Five New Edible Arrangements Stores Open


We are excited to announce that five new Edible Arrangements (two include our Edible To Go expanded product line) stores opened last week.  The store locations and some background on the owners are as follows:

  • Irvine, CA –husband and wife Hany and Adita are the co-owners: Hany is a doctor and Anita a teacher.  Irvine is also an Edible To Go store so stop by for that healthy snack and pick-me-up.
  • Greenwich, CT – co-owners Shahzad also owns a wedding planning business, Imran owns an Energy Kitchen in NYC, and Daniel is a property manager
  • Paducah, KY –husband and wife co-owners Priyesh & Jyoti also own several Holiday Inn Hotels in Kentucky.  Paducah is also an Edible To Go store.
  • Pickering, ON –owner Conroy is a youth counselor
  • Houston, TX – Owner Sandra was a nurse

As you can see, Edible Arrangements owners who decide to fulfill their dream of opening their own business have diverse backgrounds bringing their knowledge and personal experiences to the Edible Arrangements system. Please join us in welcoming them!