10 Get Well Gift Ideas to Show How Much You Care

Get Well Gift Ideas

When a loved one goes through a health problem, whether it’s an illness, a surgery, or a broken bone, you would do anything you could to help. While you might not be able to take away the source of their pain, there are ways to show you care and help lift your loved one’s spirits. One easy way is to send a get well gift that can instantly put a smile on her face. Here’s how.

How to Choose a Get Well Gift

Choosing a get well gift isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Your first step is to consider the type of illness or health problem your loved one is experiencing. This can influence the type of gift you get her. For example, if she’s undergoing surgery and has an extended hospital stay, consider a hospital care package that includes everything she needs for extra comfort. Or, if she’s battling a cold, the flu, or COVID-19, consider a care package that includes a big jar of chicken noodle soup. On the other hand, you could give her something that promotes rest and relaxation, such as an electric heated blanket or an aromatherapy candle.

Or, consider choosing a gift from Edible Arrangements® that’s designed just for the occasion. We have an entire section that’s devoted just to get well soon gifts, including fresh fruit arrangements, cupcakes, flowers, and balloons.

Top 10 Get Well Gift Ideas

If you’re not sure what to get the loved one in your life who’s going through a health problem, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten get well gift ideas that are sure to lift the spirits of your loved ones:

1. Cheer Up Cupcake Bouquet

Cheer Up Cupcake Bouquet

Choose this bundle to brighten your loved one’s day with orange slices, pineapple daisies, and strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate. It also comes with four delectable handcrafted cupcakes and a four-count assortment of chocolates.

Cost: $81.97

2. Get Better Beary Soon Bundle

Get Better Beary Soon Bundle

Three “Get Well” balloons come with a precious plush bear and a “Feel Better” box of chocolate covered strawberries. In the box, your loved one will find twelve fresh strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate that are practically guaranteed to help her feel better.

Cost: $75.98

3. Sunshine in a Box: Thinking of You

Sunshine in a Box Thinking of You

If sunshine could be packaged and sent through the mail, it would be this box. It comes with handmade artisan goods and treats, including a box of herbal tea, a box of buttery shortbread cookies, a happy yellow mug, a Meyer lemon candle, an organic jar of honey, lemon crisps, and more.

Cost: $87.00

4. Get Well Soon Gift Package

Get Well Soon Gift Package

Your mom knows it and you know it too: nothing heals like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. This care package includes a jar of homemade soup, a half dozen bacci rolls, a half dozen cookies, a ladle, and a personalized note card.

Cost: $79.99

5. The Breakfast in Bed

The Breakfast in Bed

Give her the luxury of breakfast in bed with this lovingly crafted gift box. It comes with everything she needs to create a delicious breakfast, including raspberry preserve, ancient grain granola, maple syrup, and a beautiful tea towel.

Cost: $78.00

6. Heated Wearable Blanket

Heated Wearable Blanket

Help her take the chill off with this unique electric heated blanket. It has sleeves, so she can keep her hands free for her favorite activities, such as reading, crocheting, or other activities while staying cozy and warm.

Cost: $99.99

7. Hello Fresh Meal Subscription

Hello Fresh Meal Subscription

The last thing anyone feels like doing when they’re not feeling well is grocery shopping and cooking elaborate meals. Take away that stress with a meal subscription, like Hello Fresh. It comes with pre-measured ingredients and easy, doable recipes that get dinner on the table in less than thirty minutes.

Cost: $49.99

8. Carton Night Sky

Carton Night Sky

This care package includes everything your loved one needs for a more comfortable hospital stay. It includes a modern, comfortable throw in rich blues and greys, an ebony eye mask, alpaca non-slip socks, honey lollipops, and soothing lip balm.

Cost: $166.00

9. Unwind Gift Set

Unwind Gift Set

This gift set encourages healthy, restorative sleep. It comes with a kit to grow lavender, a beautiful bamboo pot, plant food, an instruction manual, a lavender soy-blend candle, a lavender pillow spray, and a soft and comfy sleep mask.

Cost: $69.00

10. Healing Vibes Gift Box

Healing Vibes Gift Box

Send your loved one some healing vibes with this care package. It comes with a vegan soy candle, a succulent in a minimalistic ceramic pot, a cute box of matches, and a greeting card with your personalization printed on the back.

Cost: $33.00

When a loved one is feeling unwell, you want to do everything possible to help. Choose one of these get well gifts to help lift your loved one’s spirits and show how much you care.