Find Out Your Halloween Spirit Animal!


What do you like to do on Halloween?

What’s the worst thing you could get while Trick-or-Treating?

When you plan your costume for Halloween, you want people to:

The point of Halloween is:

Your favorite Halloween song is:

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

Halloween is for:

What’s your favorite Halloween mascot?

You and your friends are going to a haunted house. You....

What’s your Halloween spirit animal?
a Ghost! When it comes to Halloween, you’d prefer to just disappear and not be seen. If you actually turn the lights on outside your house this year, try not to give away raisins. Whether you’re doing it alone or with another Halloween-avoider, grab a Halloween Party Pineapple Box and at least reap the delicious perks Halloween. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

a Cat! You’ve got this Halloween thing figured out – you have a strategy for trick-or-treating, you carved a pumpkin with your significant other, and you know how to be festive but never over-the-top. Time to pop in a scary movie, relax on the couch, and enjoy a Bootastic Festival™.

a Bat! You are SO Halloween. When your friends think of Halloween, they think of you. Your front door is scarier than a haunted house, you have several pumpkins carved and featured at your house and your office, you have multiple costumes for different Halloween celebrations, and you plan on preforming the Thriller dance at the party you’re going to. So order yourself a Spooktacular Halloween Treat and get your Halloween on!

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