A Fresh New Way to Celebrate Birthdays

One-of-a-Kind 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s safe to say that we’re experts when it comes to special occasions, especially birthdays. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to serve at a kid’s party or searching for the perfect gift to give friends or family, you can count on us for treats that’ll leave them smiling (and, in some cases, too excited to remember they’re another year older)! If you truly want to WOW someone with a unique (and delicious) gift for their birthday this year, let us help you out.

For example, help set the birthday celebration mood with our Today We Celebrate You arrangement.

You don’t need wrapping paper with this gift set because it features a handcrafted arrangement of pineapple daisies and stars half-dipped in semisweet chocolate, grapes, honeydew, and more. Plus, the arrangement is artfully arranged in a custom Happy Birthday container, while being paired with a decadent Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop and a festive birthday balloon. This treat is exactly what you need to get the party started!

How do you celebrate birthdays with your friends and family?

From taking the day off work to spending time with your favorite people, everyone has a different ideal birthday. Our team has some birthday party planning ideas, but ultimately, we endorse YOU and your celebration.

“If you ask us, the best thing about birthdays is they can be as big or as small as you want to make them. Whether your typical celebration of choice is a low-key night of sharing cake and treats with friends while lounging in sweatpants or an all-out extravaganza that has you dressed to impress and partying until the early hours of the morning, what really matters is that you’re with the people who matter most, making memories you’ll never forget, and – most importantly – celebrating YOU!”

However, there are other great ways to celebrate birthdays and we rounded up a few unique ideas.

  • Celebrate At Your Favorite Place

You only have one birthday a year, so make the most of it and head to your favorite place. Birthdays are a happy day, so celebrate at a place that makes you happy. Birthday Inspire offers some inspiration to help convince you this is a great way to celebrate your day.

“Which is your favorite place? Maybe it is someplace near your residence. Like I have a beautiful beach near my house where I love to spend my time. So I think you must also have some place in your mind. Why don’t you spend your time and celebrate your day there itself? It is like to for the best celebrations choose the best place.”

  • Celebrate With a New Activity

Everyone has a bucket list, so check something off your list this year as part of your birthday celebration. In particular, if you are helping organize a birthday celebration, Interflora shares a few ways to make sure the bucket list birthday party works out.

“Pick an activity that you know they’ve wanted to try. Do they keep attempting to organize that wine tasting course or art class? Now’s the time to pull it together. Just make sure they don’t have plans before you book, we recommend checking with their partner or sneaking a peek at their calendar.”

  • Celebrate with a Special Breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off any birthday celebration with a special meal. The best part of breakfast birthday celebration is the surprise, so it does not need to be elaborate. As The Humbled Homemaker describes, make it about the birthday person and let the celebration commence.

“Make your child their favorite breakfast, or if time allows, take them to breakfast. If they don’t have a favorite breakfast there are other ideas like muffins, pancakes or even a waffle birthday cake. And if you’re like me (remember… last minute) just throw something together and put a candle in it and sing “Happy Birthday.” They will feel special no matter what!”

Delicious Desserts to Celebrate Birthdays

Last, but certainly not least, no birthday celebration is complete with dessert. As a result, here are a few tasty birthday gifts that are perfect for kids, kids-at-heart, and everyone in between:

  • Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake®

Make this year’s birthday cake one to remember with our Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake®! This assortment features fresh fruit, cupcakes dipped in gourmet chocolate and topped with sprinkles, and a festive cake keepsake container, this treat features flavors for every taste bud! (What’s even better? No cake cutting required!)

  • Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes& Berries

No birthday party is complete without some delicious cake-shaped pineapple and chocolate dipped strawberries! Our Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries is a box of irresistible flavors. Plus, the birthday arrangement includes fresh strawberries that are hand-dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate and topped with festive white chocolate Happy Birthday sentiments. And, our NEW Pineapple Drip Cakes™ are made with fresh pineapple dipped in gourmet chocolate and decorated with colorful chocolate glaze and sprinkles. Finally, they’re topped with real birthday candles you can light and packaged together to create a mouthwatering treat. This is the perfect way to kick off their sweetest year yet!

  • Happy Birthday Signature Berry Box

Thanks to our Happy Birthday Signature Berry Box™, wishing someone a happy birthday has never been sweeter! The chocolate dipped strawberry-shaped box opens to reveal a tiered serving tray inside, layered with a delicious variety of gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries topped with Happy Birthday sentiments, Swizzle®, and more! Perfect for making any birthday delicious. This arrangement is artfully crafted treat is an incredibly sweet way to celebrate someone on their special day.

Now that you have a few options, it’s decision time. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with any of them! Need a card message idea? Here’s one of our favorites: “You’re not old, you’re ripe!”

Give us a call or visit your local store to order an unforgettable birthday treat for even more delicious ideas.