of these at just $79 each and relax in style.”

Elia GarrisonElia Garrison


Elia Garrison is all about Conserving Mom’s Time, Money & Sanity. When she isn’t going on the many adventures a busy mom of six goes on, you’ll find her checking out the newest products for kids, family, and home. Follow her on her adventures as she raises six active kids, with a bit of Hispanic flair, laughs, love, and fun!

“Teen boys are hard to shop for, but there are some great products you can get them depending on your budget. We have to remember that no matter how old they try to act, they’re still kids at heart, and anything fun and techy will be a huge hit. There are some great RC cars, for example. Traxxas or Arrma are great brands because if anything breaks on them, you can buy replacement pieces. You can also put all sorts of great add-ons on them, like new tires, lights, etc.

Another great gift is a DJI drone. Those are great and come with some great features. An idea in a lower price range but still good is food! Boys love to eat and getting them a fun basket of their favorites like beef jerky, a BodyArmor sports drink, and some other sweet treats will make a teenage boy very happy.”

Lorie AndersonLorie Anderson

Lorie Anderson is a parenting blogger at MomInformed.com.

“My brother-in-law got my son a full tool kit for Christmas, and I thought that was very cool. It had a ratchet set, a screw gun with a bunch of bits, and a small jigsaw.

My son wasn’t blown away by the gift at first. In fact, he wasn’t interested at all, because he’d never had any reason to use tools before. But since he received it, he’s gotten very handy. Not only does he walk around the housing tightening bolts and screws, but he’s been learning how to build things on YouTube.

This year, his Christmas list was almost entirely tools, which is great because it used to be all video games and electronics!”

Mark CosterMark Coster


Mark Coster is an online entrepreneur and the driving force behind STEM Toy Expert. With 20 years of experience in chemistry education and research, and three willing children as guinea pigs, Mark has a passion for inspiring kids and adults to combine fun and learning with STEM Toys.

“Choosing a gift for a kid who isn’t an adult yet but likes to think he is can be a daunting mission. Teen boys are often so moody and difficult that it baffles most parents into no-gifts holidays. Oh, the joys and delights of yesteryear, when it was possible to find them a gift that they wouldn’t scoff at!

From my experience, a STEM toy can be a great option. Sometimes, it won’t be an instant hit. Your teen may ignore a robotics set at first, if only to contradict you. Still, these gifts are so compelling that hardly anyone can just let them sit in a corner forever. Geeky boys will get into them immediately. Others may take a while until they realize how cool it is to learn without admitting it! Furthermore, such a gift has tremendous educational value and teaches skills that are transferable and crucial for both the present and the future. Just make sure you never call it a toy!”

Stephen LightStephen Light


Stephen Light is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and the co-owner of Nolah Mattress.

“A Lavender Aromatherapy and Humidifier Gift Set is a great gift idea for a teen boy. Lavender has calming benefits that relieve stress and anxiety. When teenage boys attempt to fall asleep in a stressed and anxious state, they experience poor quality sleep.

The humidifier also works wonders in making sleep quality better by making sure the air is not dry. Dry and arid air can cause a clogged and dry nose, making it difficult to sleep. Humidifiers can help fix that by providing the atmosphere with optimal moisture levels.”

Benjamin SmithBenjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is the Founder of Disco Skincare for Men. Before moving to Austin in the spring of 2016, Benjamin attended Wake Forest University, where he graduated in Communications and Entrepreneurship and launched two boutique gyms during his junior year. Ben raised outside funding, scaled the businesses, and eventually sold both in the fall of 2018. Benjamin also worked as a Marketing Director at Houston-based En-Plast Technology, where he oversaw all marketing efforts.

“Teen boys go through so many changes and growth, so a relevant gift could be skincare products. Right around these formative years, young teens are developing their habits and best practices. Skincare products are great gifts to jumpstart the proper treatment of their skin as well as learning self-care methods.”

Daniel ShapiroDaniel Shapiro


Daniel Shapiro has a decade-long career in the fashion industry, with a focus on corporate retail merchandising. In August 2016, the industry vet fulfilled a childhood dream of launching an apparel company, Fourlaps, a New York-based brand that creates functional athletic apparel. Daniel resides in New York City, where he can be found working on upcoming collections. In his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling to new cities and countries, visiting art museums, walking the highline, trying new restaurants, and training at Equinox.

“Adolescence is a trying time for all going through it. During this time, it’s important to foster as much confidence as possible. A good gift to assist in that process is fashion. ‘You look good, you feel good,’ right?”

David TookeDavid Tooke

David Tooke is the founder of CampingFunZone.com, a travel blog that is all about adventure in the outdoors, games, watersports, archery, survival, fishing, hiking, camping in tents and RVs, and having fun.

“Picking gifts for teens is always difficult. But there is one rule that can make this hassle less tiresome, and that is to pick anything as a gift that looks cool. So, here are some of my ideas that can be given as a gift to a teen.

  1. Terrarium Candle (Price: $25)
  2. Heat Changing Constellation Mug (Price: $15.95)
  3. Book of Plants Art Print (Price: $17.49)

John StevensonJohn Stevenson


John Stevenson is a Marketing Specialist at My GRE Exam Preparation.

“You can never go wrong with gifting teenage boys an ergonomic gaming chair! Not only will it be handy when it comes to long gaming, homework, and study sessions, but it also has the added benefit of being a super comfortable and stylish addition to their room decor. Check out this AKRacing Core Series Ex-Wide Gaming Chair on Amazon.”

Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson


Steve is the owner of BootMoodFoot, a website dedicated to all things shoes and footwear.

“For teen boys, my favorite gift ideas are musical instruments. It reminds me that during this stage of life, we explore some hobbies. It’s also when we develop interests in many things. One of these is music. I learned to play the guitar and piano when I was 14. I always enjoy being with friends who share the same interest. We would play at school programs, camps, and other outdoor trips. Kids these days are too drawn to gadgets. I would love to see my nephews or other teenage boys with their musical instruments.”

Laurence JonesLaurence Jones


Laurence Jones is the Owner of KidsNaturally Photography.

“I try to find out a little bit about the boy beforehand. Just a small bit of information makes choosing a gift a whole lot easier. They may like sports, in which case I’ll get them something with the name of their favorite team. Anything from a mug to a t-shirt, cap, or framed picture.

If they aren’t the sporty type, then a carefully chosen book is a good choice. Choose something that gets good reviews on Amazon and reflects their interests, be it engineering, space, or history. Of course, gadgets are always popular. Gadgets include everything from a phone to a games console, but they needn’t be expensive. Perhaps a Bluetooth speaker so they can play music from their phone without earphones, or a bedside lamp with mood-changing colors. A headphone with a built-in mic is also very useful in these days of daily video calls.

Simple designer clothing is usually well-received, such as a Nike t-shirt, hoody or cap, or a belt. If I’m stuck, I buy a gift voucher. An Amazon voucher is a good bet as they can get almost anything with it.”

John PetersonJohn Peterson

John Peterson is the editor of Safe Drive Gear.

“My favorite things to give my boys are shoes, hoodies, board shorts, and sunglasses. I liked that type of stuff when I was a teenager. I still remember the times I would show my new shoes to my friends, and they’d look at me like I’m the coolest kid in town. It’s like a phase in our life where we discover our taste in fashion (may change as we grow older). Those items may be a bit pricey, but for me, that’s fine as we only give them gifts two or three times a year.”

Sean HarrisSean Harris


Sean is the managing editor of SwingCoaches.com, a leading directory of golf coaches nationwide. Sean holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley, and he enjoys playing golf, fishing, or spending time outdoors with his dog, Rusty.

“Over the recent year, there have been a lot of uncertainties, especially for children and teenagers with exams canceling and mental health at an all-time low. For this reason, I champion experiences over material items.

It seems that I am not alone in my thought. I have had a mass increase in booking requests for all ages, but I noticed a high increase in young adults and teenagers.

So whether it be golf coaching, horse riding, or hiking get those young adults an experience they will never forget and can use moving forward in their life. Be mindful to think of non-contact and individual sports or experiences and those that can consider social distancing.”

Robin BrownRobin Brown


Robin Brown is working as a CEO at Vivipins based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

“The PlayStation 5 is an excellent gift idea for a teen boy. This might be a bit overpriced, but it is a dream gift for any kid today. We have already seen hundreds of videos going viral on social media of teen boys going crazy, reacting to unwrapping their PS5 gift box. The PS5 has two different editions, the digital one, which costs $399, and the standard edition will cost you $499. If the teen is into console games, this would be an ideal gift for them. However, you might first want to find out if they are an Xbox fan or a PS5 fan, and then gift the console accordingly. In that case, the Xbox series X and series S would be perfect gifts.”

Mark StephensonMark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson is the Editor at How To Shoe.

“Initially, I wanted to give something like a skateboard or some old-school game sets. I suddenly feel nostalgic as those were our things back then. But seeing how the kids love virtual games and gadgets these days, I’ve changed my gift list. My ultimate favorite gift ideas currently are a power bank, smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers, or headphones. There’s no denying what they wish to have now. As long as I could afford it, I wouldn’t mind.”

Kristen BoligKristen Bolig


Kristen Bolig is the Founder at SecurityNerd.

“Are you looking to give a gift that’s both convenient and cool? Look no further than the Sonos Move. This powerful Bluetooth speaker is loaded with bells and whistles that are perfect for the teenage music fan. The Sonos Move is a portable speaker with some of the clearest sound on the market. Its powerful battery lasts for up to 11 hours – so users can enjoy their playlists uninterrupted.

The Sonos Move also integrates with the Sonos App, Apple AirPlay, and Amazon Alexa. Users can utilize voice control to adjust volume, change songs, or check the news and weather. It’s also Bluetooth compatible. Teens can play their favorite music directly from their smartphone without relying on WiFi. It’s perfect for music junkies looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech.”

Brian LimBrian Lim


Brian is the Founder and CEO of INTO THE AM.

“Due to COVID-19, we’ve started designing face masks. These would make great gifts, especially for teenagers who want to stand out from their friends! Our masks are contoured to fit your face and are designed with elastic straps that comfortably stretch to fit over your ears. The masks are antimicrobial, reusable, and use water-based inks. They come in two different sizes and are designed for maximum comfort and style. We use the softest fabrics that are proven to be very comfortable on the skin, and the material utilizes a quick-dry technology that dries in minutes instead of hours. We also have a stylish, new basic tees collection in addition to our graphic tees.”

Phillip AshPhillip Ash

Phillip Ash is the Founder of Pro Paint Corner.

“I have two teenage boys myself, and one gift that I found was great was spray paint. I do not condone vandalizing public and private property. What I offered to my sons with their spray paint is the freedom to be creative with our garden fence. At the back the fence is high, so they can create their own murals or graffiti. It is a creative outlet, be they artists or not. And the greatest thing? I paint over the whole thing for them to start again.

You can get a set of 8 Watercolor Spray Paints here on Amazon for just $50.

Teenage boys often don’t know what they want, never mind that you don’t know either. I can assure you that you can’t go wrong with spray paints.”

Peter LaskayPeter Laskay


Peter Laskay is a Pet Expert and Pet Care Blogger at Petworshiper.

“The situation is not easy. Teenagers often have difficulty communicating, especially with their families. It can cause a lot of headaches to figure out what they want. One way to do this is to communicate with their friends, as they can know about these things and tell us sooner. The other method is, of course, attention. We need to pay attention to what our teen acquaintance is interested in. What books does he read? How does he spend his free time? What kind of music does he listen to? Answering these questions will make it easier for us to reach a solution.

I think most teen boys love video games. Therefore, the best gift for them is to buy something related to it. If we have a higher budget, we can buy a new console (the new PlayStation and Xbox have just been released). If you don’t want to spend that much, you can buy video games or accessories for your his existing console. I’m sure he’ll be happy about it.”

Tess DiNapoliTess DiNapoli

Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist for Hyper Denim, providing the freshest styles and trends in men’s urban fashion. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and the world of fitness.

“Perfect for the sneakerhead in your life or the dude that just likes to look good, gift a fresh pair of jeans from Hyper Denim.

No matter their age, any guy can appreciate a good pair of jeans – especially when they are comfortable, stylish, and reliable. He’ll be rocking the streetwear scene in no time when you gift a pair from Hyper Denim’s wide variety of styles – distressed, zipper, cargo, and more! The teenage guy in your life will be ahead of the fashion curve when he receives the gift of style.”

Simon ElkjærSimon Elkjær

Simon Elkjær is the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, home of Denmark’s most affordable electronics.

“One of the best gifts you can give to teenage boys are gadgets that can help them with their schoolwork or hobbies. Today’s teens, although well-versed in the digital space, can always have something that can help improve this experience.”

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

If you some inspiration for the teenage boy in your life, here are ten gift ideas he’s sure to love:

1. Edible® Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

Edible® Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

This delightful box includes strawberries, apples, and bananas covered in gourmet white and semisweet chocolate. It’s the perfect gift for a teen boy who has no idea what he wants.

Cost: $78.99

2. Edible® Game Day Delight – Baseball Edible® Donut

Edible® Game Day Delight - Baseball Edible® Donut

If the teenage boy in your life is a baseball fan, this arrangement is for him. It’s packed with all his fresh fruit favorites and topped with a baseball donut made from Granny Smith apple covered in delicious gourmet semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $48.99

3. Patagonia Men’s Micro D® Fleece Pullover

Patagonia Men's Micro D® Fleece Pullover

This super-comfortable fleece sweatshirt will take the teenage boy in your life wherever he wants to go — hiking trails, band practice, or playing basketball with his friends. It’s lightweight, breathable, and quick drying.

Cost: $59.00

4. Hydro Flask Hydroflask 32 Ounce Wide Mouth

Hydro Flask Hydroflask 32 Ounce Wide Mouth

Make sure the teen in your life gets his daily eight glasses of water. Made with BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, this wide-mouth water bottle is made for intense hydration.

Cost: $35.88

5. Star Wars Vinyl Clock

Star Wars Vinyl Clock

A laser cut out of a real vinyl record, this clock is sure to make any Star Wars lover’s day. It displays some of the series’ most iconic scenes and is a truly unique piece he’s sure to love.

Cost: $29.98

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If the teen in your life spends a lot of time on his favorite devices, these blue light blocking glasses are a must. They block 97% of the dangerous blue light that is emitted from electronic screens and helps reduce eye strain and improve his sleep.

Cost: $29.95

7. Do Hard Things : A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

Do Hard Things A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

This book will inspire and motivate your teenage boy to get up, get out, and enact personal and social change in the world. It’s all about resisting the cultural myths that limit teens’ potential and, instead, using those teenage years as a launchpad for life.

Cost: $10.49

8. Goal Zero Flip 20 Portable Charger

Goal Zero Flip 20 Portable Charger

Make sure your teen is never without power for his mobile devices with this portable charger. It provides up to two full charges of your smartphone and can recharge itself from the power of the sun (solar panel sold separately).

Cost: $29.95

9. Elenco ENGSTEM40 Stem Simple Machines

Elenco ENGSTEM40 Stem Simple Machines

Got a teen who loves working with his hands and putting things together? This robotics kit allows you to build 60 working machines, including those with levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, and more advanced gears and linkages.

Cost: $95.95

10. Osprey Daylite Daypack

Osprey Daylite Daypack

Sleek and streamlined, lightweight and durable, this backpack is designed to be comfortable for long distances, even with a lot of heavy cargo. It’s just as perfect for a day-long hiking trip as it is for carting heavy textbooks to school.

Cost: $50.00

Any of these fun and creative, out of this world gift ideas will impress the teenage boy on your list.