101 Funny Gift Ideas: Gag Gifts for 2022 to Make Your Loved Ones Laugh

Funny Gag Gifts

Lighten up the holidays or another gift-giving occasion by giving these laughter-inducing gag gifts to your family, friends, and coworkers. You’ll find everything from the world’s smallest violin to a giant burrito blanket. Your friends and family will either love them, hate them, or a mix of both. Gag gifts are the perfect choice for white elephant parties, a secret Santa gift exchange, or as an addition to another gift for a loved one. Here are 101 seriously funny gag gifts to make your friends and family laugh:

1. Simply Edible™ Bouquet

Simply Edible Bouquet

Pair this beautiful bouquet with a funny gift for an unbeatable combo. It comes with beautiful pineapple daisies, fresh strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and juicy grapes.

Cost: $49.99

2. A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

This popcorn variety pack is all treat and no trick. It comes with four different flavors of popcorn, including Birthday Cake, Berries and Rosé, Bourbon Barbeque, Raspberry Lemonade, or Dark Chocolate Caramel. Pair it with a gag gift for even more fun.

Cost: $30.99

3. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards Deck to Help You Help Yourself

Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards Deck to Help You Help Yourself

These inspirational but not-cheesy affirmation cards can help cheer a loved one up when they’re feeling a bit down. They’re the perfect way to insert a little positivity in someone’s life without any of the cheesiness that typically comes with the territory.

Cost: $14.84

4. Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

These “misfortune” cookies are the opposite of those motivational fortune cookies you’ll find at a Chinese restaurant. Crack these treats open and you’ll find a witty message full of dark humor that’s sure to make you chuckle. Plus, the cookies are as dark as the humor and will temporarily turn your teeth black.

Cost: $12.00

5. ‘Fries on the Fly’ Universal Car French Fry Holder for Cup Holder

'Fries on the Fly' Universal Car French Fry Holder for Cup Holder

For the loved one who always stops at the drive-through on the way home (even though she doesn’t want to admit it), this French fry holder will come in incredibly useful. The fry tray fits easily into standard automotive cup holders and can hold up to a large size fry.

Cost: $8.95

6. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 16oz Can

Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 16oz Can

For the easily fooled, there’s no better gift than dehydrated water. All you need to do is add water! You’ll find glowing reviews on the side of the bottle, along with easy instructions for you to create your own water.

Cost: $13.30

7. From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen

From Crook to Cook Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

Who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg? This cookbook delivers 50 recipes straight from Snoop’s own collection, including favorites such as Baked Mac & Cheese and Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips and Frito BBQ Twists.

Cost: $12.74

8. Kevin Broccoli Wall Clock

Kevin Broccoli Wall Clock

For lovers of The Office, this wall clock will help them relive one of the funniest moments of the show. As the minute and hour hands rotate around the clock, Kevin will take on his greatest nemesis: broccoli.

Cost: $26.24

9. WITHMOONS Flare Hair Sun Visor Cap

WITHMOONS Flare Hair Sun Visor Cap

For the bald guy in your life, this cap will instantly give him the flowing locks he’s always wanted. Made to look like real, streaked hair, this cap is sure to generate a ton of laughs.

Cost: $16.99

10. Adopt a Blue-Footed Booby

Adopt a Blue Footed Booby

This gift lets you “adopt” one of the world’s most fascinating — and hilarious — birds. You’ll get a twelve-inch plush bird, adoption certificate, and species card, and your donation will go toward supporting the World Wildlife Fund’s global conservation work.

Cost: $60.00

11. Pancake Earrings

Pancake Earrings

Never leave the house without the most important meal of the day. These little pancakes feature little pats of butter and a generous helping of syrup that looks so real you’ll want to eat it.

Cost: $10.50

12. Christmas Lump of Coal

Christmas Lump of Coal

For the naughty friend on your list, consider this lump of coal. It contains 100% premium, rough-cut Anthracite coal in a festive red and green and comes directly from North Pole, AK with a postage stamp to prove it.

Cost: $12.99

13. Don’t Speak! Funny Coffee Mug

Don't Speak! Funny Coffee Mug

We all know how hard it is to get moving in the morning. This funny coffee mug warns your loved ones not to speak until you’ve downed your first cup of coffee to make things run a bit smoother — for all of you.

Cost: $14.99

14. Toucan Toucan’t Tote Bag

Toucan Toucan't Tote Bag

Sometimes “toucan” and sometimes “toucan’t.” This tote bag features an adorable toucan print that will delight anyone who sees it. Plus, it’s crafted with durable, lightweight poly poplin fabric for softness and durability.

Cost: $23.99

15. Funko Pop! TV: The Office Michael Scott

Funko Pop TV The Office Michael Scott

Choose this Michael Scott figurine for lovers of The Office. He comes dressed in his classic blue (women’s) suit and the infamous “World’s Best Boss” mug that he bought himself.

Cost: $10.99

16. Haute Soiree Bring Me Coffee Women’s Novelty Socks

Haute Soiree Women's Novelty Socks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hit the snooze button and someone else could bring you coffee? These socks implore your loved ones to bring you coffee anytime you’re in a reclined position.

Cost: $8.95

17. The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

For the girl who’s always single, this pillow offers the best of both worlds. He’ll give you a hug, but won’t interrupt you when you’re talking, forget your anniversary, or hog all of the blankets.

Cost: $27.39

18. Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

Drive your loved one crazy with this impossible-to-complete clear puzzle. She’ll want to take on the challenge, but with clear acrylic puzzle pieces laser cut to appear to fit in multiple places, it’s easier said than done.

Cost: $15.00

19. You Said You Wanted Nothing

You Said You Wanted Nothing

We all have that loved one who always says they don’t want anything for their birthday or holiday. Now, with this cheeky clear plastic box displaying absolutely nothing, you can actually give her what she asked for.

Cost: $9.95

20. 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes

101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes

Dad jokes will make you cringe, groan, and roll your eyes into the back of your head. This book delivers 101 of the world’s greatest Dad jokes, from punny one-liners to terrible knock-knock jokes.

Cost: $5.99

21. Mens I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Tank

Mens I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Tank

For the guy who’s always working out, choose this “I flexed and the sleeves fell off” tank top. He’ll impress the ladies and get some chuckles in the process.

Cost: $9.99

22. DEATH WISH COFFEE Ground Coffee Dark Roast

DEATH WISH COFFEE Ground Coffee Dark Roast

Choose this gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life. Made of expertly ground premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world, this dark roast delivers a bold taste that will instantly jolt you awake in the morning.

Cost: $19.43

23. Kikkerland Design UO Exclusive Mini Karaoke Microphone

Kikkerland Design UO Exclusive Mini Karaoke Microphone

Never leave home again without this miniature karaoke mic. It comes equipped with an auxiliary cord and accompanying app so you can belt out a song to adoring fans anywhere you go.

Cost: $12.00

24. Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

The dating scene may seem a little dry, but with this dome umbrella, it’s raining men. This gift is the perfect choice for anyone with a sense of humor and a love for the Weather Girls, “Hallelujah! It’s Raining Men” song.

Cost: $17.95

25. Mermaid Dog Life Jacket with Handle

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket with Handle

If you’re going to buy your pooch a life jacket to keep him safe in the water, you might as well choose one that makes him look like a mermaid while swimming. This vest comes in four sizes and is made with high-quality reflective ripstop material.

Cost: $15.96

26. Violin Music Instrument Miniature Replica

Violin Music Instrument Miniature Replica

For the friend who’s always knee-deep in drama, consider the world’s tiniest violin. At just three inches, it really is the world’s smallest violin, and it’s playing just for you.

Cost: $10.99

27. Playful Sports Mugs

Playful Sports Mugs

Make mealtime more fun with this cereal bowl that doubles as a basketball court. Turn breakfast into a challenge to dunk as many cereal balls through the hoop before you have to shovel it all down and jump on a work call.

Cost: $25.00

28. Coddies Fish Flip Flops 

Coddies Fish Flip Flops

For the diehard fisherman, these fish flops are sure to make a big impression. Made from a strong, lightweight elastic material, they’re soft, flexible, and comfortable and come in your choice of seven colors.

Cost: $17.99

29. Curious Charts Commission Shakespeare Insults Gift Poster

Curious Charts Commission Shakespeare Insults Gift Poster

This poster is full of insults written by Shakespeare himself. With classics such as, “Thy words are blunt and so are you,” and “Recreant and most degenerate traitor,” it will give your loved one some new and interesting fodder.

Cost: $24.99

30. Mad Beauty Friends Sheet Face Mask

Mad Beauty Friends Sheet Face Mask

Choose this sheet mask for a fan of Friends. It looks just like the giant turkey Monica wore on her head in that infamous episode but is infused with moisturizers and antioxidants that can actually improve the look and feel of your skin.

Cost: $5.00

31. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

We all have that one friend who can’t get a song lyric right to save their life. These coasters celebrate all of the most classic mistaken lyrics, such as “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark” and “Don’t Call Jason Waterfalls.”

Cost: $25.00

32. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Crafting with Cat Hair Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Anyone with a cat knows that shedding comes with the territory. This book helps you turn all that excess cat hair into cute and adorable projects. From kitty tote bags to finger puppets, these projects are cat-friendly, eco-friendly, and only slightly creepy.

Cost: $8.04

33. KETEP Dad Beer Belly Funny Bag

KETEP Dad Beer Belly Funny Bag

Your guy can instantly achieve a dad bod with this funny fanny pack. Just strap it on and it will look like he has a beer belly. Plus, it’s extremely useful for holding all of your essential supplies within easy reach.

Cost: $9.99

34. Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes

For the yoga lover, choose these GI Joes in a bunch of different yoga positions. These army guys prove that it’s essential to keep the inner peace, as well as a piece of cake to master a tripod headstand.

Cost: $25.00

35. 32 in 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow

32 in 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow

This giant pillow looks good enough to eat. At 32 inches long and filled with super soft cotton filling, it provides all real-life look and feel of a giant loaf of bread without the carbs.

Cost: $26.99

36. Allures and Illusions Worlds Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

Allures and Illusions Worlds Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

Who doesn’t want the world’s biggest cup of coffee to wake you up after a late night? This giant mug measures 11 inches wide and 9 inches tall to fit the ultimate megadose of coffee.

Cost: $36.02

37. Say Aloe to My Little Friend Planter

Say Aloe to My Little Friend Planter

This punny planter is sure to impress the plant lovers in your life. It comes with the words, “Say aloe to my little friend,” making it the perfect spot to house an aloe plant.

Cost: $28.47

38. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

Who wouldn’t want their face plastered all over a pair of socks? Just send the artist a digital picture of your loved one and it will be recreated hundreds of times per sock for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

Cost: $8.99

39. Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

If your loved one keeps meeting duds, consider this grow a boyfriend novelty gift. Just drop it in water, and it will grow to six times its original size so that she can mold it into the perfect boyfriend.

Cost: $5.25

40. Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets

Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets

Ideal for posting notes and photos on your fridge, these magnets are just a bit cheeky. The six-piece set includes a barnyard worth of animals, with a sheep, chicken, pig, horse, cow, and dog behind.

Cost: $12.35

41. Talkie Toys Products Blah Button

Talkie Toys Products Blah Button

We all know those people that blab on endlessly about the most mundane of subjects. This blah button puts all that mindless chatter to rest. Just press the button to hear one of 12 unique phrases that will impolitely cue your acquaintance that it’s time to stop talking.

Cost: $13.98

42. I Adulted! Stickers for Grown-Ups

I Adulted Stickers for Grown-Ups

Don’t you feel proud of yourself when you do something adult-worthy? This book contains 100 removable stickers that congratulate you on a job well done, such as “I paid a bill on time,” and “I put on pants.”

Cost: $5.98

43. Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

What’s more fun than making s’mores? Making them with a fishing pole over an open flame. Made with powder-coated steel and finished with a maple handle, it also features a flipping mechanism that lets you flip your snack with a jerk of the pole.

Cost: $5.98

44. Face Magnets

Face Magnets

Choose these magnets that feature the faces of your loved ones. Featuring a strong magnetic, yet lightweight and flexible material, these magnets will look great on your refrigerator.

Cost: $24.00

45. Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

Your favorite outdoor decoration has been made into a miniature size that you can use right on your desk. It features a motor that makes the tube guy dance around to create a little party in your office.

Cost: $12.95

46. Funny Gift for Coworkers

Funny Gift for Coworkers

Choose this funny gift to show your coworker that you have her back, even when the going gets tough. It features a “ctrl” button in a tiny glass container with your choice of phrase, “Don’t lose control” or “Take control.”

Cost: $10.00

47. Hamburger Cheeseburger Burger Phone Telephone

Hamburger Cheeseburger Burger Phone Telephone

Open up this cheeseburger phone to get a blast from the past and a whole new way to have conversations. Not only does it allow you to call your friends, but it also features tone/pulse dial, last number redial, and mute features.

Cost: $13.90

48. BigMouth Inc. Tiny Hands Toy

BigMouth Inc. Tiny Hands Toy

These realistic-looking tiny hands are the best joke to keep up your sleeve. They allow you to replace your hands with teeny tiny ones so you can pull silly pranks and create funny photos or videos.

Cost: $9.99

49. CASOFU Burritos Blanket

CASOFU Burritos Blanket

Have you ever wanted to be a giant burrito or quesadilla? Now’s your chance. Made of incredibly cozy fleece material, this blanket is as soft and comfortable as it is adorable.

Cost: $19.99

50. Moody Pet Humunga Chomp Dog Toy

Moody Pet Humunga Chomp Dog Toy

Give your dog a reason to smile with this adorable chew toy. Made of durable, non-toxic, natural rubber, the ball includes a set of chompers that gives your dog a giant smile (of the human variety) when he fetches it.

Cost: $14.57

51. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

Designed to look like a mini laptop for cats, this handy cat toy features a scratching pad keyboard where your cat can do her “work.” It also features a realistic mouse she can bat around and a sleeve that lets you change the laptop’s background.

Cost: $35.00

52. Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack

Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack

Bob Ross always said, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” That’s why this Bob Ross Chia Pet is so special. It comes with everything you need to create your own best friend, including a handmade pottery planter, chia seed packet, plastic drip tray, and care instructions.

Cost: $20.99

53. Surely Not Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting T-Shirt

Surely Not Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting T-Shirt

This tee shirt reminds you of the Carl Douglas song, Kung Fu Fighting. Although he states it several times in the song, this tee begs the question, “Surely not everybody was kung fu flighting?”

Cost: $7.74

54. DecoTiny 16pcs Beard Ornaments

DecoTiny 16pcs Beard Ornaments

Decorate your beard like a Christmas tree with these beard ornaments. The set comes with fur bells and 12 baubles with tiny little claw clips that let you attach the tiny ornament to your beard quickly and easily.

Cost: $7.99

55. Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages

Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages

These bacon bandages will make getting hurt a whole lot more fun. They look just like strips of bacon sizzling in the pan and are actually useful in providing protection for cuts and scrapes.

Cost: $6.99

56. Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress!

Desktop Boxing Knock Out Your Stress

For anxiety-ridden days at the office, take your stress out on this tiny punching bag. It comes with two tiny boxing gloves for your pointer fingers, a mini desktop punching bag with a suction cup base, and a mini book that will teach you basic finger boxing moves.

Cost: $9.95

57. Smoko UO Exclusive Dumpling Light

Smoko UO Exclusive Dumpling Light

With a sweet smile and a dimple, this tiny dumpling light is so adorable, you won’t be able to resist smiling. The mini light fits in your hand while emitting a soft, gentle glow.

Cost: $22.00

58. Merrycolor Funny Sequin Throw Pillow Cover

Merrycolor Funny Sequin Throw Pillow Cover

Give your loved one the gift of Danny DeVito. Made with two-tone sequins, she’ll find a solid pink on one side. With just a flick of her finger through the sequins, she’ll reveal the face of the famous actor.

Cost: $10.99

59. Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster

For lovers of Star Wars, choose this toaster that will brighten up her breakfast. It features two different toasting slots that imprint the symbols of both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Cost: $22.99

60. Mean Girls Magnets

Mean Girls Magnets

This set features 10 magnets emblazoned with some of the most memorable one-liners from the classic comedy, Mean Girls. It comes with favorites such as, “So fetch,” “She doesn’t even go here,” and “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”

Cost: $9.95

61. The Screaming Goat 

The Screaming Goat

Celebrate your favorite internet sensation with this hilarious screaming goat. At just three inches tall, he sits on a tree stump base and screams whenever you give him a gentle press.

Cost: $8.42

62. Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

These photos will have you cracking up like none other. You’ll cringe at the forced poses, bad hair, and matching outfits while reminiscing on your own family photos and celebrating the fact that we’re not alone.

Cost: $9.24

63. Archie McPhee 11761 Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

Archie McPhee 11761 Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

Didn’t you know you needed a yodeling pickle? Well, it might be completely useless, but that’s the point. At just five-an-half inches long and fully stocked with batteries, it provides hours of mindless entertainment

Cost: $12.97

64. Mens Hold On Let Me Overthink This T Shirt

Mens Hold On Let Me Overthink This T Shirt

Do you always overthink everything? Then this shirt is for you. It lets your loved ones know that you need some time to process and overthink everything you encounter during the day.

Cost: $12.99

65. Portable Pizza Pouch 

Portable Pizza Pouch

Get your loved one this pizza pouch, so she can take a slice for the road while keeping her hands free. Place a slice inside the pizza pouch, then reseal the top to keep your slice fresh and delicious.

Cost: $6.99

66. Umbrella Hat

Umbrella Hat

Don’t let the rain spoil your day. Go hands-free in the rain with this umbrella hat. It’s made with an elastic headband that stretches for the perfect fit and eight metal ribs that keep the umbrella stable.

Cost: $11.99

67. Brontosaurus Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder

Brontosaurus Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder

Add some prehistoric charm to your kitchen with this brontosaurus towel holder. Made from dense poly resin for durability, its neck is just the right length for a standard roll of paper towels.

Cost: $28.78

68. GoSports Coinshot Mini Tabletop Cornhole Game Set

GoSports Coinshot Mini Tabletop Cornhole Game Set

This mini cornhole game set will invoke some playful competition at the office. It comes with two mini boards and 16 coins that you need to bounce into the holes, similar to a classic cornhole game.

Cost: $9.99

69. Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

This hanging squirrel feeder makes it look like any squirrel eating from it is wearing a hilarious horse mask. You’ll laugh every time you see a squirrel eating from the feeder as it runs around your backyard with a giant horse head.

Cost: $17.97

70. Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!: A Parody

Oh, The Meetings You'll Go To A Parody

When you were younger, you may have been gifted All the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss as an inspirational book. However, the reality of your adulthood involves a whole lot more meeting than you envisioned, making this book a much-needed dose of reality.

Cost: $11.59

71. Outtmer Lobster Claw Design Oven Microwave Mitts

Outtmer Lobster Claw Design Oven Microwave Mitts

Channel your inner lobster with these claw design oven mitts. Made with heat-resistant material up to about 200℃, they’ll protect your hand and forearm from hot dishes, oven racks, or outdoor barbeques.

Cost: $18.80

72. SmartLab Toys® Tiny Baking 24-Piece Playset

SmartLab Toys® Tiny Baking 24-Piece Playset

If you’re in need of a hobby to pick up, tiny baking just might be the ticket. It includes a 24-piece playset of tiny culinary tools you can use to create 20 sweet and savory — and very tiny — recipes.

Cost: $19.99

73. Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt

Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt

This wearable blanket will keep you warm whether you’re lying on the couch or standing up to get something to eat. Even better, it allows you to keep your hands free, so you can crochet, read, or play on your phone in comfort.

Cost: $39.99

74. Funny Dish Towel

Funny Dish Towel

Brighten up your home with this cute and funny dish towel that turns your favorite 80s song into contemplation about cheese. Made of a 100% cotton flour sack, it’s super absorbent and soft.

Cost: $14.95

75. Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

This dinosaur mini waffle iron makes five unique and fun dino shapes to delight the whole family in the morning. Just dip in syrup for a complete breakfast that’s simply prehistoric.

Cost: $47.95

76. Lazy Cell Phone Holder 

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Have you ever thought it would be easier if you could use your phone completely hands-free? Enter the lazy cell phone holder that props up your cell phone and can be bent into any shape that’s most convenient for you.

Cost: $9.89

78. Monopoly for Millennials Board Game

Monopoly for Millennials Board Game

This board game features the classic Monopoly game with slightly different gameplay inspired by the “millennial” lifestyle. It’s shorter than a typical Monopoly game but offers plenty of laughs along the way.

Cost: $25.00

78. P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

P Is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

The English language is bizarre, and this whimsical book pokes fun at all of it. For example, the word “gnat” starts with a G, while the word “knot” doesn’t start with an N. What gives?

Cost: $9.59

79. Mail a Potato Face

Mail a Potato Face

Get her a potato with her face on it, because what could be more ridiculous and hilarious? Upload a picture of your loved one and the artist will recreate that face on the potato.

Cost: $16.99

80. Custom Face Colorful Flowers Hawaiian Shirt

Custom Face Colorful Flowers Hawaiian Shirt

There’s nothing more stylish and festive than a Hawaiian shirt, unless it also has your face mixed in with the flowers. With both children and adult sizes, you can get one for each member of the family.

Cost: $19.99

81. You Better Have Tacos Welcome Door Mat

You Better Have Tacos Welcome Door Mat

Taco lovers understand what makes this doormat perfect: tacos are a necessity for anyone that stops by. Made with nylon material and surged black edging and vinyl backing, it’s durable and features long-lasting lettering.

Cost: $19.95

82. Prank Pack “Cheese Printer”

Prank Pack “Cheese Printer”

This prank gift box first appears to contain a ridiculous cheese printer that recreates your family photos onto slices of cheese, but actually contains your “real” present. Your loved one will crack up when she realizes it’s just a prank.

Cost: $11.27

83. Demotivational Pen Set

Demotivational Pen Set

Each pen in this set has a different funny put-down printed on the side. With hilarious quotes, such as “You’ve already peaked” and “Everyone’s judging you,” these pens are perfect for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Cost: $9.99

84. Space Invader Air Planter

Space Invader Air Planter

This space invader air planter will invade your home and provide plenty of smiles throughout the day. This borosilicate glass vessel can house an air plant, succulent, or another small plant.

Cost: $19.99

85. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

For cat lovers and dog lovers alike, this book is packed with popular cat jokes and cat-themed comics, including “How to Pet a Kitty” and “The Bobcats.” It’s full of funny jokes that will crack you up.

Cost: $6.01

86. Art of Coloring: Golden Girls: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity

Art of Coloring Golden Girls 100 Images to Inspire Creativity

Whether you’re a skilled artist or a casual doodler, these illustrations of your favorite The Golden Girls characters are sure to spark your imagination. It’s packed with 100 images to inspire creativity.

Cost: $7.06

87. Cat Bods Interactive Cardboard Cat Toy

Cat Bods Interactive Cardboard Cat Toy

This interactive play area allows your pet to embody a variety of different characters. As your cat pokes her head through the various holes in the box, she’ll transform from an ancient Egyptian to an astronaut.

Cost: $13.99

88. Vintage Crock Pot Glass Ornament

Vintage Crock Pot Glass Ornament

This vintage crockpot slow cooker ornament will fill your home with warmth this holiday season. For those who love a good home-cooked meal, this ornament makes the perfect gift.

Cost: $19.95

89. ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

For Star Wars lovers, this set of measuring cups looks like the iconic R2-D2. His body is built from four measuring cups in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup measurements. His arms turn into measuring spoons of 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, one teaspoon, and 1/3 tablespoon.

Cost: $59.99

90. Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

Full of pop culture trivia questions, this board game is great fun for the entire family. It includes challenge cards that make you hum, dance, and act out iconic moments from the past four generations.

Cost: $29.86

91. David Toewie

David Toewie

These socks pay tribute to the late and great David Bowie. They come in a limited-edition gift box and are made with combed cotton, so they’re soft and comfortable on the feet.

Cost: $12.00

92. OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher

OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher

Got some garlic that needs crushing? The irony behind this vampire garlic crusher will make your loved ones chuckle. Plus, it’s incredibly useful in mincing, crushing, and depeeling garlic.

Cost: $19.00

93. Anne Taintor Square Magnet

Anne Taintor Square Magnet

With a 1950s image juxtaposed with the saying “Expiration dates are for the weak,” this magnet is charming and funny. It’s great for posting notes, memos, and photos on your fridge.

Cost: $6.99

94. Have a Little Pun: 30 Postcards

Have a Little Pun 30 Postcards

These beautifully illustrated postcards are full of punny quotes. The set comes with 30 postcards that are a witty and adorable way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Cost: $10.39

95. Primitives by Kathy 20515 Classic Box Sign

Primitives by Kathy Classic Box Sign

You know you’re right. You just have to convince your loved one of how right you are. This punny sign measures five by three inches and is designed to stand on its own or hang on a wall.

Cost: $11.30

96. The Office Talking Jell-O Stapler Button

The Office Talking Jell-O Stapler Button

Pay tribute to your favorite comedy series with this stapler suspended in gelatin, just like the iconic prank Jim plays on Dwight in The Office. Even better, with just the touch of a button, it plays iconic phrases from Dunder Mifflin.

Cost: $12.95

97. Non-Slip Rubber Mousepad Ouija Board Mouse Pad

Non-Slip Rubber Mousepad Ouija Board Mouse Pad

Bring a little bit of the supernatural to the office with this Ouija board mouse pad. Made with neoprene and rubber, it’s soft to touch and won’t crack or peel, even after years of use.

Cost: $5.99

98. Quarter-Life Crisis

Quarter-Life Crisis

For the friend who’s approaching a quarter-life crisis, choose this candle. With a refreshing yet sharp aroma, it features a fusion of grapefruit and mint with hints of lavender, bergamot, and rhubarb.

Cost: $24.00

99. Cat Tarot: 78 Cards And Guidebook By Megan Lynn Kott

Cat Tarot 78 Cards And Guidebook By Megan Lynn Kott

With beautiful illustrations, this deck combines an authentic tarot deck with a feline sense of humor. Plus, it includes a guidebook that will teach even newbies how to read their loved one’s futures.

Cost: $19.95

100. Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

This spring-loaded glitter bomb prank will blast your unsuspecting friends or family with glitter. It’s a perfectly harmless, hilarious, and secret surprise that comes in your choice of 10 colors, shapes, and sizes.

Cost: $19.99

101. Custom Photo Rubik’s Cubes

Custom Photo Rubik’s Cubes

Choose this Rubik’s cube made with your favorite family photos. You’ll have countless hours of fun mixing up your loved one’s faces and putting them together again.

Cost: $5.99

These gag gifts are sure to make your loved ones crack up. They strike the perfect balance between funny and inappropriate, so they’re great for coworkers, friends, and family alike.