10 Fun and Interesting Gamer Gifts for Him

Gamer Gifts for Him

Whether it’s your boyfriend, your brother, your son, or even your dad, you know someone in your life who’s all about video games. For this guy, no ordinary present would do. It has to be a gamer gift or it’s just not going to fly. Unfortunately, if you’re not up to speed on the latest video game technology, it can be pretty challenging to shop for a gamer gift. That’s why we’ve gathered up ten amazing gamer gifts for him and put together a short how-to guide to help you in your quest.

How to Choose a Gamer Gift for Him

The guy in your life probably already has most, if not all, of the video games he wants to play. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay away from specific games or console systems unless you know for sure exactly what he wants. Instead, stick to a gift that can either help him play his favorite games (such as a controller charging station) or something he’ll appreciate (like a Game Boy-themed coffee mug).

Of course, if you know for sure he wants a specific game or console, feel free to spring for it if it’s within your budget. But if you don’t, the best thing you can do is to find out a little bit about the games he likes to play. You can use that knowledge to find a present that corresponds to that type of game. For instance, a package of accessories for the Nintendo Switch is perfect for the guy who loves that console.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down the best video game gift for him, consider a Nintendo-themed arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. They’re chock full of video game fun and are super tasty to boot. You really can’t go wrong with something this delicious.

Top 10 Gamer Gifts for Him

If you’re searching for the best video game gifts for the guy in your life, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten fun and interesting gamer gifts for him:

1. Mario Kart™ Duo

Mario Kart™ Duo

This delightful arrangement includes an assortment of delicious treats that will make his day. It features fresh pineapple coins and stars, strawberries topped with rainbow Swizzle®, grapes, and melons, as well as four chocolate covered strawberries topped with white chocolate sentiments.

Cost: $89.98

2. Rainbow Road Ultimate Indulgence

Rainbow Road Ultimate Indulgence

Featuring Rainbow Road inspired cookie sandwiches, sweet pineapple coins, semisweet and white chocolate dipped strawberries matching your favorite characters, and so much more, this sweet combo makes a big impression. To make the deal even sweeter, you get 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points with each purchase.

Cost: $94.98

3. Retro 8 Bit Color Mini Wood Coasters

Retro 8 Bit Color Mini Wood Coasters

These wood coasters will keep your tabletops free of water stains while reminding your favorite guy of his favorite retro games. You can choose from up to six funny titles, such as The Adventure of Drink, Drunky Kong, and more.

Cost: $20.00

4. Blue Q Men’s Funny Crew Socks

Blue Q Video Game Men's Funny Crew Socks

These socks feature a fun retro video game pattern in blue, red, and gray. Woven from a blend of soft combed cotton, nylon, and spandex for strength and durability, they’re lightweight and comfortable.

Cost: $14.99

5. I Paused My Game to Be Here T-Shirt

I Paused My Game to Be Here T-Shirt

We all know he’d rather be gaming, and this shirt tells it just the way it is. This mid-weight tee strikes the perfect nice balance between comfort and durability and is slightly tapered to be a bit more fitted than average.

Cost: $20.95

6. Legend of Zelda Key Holder

Legend of Zelda Key Holder

“It’s dangerous to go alone!” Use this key holder to make sure you never misplace your keys again. This unique key holder features four 3D printed swords that you attach to your key ring and fit into the magnetized slots on the holder.

Cost: $25.00

7. Official Nintendo Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Official Nintendo Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Drink your coffee in style with this heat-changing mug. It starts off looking like a Game Boy with the power off, which turns on when hot liquid is added.

Cost: $15.99

8. DualSense Charging Station for PlayStation 5

DualSense Charging Station for PlayStation 5

This device will allow him to charge up to two PlayStation 5 wireless controllers simultaneously. The charging station features a click-in design that allows you to dock the controllers quickly and easily.

Cost: $29.99

9. Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

Perfect for a guy who can’t get enough of his Nintendo Switch, this bundle comes with 13 useful accessories. It comes with a carrying case, cartridge case, protective case, play stand, glass screen protector, four joystick caps, a charging dock, and two Joycons.

Cost: $35.99

10. Sega Genesis Mini

Sega Genesis Mini

This miniaturized version of the iconic 16-bit SEGA Genesis console will bring him back to the days of his youth. The SEGA Genesis Mini console is loaded with 42 legendary games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and Gunstar Heroes.

Cost: $97.99

Whether he’s into retro Sega Genesis or the latest Nintendo Switch game, you’re sure to find something for him on this list. He’ll appreciate the effort and creativity it took you to choose the perfect gift.