10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids to Keep Boredom at Bay

10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids to Keep Boredom at Bay

Getting outdoors with the kids in the fresh air and sunshine is ideal. But, sometimes, you end up stuck inside, whether it’s due to rainy weather, school closure, or some other reason. Once stuck inside, things can quickly go downhill without something to keep the kiddos busy. Before cabin fever really starts to kick in, it’s a good idea to have a some indoor activities you can pull out to entertain the little ones. That’s why we’ve created this list of ten fun indoor activities for kids (and some tips on coming up with more).

How to Find Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Don’t worry if you aren’t creative when it comes to coming up with activities that will keep the kiddos busy. From games that strengthen gross motor skills to science experiments to fun and easy crafts, you can find hundreds of fun activities online. The internet is like an unlimited resource when it comes to activities for kids. Just search for something your kiddo is into, and you’re likely to find a corresponding activity. Of course, perennial activities such as finger paints, play dough, coloring books, and board games can work in a pinch and may keep your kids busy for longer than you might imagine.

Once they’re done creating or moving their bodies with these activities, your little ones are sure to be hungry. Treat them to a snack, such as our Fresh Baked Cookies. Each box contains an assortment of chocolate chip, pineapple chocolate chip, white chocolate strawberry, and more.

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for easy and low cost indoor activities for kids, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered ten great indoor activities for kids that will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

1. Marshmallow Toothpick Building Challenge

Marshmallow Toothpick Building Challenge

This activity combines learning engineering with an exciting challenge, all while helping to develop fine motor skills. The challenge is to build the tallest structure using just mini marshmallows and toothpicks.

2. Paper Plate Skating

Paper Plate Skating

Ready for a simple activity with a lot of laughs? Throw two paper plates on the floor and tell the kiddos to but one foot on each plate and skate wherever they want to go. It works just as well on carpet as it does on hardwood.

3. DIY Scratch Art

DIY Scratch Art

If you’re stuck at home, you might not have access to pre-made scratch art paper. But, with this DIY project, you can make it at home. Plus, it’s like two art projects in one: creating the scratch art paper itself and scratching fun designs on it afterwards!

4. Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice Cream in a Bag

Who doesn’t love a cool, delicious scoop of ice cream? With just half and half, sugar, vanilla extract, ice, and salt, your kids can make their own batch of ice cream right from their very own kitchen (without fancy tools or an ice cream machine).

5. Fluffy Slime

Fluffy Slime

You can make your own fluffy slime at home with just a few ingredients and not much time. You’ll need saline solution, shaving cream, glue, baking soda, and food coloring. Create multiple colors and mix them all together for a fun marbled effect.

6. Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment

Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment

This simple Skittles experiment is easy and exciting. All you need is a plate, Skittles candies, and some warm water, and you can create a beautiful rainbow in just moments. Older kids can work on patterning, while little kids can just work on their fine motor skills by putting the Skittles in a circle.

7. Cosmic Suncatchers

Cosmic Suncatchers

To make these psychedelic suncatchers, all you need is some glue, food coloring, and plastic lids. Pour the glue into the plastic lid, add a few drops of food coloring, and swirl the colors with a toothpick. Once the glue dries, you’ll be left with a fun suncatcher you can hang in the window!

8. Color Hunt

Color Hunt

With this ridiculously easy activity, you can teach the kids their colors and keep them busy for hours with minimal prep work! Just set out different colors of construction paper and have your kiddos find objects in the house that match the colors on the paper.

9. DIY Hallway Laser Maze

DIY Hallway Laser Maze

What’s cooler than a laser maze in your own hallway? All it takes is some crepe paper (or streamers) taped to the wall in a zig zag pattern. Your kiddos can jump, crawl, and climb their way through without touching any of the “lasers” like the spies they see in the movies.

10. DIY Recycled Marble Run

DIY Recycled Marble Run

Perfect for kiddos who love to create, this activity combines engineering and creativity using some simple recycled materials you probably already have at home. Using cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels attached to the wall with painter’s tape, your little one can create and test his own marble run.

These fun activities are sure to keep your little one busy no matter how long you’re stuck inside. Be sure to fill the kiddos up with a yummy snack, such as fresh fruit from our Fresh Fruits Delivery Box, to keep them charged up and ready to go for whatever activity comes next.