10 Paw-some Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


Our dogs are more than just our pets. They’re our companions and best friends. If you have a dog lover in your life, you know that whenever the holidays or her birthday roll around, you want to choose one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers to bring her the most joy.

However, choosing that gift can seem like a challenge, especially when you’re not a dog lover yourself. To help you find the most paw-some gift, we’ve curated a list of the best dog toys for dog lovers, such as:

From unique accessories to sentimental items, there are so many gifts you could choose for the dog lover in your life. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, with a little bit of insight and planning, you can choose the perfect gift for a dog lover.

How to Choose a Gift for a Dog Lover

When it comes to choosing a gift for the dog lover in your life, there are really two options. You can choose something sentimental, such as a customized piece of jewelry or photo frame. Or you can pick a more practical gift, such as a food dish or toy.

Sentimental items are great for the dog lover who shares a deep emotional connection with their pets. Other dog lovers may appreciate something practical they can use in their day to day life with their pooch. Consider items that can make your recipient’s life easier, such as grooming tools, exciting new gadgets, or irresistible toys.

No matter which option you choose, you also need to consider your recipient’s dog. Take into account the dog’s size, breed, and any specific needs she may have. It’s important to make sure that any toys, treats, or accessories are suitable for their specific dog.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

From personalized accessories to fun and exciting gadgets, the gift ideas for dog lovers are practically endless. To help cut down on the overwhelm, we’ve gathered up ten of the best gifts out there:

1. Chocolate and Cheesecake Dessert Platter

Chocolate and Cheesecake Dessert Platter

This indulgent platter comes packed with rich brownies topped with white chocolate drizzle, gourmet cheesecakes, and a variety of fresh-baked cookies. Each cheesecake features fruit dipped in semisweet chocolate, whipped frosting, and more. It’s the perfect grab and go snack you can snatch up on the way out for a long walk with your dog.

Cost: $59.99

2. Salted Caramel Cheesecake Treat Box made with TWIX® Cookie Bars

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Treat Box made with TWIX® Cookie Bars

Dogs might not be able to enjoy this delicious box of treats, but their owner sure can. this set comes packed with a half dozen cheesecakes stuffed with Twix cookie crumbles and topped with whipped topping, caramel, and even more Twix.

Cost: $44.99

3. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

Put your favorite pup’s mug on a pair of socks. Completely customizable with eleven different colors and up to six different dog faces, they’re the perfect gift for a dog lover who can’t get enough of their sweet dog’s face.

Cost: $24.99

4. Dash Dog Treat Maker

Dash Dog Treat Maker

This gadget allows you to create scrumptious, wholesome dog treats from natural, unprocessed ingredients you already have in your kitchen. It makes eight bone-shaped dog treats at a time.

Cost: $27.95

5. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

This cozy and heated pet bed has been designed to provide warmth and comfort for your furry friend. With its thermostatically controlled heating element, this bed provides a consistent and cozy temperature on chilly nights.

Cost: $56.79

6. Personalized Dog Bowl

Personalized Dog Bowl

This personalized dog bowl makes mealtime so much more exciting. Made with high-quality ceramic, it includes the option to add your dog’s name, a paw print, or any other personalized message.

Cost: $45.95

7. Personalized Paw Print Necklace

Personalized Paw Print Necklace

Wear your favorite pooch’s name around your neck. Made of sterling silver, it comes with precision laser engraved with your dog’s name on a bone charm and a paw print on a heart-shaped chain.

Cost: $26.00

8. Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt

Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt

This cozy sweatshirt comes embroidered with your pooch’s picture and name. Available in your choice of 18 different colors and 38 thread colors, it’s fully customizable to your specific preferences.

Cost: $49.99

9. Portable Dog Water Bottle For Small & Large Dogs

Portable Dog Water Bottle For Small & Large Dogs

This portable water bottle helps keep your dog hydrated while on the go. It holds up to 550 milliliters of water and features a large spout that allows the fog to easily lap up all the water she desires.

Cost: $29.99

10. Interactive Dog Puzzle Game and Slow Feeder

Interactive Dog Puzzle Game and Slow Feeder

Dogs need challenges and puzzles to keep their brain alert and sharp. This interactive puzzle features three spinning layers that challenges your dog to use problem-solving skills to spin each layer in order to find hidden treats.

Cost: $22.48

The next time you’re searching for a gift for a dog lover, choose gift that will please both your recipient and her furry friend.  With ideas for both the dog lover in your life and her special pooch, this list can help you in your quest for the perfect gift.

FAQs for Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

What kind of gifts do people give their dogs?

There are many gifts you can give to your dog, depending on their breed, age, and personality. Here are some ideas:

  • Toys: Dogs love to play, and toys can keep them entertained for hours. Choose from chew toys, squeaky toys, plush toys, or puzzle toys that dispense treats as a reward.
  • Treats: Every dog loves to eat, so their favorite treats always make a great gift. Or, consider a gourmet dog treat that they don’t often get as an extra special treat.
  • Beds: Give your dog the gift of comfort with a cozy new bed they can cuddle up in for an afternoon nap.
  • Interactive feeders: These are great for dogs who eat quickly or need mental stimulation. They turn mealtime into a fun game.
  • Dog subscription boxes: What could be better than receiving a whole box of goodies every month or every few months? Dog subscription boxes are filled with all the things dogs love, from treats to toys and more.

What to gift a pet lover?

There are two main types of things you can gift a pet lover that are guaranteed to be a hit:

  • Something for their pet: Any pet lover will appreciate a cool gift their pet will enjoy, whether it’s special gourmet treats or a rugged toy that will give them hours of playtime.
  • Something about their pet: If you don’t want to get them something for their pet, consider a gift that’s about their pet, such as a pair of socks with their pet’s face printed on it, a framed photo or illustration of their pet, or a piece of jewelry that represents their pet.

Do dogs appreciate gifts?

Dogs can certainly appreciate gifts, although not in quite the same way as people do. How excited a dog will be about a particular gift depends on how fun it is, comfy it is, or how good it tastes.

Most dogs enjoy a cozy bed, for example, and no dog will pass up a tasty treat. On the other hand, a gift such as clothing might not excite your dog as much as it excites you.

There are some gifts that a dog may not appreciate directly, but it benefits their well-being. A dog who gets frightened during thunderstorms or fireworks may not appreciate a compression shirt when you’re putting it on them, but they will feel less anxious, which improves their happiness and comfort.

How do you give a dog a gift?

The best way to give a dog a gift depends on the individual dog’s preferences, while keeping their safety in mind. Here are some tips for giving a dog a gift:

  • Choose an appropriate gift: A gift should suit the dog’s size, age, and activity level. Be sure to avoid gifts that could pose a choking hazard or other potential risks.
  • Introduce the gift gradually: If you’re giving a gift to a dog who is cautious or apprehensive when experiencing new things, take it slow. Give the dog a chance to approach it and inspect it when they’re comfortable enough to do so. Never force a dog to interact with a toy, even if it’s a dog you know well.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, so giving them praise or treats when they do show interest in the toy or other gift will encourage them to explore it further.
  • Keep safety in mind: It’s a good idea to supervise any dog when they’re interacting with a new toy or treat. For example, if they break a toy apart quickly, they may ingest small pieces if you’re not keeping an eye on them.

Not all dogs will be equally interested in every gift. If they don’t show interest in one type of gift, you can try a different one that’s better suited for their needs and personality.