Fresh Facts About Raspberries


At Edible Arrangements,® fresh fruit is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re proud to feature products with your heart in mind too!  Did you know that raspberries are one of the best foods for heart health? That’s right! Raspberries have natural antioxidants, fiber and potassium which have all been proven to lower the risk of heart disease. In fact, The Cleveland Clinic has named raspberries one of the 40 top foods for heart health. Raspberries may be one of the smallest fruits we feature, but they pack a big punch!


Our New Raspberry Fruit Truffles® feature raspberries delicately placed in the middle of our semisweet chocolate topped with white drizzle. These bite-size truffles have big flavor with the combination of fresh raspberries and chocolate. Stop by your local Edible Arrangements® location and ask to try a free sample, or dig your teeth in to our Swizzle Raspberry & Pineapple Fruit Truffles® box at a special introductory price of $39. Click, call or stop by any of our 1,200+ locations today to order!