Fresh Business Gifts Ideas Made Simple

edible arrangements offers some fresh business gift ideas

Are you wondering how to simplify your business gifting this fall as you plan ahead for the holiday season? In search of something new and fresh that shows your clients you care? Tired of the typical gifts and looking for some fresh business gift ideas? Well, you are in luck because Edible Arrangements loves celebrating everyday occasions and more!

Why should you care about giving fresh business gifts? Interestingly, according to the Promotional Products Association International, studies show gift giving increases business activity! For example, gifts develop and deepen relationships with employees AND clients.

“Companies spend on gifts to recognize employees for exceptional accomplishments. These could include extensive efforts to please customers, working longer hours to complete a project, closing a large sale, or saving the company money and time through active suggestions for improvement.”

Business Gift Ideas that Make an Impact on Your Clients

Yes, for most of us, thinking about gift ideas frequently becomes a daunting task. And, yes, the internet is full of many lists that “guarantee” the “best” business gift ideas, but every company is different and no client is the same. Therefore, before filtering these lists think about each client and what would impact them. To help, here are some tips to find the right gift.

Avoid Promotional Items

A calendar makes sense as a nice year end gift. In particular, if you need to send a hundred gifts, calendars offer some value and easy to ship. However, do not add your logo and turn this seemingly nice business gift idea into a promotional piece of content. Forbes shares some thoughts on why promotional gifts fail the impactful gift idea filter.

“Many companies send clients gifts that contain their own name and logo. That’s not a gift. It’s a marketing piece. Don’t gift it…Don’t delude yourself into thinking that’s a gift for the recipient…If you are giving a meaningless gift, then you better have your logo on it. That way, whoever pulls it from the garbage will know who it was from.”

Impactful Business Gift Ideas Include Personality

Typically, corporate gifts seem like the clients are just going through the motions. They understand the rationale and expectations to send a gift, but they end up sending something generic. As a result, find a business gift that includes some personality that plays on your company or the client’s interests.

“If you take the time to send some business gifts, then ensure the gift shows your care. For example, go for a gift that both reflects your personality and accurately represents the relationship you have with the recipient. Consider ordering your gifts from a vendor that offers a variety of options so you can give your recipients something with a similar theme, but are different enough to add a more personal touch.”

Personalize It

Along the lines of avoiding generic gifts, impactful business gift ideas include some personalization. Personalized business gift ideas go beyond adding a monogram to a generic gift, which combines promotional and generic. Personalized business gift ideas draw on the existing relationship. For example, Ian Altman shares an anecdote about a personal gift that continues to leave an impression to this day. Talk about impactful!

“In many cases, your best intentions can backfire. For one thing, you don’t want your gifts to land in a wastebasket because they appear to be generic and impersonal. You also don’t want your gifts to scream desperate or gauche. You want your gesture to be thoughtful and personal. Two of the most memorable business gifts I’ve ever received were a wine opener and an American-made precision piece of cutlery both of which had my family’s name and company logo etched on them. Talk about personal. My wife regularly asks about the person who gave us the gifts. Notice, I didn’t say it had the gift giver’s logo and name. It had my name and my wife’s name.”

Meaningful Business Gift Ideas Are Not Necessarily Holiday Gifts

Although we typically think about sending business gifts during the holidays, sending business gifts throughout the year offer more impact. After all, the purpose behind a gift is to develop and nurture an existing relationship. In the corporate world, employees and clients work every day and frequently accomplish big projects. Acknowledge these accomplishments when they happen (and not solely during the holidays). HubSpot notes some reasons why non-holiday business gift ideas make an impact.

Don’t relegate gifts to the holiday season. Send tokens of appreciation throughout the year. By sending presents outside of December, you’ll avoid disappearing into a crowd of break room gift baskets sitting sadly in their cellophane. Plus, gifts are meant to show your clients you care about their business all 12 months, not just when they’re up for annual review.”

Edible Arrangements Offers Delicious Business Gifts!

At Edible Arrangements, we have a simple motto to help people find the right gift. Consider it done!

Although many people think of us delivering fruit arrangements, we offer much much more. In fact, our team offers companies with a Business Concierge service that takes pride in taking care of the heavy lifting. Yes, with the Edible Business Concierge team, we take care of the details, while you relax and know a unique (and delicious) gift is on the way.

How do you know the details will be done. Simple, just tell us where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest – we’ll use our Fruit Expert® know-how to help you choose the appropriate gift for your professional needs (or, let us choose for you!). We’ll then arrange and schedule your business gift deliveries to ensure the perfect presentation.

To find out more and discuss your specific business gifting needs with Edible Arrangements, visit our Business Concierge.