10 Funny Gift Ideas that Will Make Your Friends and Family Laugh

Funny Gift Ideas

Sometimes your loved one just needs a chuckle. Maybe she’s going through a tough time or just needs a little pick-me-up. Giving the gift of laughter is sometimes the best gift your friend or family member could ask for. Here’s how to find the perfect gift to make your loved ones laugh out loud.

How to Choose a Funny Gift Idea

When it comes to choosing a funny gift, the trick is knowing your loved one’s personality and what make them laugh. Sometimes it’s something to do with an inside joke you share or a TV show you watch together. Or, maybe the joke is something about one of their favorite hobbies. The best joke has a little bit of truth to it and a lot of humor. Just keep in mind that some funny gifts can take the sarcasm and humor a little too far. Only you know your friend or family member, so it’s important to keep their individual preferences in mind.

Another trick to choosing a funny gift is striking the perfect balance between humor and usefulness. After all, what’s the point of giving a gift that will make her laugh but she’ll have no use for later? That’s why it’s a good idea to think through the practically of the gift after the laughter subsides. Think a t-shirt, socks, or even a toaster that toasts your bread into funny shapes. These gifts are funny, but also a bit practical. Another idea is a cheeky food gift that will leave her in stitches, but that she can actually enjoy later.

Top 10 Funny Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your loved ones laugh, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered up ten funny gift ideas that are sure to invoke side-splitting laughter.

1. Bundle Of Cheer

Bundle Of Cheer

This care package is everything your loved one needs to smile. It’s packed with chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple with an assortment of fresh fruit and a box of mixed Dipped Fruit™. Plus, it includes a cheerful smiley face emoji balloon.

Cost: $70.98

2. A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

Your loved one won’t be able to contain her joy when she opens this popcorn bundle. It includes four different varieties of unique popcorn, including raspberry lemonade, dark chocolate caramel, bourbon barbecue, and birthday cake.

Cost: $24.99

3. Bob Ross Toaster

Bob Ross Toaster

Who doesn’t need a toaster that makes toast with Bob Ross’s face and signature hairdo on it? This delightfully irreverent gift is sure to make your loved one laugh. Plus, it makes some pretty fun toast!

Cost: $39.95

4. Utter Nonsense Family Edition

Utter Nonsense Family Edition

This game will have you talking in some pretty funny accents. All players have to use the same accent or voice to read off the phrases on the cards you pick up, which only adds to the hilarity!

Cost: $21.88

5. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

These cork coasters getting the words to famous songs so completely wrong, you won’t be able to stop laughing. From “Hit Me With your Pet Shark,” to “I Wanna Hold Your Ham,” these funny coasters run the gamut of funny mistaken lyrics.

Cost: $25.00

6. Bluetooth Banana Phone

Bluetooth Banana Phone

This device connects to your phone through Bluetooth so you can conduct all of your important business calls from your very own banana phone. Just imagine walking around town having a serious conversation on a banana. Pretty funny, right?

Cost: $40.00

7. Pizza Socks Box

Pizza Socks Box

Surprise your friend with a box that looks just like her favorite delivery place. She’ll open it only to discover it’s full of colored pizza-themed socks that are rolled up to look just like a whole deep dish pie.

Cost: $25.99

8. I Run Marathons Shirt

I Run Marathons Shirt

Does your loved one enjoy bringing her favorite TV shows? This t-shirt playfully teases that she doesn’t run real marathons — just on Netflix. After all, who needs to run 26.2 miles when you have Desperate Housewives?

Cost: $18.99

9. Burrito Blanket

Burrito Blanket

Whenever you roll up with this blanket to take a nap, you’ll look just like a tasty burrito. This cuddly blanket is made of 100% super soft microfiber and is over five feet in diameter for extra comfort.

Cost: $39.95

10. Dinosaur Taco Holder Set

Dinosaur Taco Holder Set

If your loved one can’t get enough tacos, this is the gift for her. She’s sure to giggle when she opens this set, which includes two Triceratops taco rack holders, a BrontoTaco holder, and a BrontoSpoon ladle for her favorite taco sauce.

Cost: $29.99

Full of puns and silly jokes, these hilarious gift ideas are sure to strike your loved one in their funny bone. They’re a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, White Elephant gift exchanges, or just a random pick-me-up.