Fresh Marketing: A New Look for Edible To Go® at the Mall


Our new Edible To Go® mall concept launched in Louisville, KY on June 28th, 2013, unveiling a fresh look on everything from packaging and marketing materials, to the storefront itself. The entire visual experience is designed to showcase Edible Arrangements® in a really fresh, fun and modern way that is perfect for the high-traffic venue.

On the exterior, these new Edible to Go® mall stores feature a palette of vibrant fruit colors including red, green and yellow, complemented by hints of brown as a nod to our legendary chocolate dipped fruit.

Conversational word patterns on the packaging brings our brand story to life, and aims to catch our guests’ attention with fun and quirky phrases like “Is It Fresh In Here Or Is It Just Me?”, “Hand Picked Just For You” and “What’s Up Fruit Cup?”

Another new design element: signature fruit icons, including a strawberry, pineapple daisy and chocolate dipped caramel apple. These icons, designed specifically for the new Edible To Go® concept, add a touch of sweet personality to some of our most popular fruit types. And every piece of this original packaging comes to life in creative, fun-to-hold designs with user-friendly functionality.

The new look is also mirrored in all supporting marketing materials targeting a captive mall audience  including mall shoppers, mall employees, teens and kids who (along with Mom) visit us often for fresh fruit treats. Kids can also walk away with original coloring pages and stickers designed exclusively for members of our kids club, aptly named the Little Dippers Club.

To learn more about this fresh new mall concept, click here.