Plate Your Perfect Cheese Board

Friendsgiving Cheese & Fruit Platter

Cheese + Besties = A Fun & Festive Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is fun, but Friendsgiving is where the real party’s at. The most important part of that party? The food, of course. The bread! The cookies! The appetizer of all appetizers: the cheese board! (Lactose-intolerant besties, we see you. We’re so sorry).

Not sure how to create a cheese board of your own? With our sweet and savory DIY guide and our Assorted Cheese And Fruit Platter, you’ll be arranging a cheese board so dazzling and delicious that it will leave even your virtual attendees’ mouths watering.

  1. Meet Your Cheeses.

Cheese is the star of the show (duh), and we took care of the casting call for you.

With a wedge of nutty, fruity, and extra sweet Balsamic Bellavitano® and a wedge of a richer and creamier Bellavitano® Gold, you have a crowd-pleasing duo that’s almost too easy to pair with delicious bites and bobs.

  1. Pick Your (Pinterest) Board.

We know you’ve been eyeing the beautiful cheese boards on Pinterest for months now. We can’t promise your cheese board will be Pinterest-worthy on the first try, but we can certainly point you in the right direction.

We’ve given you two cheeses, so you’ll want to go for a small to medium-sized board. Just make sure it’s big enough to leave four to five inches between each cheese. You’ll need the extra room for creating a display that feels lush, full, and brimming with fun garnishes.

  1. Be The Match Maker

You know how you’re always trying to set your friend up with the perfect date? Bring that energy to pairing your cheeses with the perfect sweet and savory matches.

Pair Balsamic Bellavitano® with our platter’s succulent strawberries and grapes for a savory and refreshing burst of flavor. You can also add your own crusty artisan bread, slices of smoked turkey, almonds, raisins, and dates for an exciting range of textures.

Bellavitano® Gold is perfect with pears, dried pineapple slices, and the delicious honey and apricot jam in our platter.

Our most important tip? Don’t overthink it! No amount of skillful selecting and arranging can outshine delicious, gourmet cheeses.

  1. Dare To Design.

We definitely just said not to overthink it, but it’s okay to put a little thought into it. What are some extras you know your friends will love? How can you make the flavors on your cheese board overlap and inspire unexpected combinations?

You can also think of your board as having two halves, with one half belonging to each cheese. Arrange your extras and condiments to complement each cheese and consider where our platter’s chocolate-dipped strawberries might go.

  1. Slice For Serving.

This one’s a no-brainer. No one wants to be the one to make the first move on the cheese board that was just served, no matter how delicious it looks. Slicing your cheese before serving makes your board appear delicious and inviting – a welcoming wave for your friends to dive in. Cut your cheese wedges into triangles and you’re off to a great start.

  1. Arrange Something Amazing!

You have your cheese. You have your besties. Someone’s already prepared to make a sweet (but sentimental) toast. It sounds like you’re ready to plate and present an amazing cheese board.

Don’t forget to fill every square inch, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Friendsgiving presents a unique opportunity to cater to a variety of palettes, and with our Assorted Cheese And Fruit Platter as your starting point, you can’t go wrong.