29 Chocolate Covered Strawberry Lovers Share Their Favorite Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ideas

Favorite Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ideas

Chocolate covered strawberries are a popular treat. They’re incredibly versatile, making an excellent choice for dessert following a sophisticated dinner as well as a fun and delectable anytime treat. We’ve curated this list of chocolate covered strawberry ideas to share a variety of ways you can make them unique, festive, and delicious, such as:

  • Liquor-infused chocolate covered strawberries
  • Dark chocolate covered strawberries
  • White chocolate covered strawberries
  • Chocolate covered strawberries topped with nuts
  • Seed or nut butter-filled chocolate covered strawberries
  • Cheesecake-stuffed chocolate covered strawberries
  • …and more

What Can You Do with Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

There are endless possibilities for creating unique flavor combinations and dressed-up chocolate covered strawberries to suit any occasion. Chocolate covered strawberries can be fun to make on your own, such as with our Chocolate Strawberry Dipping Kit, but you can shop for an incredible assortment of done-for-you chocolate covered strawberries at Edible Arrangements®.

For example, choose a classic box of chocolate dipped strawberries or opt for a box of our Swizzle Berries®, topped with white chocolate drizzle for an added touch of flair. A box of white chocolate dipped strawberries perfectly blends the succulent strawberry and creamy white chocolate flavors.

If you’re looking for something more exciting, consider a box of Rainbow Berries, featuring swirls of chocolate drizzle in several bold colors. Or, consider a box of cake batter-flavored white chocolate dipped strawberries topped with confetti sprinkles. It comes with classic chocolate dipped strawberries and mini pineapple cakes topped with cake batter white chocolate and sprinkles.

Get the ultimate chocolate covered strawberry experience with The Ultimate Strawberry Sampler. It includes an assorted box of chocolate dipped strawberries personally curated by your local Fruit Expert™ for a sweet surprise. The Ultimate Strawberry Sampler may include white or chocolate dipped strawberries with a variety of toppings such as coconut, crushed almonds, colorful Swizzle®, hazelnut crunch, and more.

The Best Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ideas

For more delicious chocolate covered strawberry ideas you might want to try, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite chocolate covered strawberry ideas.

Lisamarie MonacoLisamarie Monaco


Lisamarie Monaco is the Co-Owner of InsuranceForBurial.com and a National Independent Life Insurance Telesales Agent.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is when you inject a liquor into the strawberry such as Grand Marnier. Then you dip the strawberry in dark chocolate and let it set.”

Brenda KosciukBrenda Kosciuk

Brenda Kosciuk is the CEO of Paper Heart Family. She built her website while working full-time as a Spanish and English as a Second Language teacher and also while being a mom to her two daughters.

“This is one of the desserts I frequently make for my kids.

It’s a classic dessert that feels both decadent and refreshing. The combination of juicy,
sweet strawberries and rich, creamy chocolate is a match made in heaven. One of my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry ideas is to use dark chocolate to cover the strawberries.

Dark chocolate has a more intense flavor than milk chocolate and contains antioxidants that can provide health benefits. I finish by sprinkling them with chopped nuts or crushed cookies. The combination of smooth chocolate and crunchy toppings creates a textural contrast that is both satisfying and delicious. You could also try using white chocolate to cover the strawberries and then drizzle them with dark chocolate for a striking visual effect.

For the fruity flavors enthusiasts, you could add some tangy zest to the chocolate-covered strawberries by dipping them in lemon or orange zest. This will add a bright citrus flavor that complements the strawberries’ sweetness and the chocolate’s richness. Add flavored chocolate topping like raspberry or mint for an extra burst of essence.

For those feeling adventurous, you could experiment with savory chocolate-covered strawberries by adding a little spice to the chocolate. For example, you could add a pinch of chili powder to the chocolate to create a sweet and spicy combination or sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top of the chocolate for a salty-sweet flavor.”

Alex BayevAlex Bayev


Alex Bayev is an experienced chef and food blogger with over seven years of expertise. He founded bayevskitchen.com to share his passion for culinary creativity with his followers. Alex’s extensive knowledge of cooking techniques and ingredients has helped him create unique, delicious recipes with a loyal following.

My favorite chocolate covered strawberry ideas are:

  • Creating a chocolate tuxedo effect by dipping one half of the strawberry in dark chocolate and the other half in white chocolate, creating a tuxedo-like effect.
  • Infusing chocolate by mixing some espresso powder, cinnamon, or other flavorings into the melted chocolate before coating the strawberries.”

Merissa AlinkMerissa Alink

Merissa writes about simple and frugal living, modern homesteading, and from-scratch recipes at LittleHouseLiving.com.

“Our favorite chocolate covered strawberries are seed or nut butter filled.

First, we scoop out the middle of the strawberry using a spoon or strawberry de-stem tool. Then we fill the inside with seed or nut butter, about a teaspoon or so. It helps to use a piping bag or a plastic bag with one corner cut off to insert the filling. Then we dip the strawberries into chocolate. Let the chocolate harden in the fridge and serve. They are
different and delicious!”

Laura BaisLaura Bais

Laura is the owner of Julie’s Cafe Bakery.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is Instant Coffee Choco Strawberries. They’re the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and bitter.

I have been experimenting with chocolate-covered strawberry toppings ever since my first time making them. My favorite topping lately has been instant coffee. Perfect for all coffee lovers, but also for those who like different and unique flavor experiences.

How to make them?

Simply put a thin but consistent layer of coffee on your strawberries before the chocolate has set — it will make all the difference in the world. It is the perfect blend of flavors and textures.”

Kate ThraneKate Thrane

Kate Thrane is a gluten-free recipe developer with over ten years of experience in the kitchen. Kate is the owner of The Glutenless Maximus and regularly shares her tips and recipes on Twin Cities Live.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is a no-bake cheesecake stuffed strawberry dipped in chocolate.

It’s a decadent and delightful treat that combines the creamy richness of cheesecake with the sweetness of juicy strawberries and the indulgence of chocolate. The fact that it doesn’t require any baking makes it an easy and convenient dessert option for those who want to enjoy a special treat without spending too much time in the kitchen. Overall, I think it’s a wonderful and delicious twist on the classic chocolate covered strawberry!


  • 8 ounces plain cream cheese
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • A pinch of salt
  • 15-18 strawberries
  • 7 ounces dark chocolate, melted”

Mante KgareaMante Kgarea

Mante Kgarea is a food blogger and a food expert for Your Healthier Version.

“Start by choosing high-quality ingredients. Select fresh, ripe strawberries that are firm and free of blemishes. Use high-quality chocolate, preferably dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids, for a rich and luxurious flavor.

To prepare the strawberries, wash and dry them thoroughly. Hold each strawberry by the stem and dip it into the melted chocolate, swirling it around to coat it completely. Allow any excess chocolate to drip off, then place the strawberry on a sheet of parchment paper to cool and harden.

For an extra special touch, I try sprinkling the chocolate-covered strawberries with chopped nuts, coconut flakes, or even a pinch of sea salt for a sweet and salty combination. Alternatively, you could use white chocolate to drizzle decorative lines or patterns over the dark chocolate-covered strawberries, creating a beautiful and impressive visual effect.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also experiment with different flavors and textures. For example, try adding a dash of cinnamon or chili powder to the melted chocolate for a spicy kick, or dip the strawberries in crushed graham crackers or cookie crumbs for a crunchy texture.

Finally, present the chocolate-covered strawberries in an elegant and eye-catching way. Arrange them on a platter or in a decorative box lined with tissue paper, and add a small note or card expressing your love and affection. Your loved one will be sure to appreciate this indulgent and thoughtful treat!”

Besty S. JacobBesty S. Jacob

Dr. Besty S. Jacob is an optometrist at True Eye Experts with more than nine years of experience. After completing a double bachelor’s degree in Biology and Vision Science, Dr. Jacob attended Nova Southeastern University for his Doctorate in Optometry. Dr. Jacob is a self-proclaimed foodie. So when he’s not working, he loves trying new restaurants with fascinating cuisine.

“My favorite chocolate-covered strawberry idea is to use dark chocolate paired with a tart berry. Dark chocolate can provide richness and depth of flavor, while tart berries offer a slight contrast in flavor. The combination creates an elegant but simple treat that is sure to please any palate.

I love using strawberries as they are often packed with sweetness and antioxidants, giving them their luscious red color; this type of fresh fruit pairs wonderfully with dark, intense chocolate, which provides the perfect balance. Adding these two items together creates a classic dessert with enough complexity to be interesting and satisfying yet still familiar to many palates.

The bonus is that it’s effortless and quick to make! All you need is your favorite dark chocolate and fresh, ripe strawberries. Whether you want to dip them in melted chocolate or spread it on top like frosting, the process is simple, and the results are delicious!”

Jon MorganJon Morgan

Jon Morgan is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter, a leading consulting firm that specializes in helping startups and small businesses scale and grow. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, John has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in areas such as strategic planning, market research, and financial analysis.

“One of my favorite chocolate covered strawberry ideas is to sprinkle them with chopped nuts, such as almonds or pistachios, after dipping them in melted chocolate. This adds a delightful crunch and nutty flavor to the classic combination of chocolate and strawberries.

Another creative chocolate covered strawberry idea is to drizzle them with a contrasting color of melted chocolate. For example, dipping the strawberries in dark chocolate and then drizzling them with white chocolate creates a visually appealing and delicious treat.

While these chocolate covered strawberry ideas may seem simple, they are always a hit at social gatherings and can be a fun and easy dessert to make at home.”

Marcus FernandezMarcus Fernandez

Marcus Fernandez is a highly-skilled Tampa Trial Lawyer at Kinney, Fernandez & Boire, P.A, dedicated to representing victims who have suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence.

“Chocolate-dipped strawberries with a sprinkle of sea salt are one of my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry ideas.

The combination of sweet and salty makes a truly delicious treat.

For an extra special touch, you can also add other toppings, such as chopped nuts or crushed candy pieces. To make them, simply melt some dark or semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave and then dip each strawberry in the melted chocolate. Sprinkle it with sea salt before the chocolate sets completely, and enjoy! It’s a great way to make a delicious and creative dessert that everyone will love.”

Bruce KramerBruce Kramer

Bruce Kramer is a Managing Partner of Buttercup Venues. He is a 40-year veteran in the photography, filming, and events industries, and he currently owns and represents properties in LA that are used for the filming of Commercials, TV Shows and Films, as well as Still Photography.

“Dark chocolate-covered strawberries sprinkled with crushed almonds are one of my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry ideas.

The contrast between the sweet, juicy strawberries and the slightly bitter dark chocolate paired with the crunchy almonds creates an irresistible combination. You can even take it up a notch by drizzling some melted white or milk chocolate over the top for added sweetness! It’s sure to be a hit at any gathering.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding different spices or herbs, such as cardamom or rosemary, for a unique flavor profile. You could even dip them in semi-sweet chocolate chips and then roll them in colorful sprinkles for a bit of fun! No matter what you choose, there is no wrong way to enjoy these delicious treats. Enjoy!”

Ryan MckenzieRyan Mckenzie

Ryan is an entrepreneur & ecommerce geek by heart, and he has already built and sold several businesses. He Co-Founded Tru Earth with his three friends. Tru Earth® is a leading eco-friendly household product company committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is white chocolate dipped strawberries with a drizzle of caramel sauce and crushed pistachios.

This decadent combination is the perfect way to turn a classic dessert into something special. The contrast of salty pistachios, sweet white chocolate, and tart strawberries makes this treat an indulgence that can’t be missed! Plus, the caramel drizzle adds an extra layer of indulgence that will make this a truly unforgettable treat. You can also top it off with some edible glitter for a bit of extra sparkle.”

Robert MahlerRobert Mahler

Robert Mahler is Capri Gelato and Coffee Bar’s award-winning gelato chef. He began his gelato-making career in Maui and loved incorporating fresh produce from local farms. With over 15 years of experience, he makes every recipe from scratch, on-site and with real ingredients only.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is Chocolate Covered Strawberry Gelato.

Fresh strawberries and dark chocolate pieces are slow-churned into a creamy, delicious gelato that truly melts in your mouth.”

Raymond NeilRaymond Neil

Raymond Neil is a Professional Chef and Expert Consultant at TD Kitchen.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is Oreo Heaven Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

This unique and decadent treat starts with plump and juicy strawberries that are carefully washed and dried. After that, a generous layer of melted semi-sweet chocolate is poured over the top of each strawberry, followed by a coating of crushed Oreo cookies. The result is a heavenly combination of sweet and crunchy flavors that will leave you wanting more!

For an extra special touch, you can also add a few drops of your favorite liqueur to the melted chocolate before dipping your strawberries. This will add a hint of extra flavor to your decadent Oreo Heaven chocolate-covered strawberries.

For an even more indulgent experience, you can also add a few mini marshmallows to the melted chocolate before dipping. This will give your Oreo Heaven chocolate-covered strawberries an extra layer of sweetness, making them even more irresistible.”

Jenny ZhangJenny Zhang


Jenny Zhang is a health coach and nutrition nut with a bachelor’s degree in Science. She believes living an organic and natural lifestyle is healthier for you and your family and better for the environment.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is Healthy Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

These dairy-free vegan chocolate-covered strawberries are super healthy and delicious. You only need three main ingredients and don’t require any special skills or tools as they are super easy to make.


  • Strawberries, washed and dried thoroughly
  • 1 cup 70-85% dark chocolate barks
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut oil

For decorations:

  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Shredded coconut
  • Chopped nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts, etc.)


  1. Add chocolate barks and coconut oil to a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave in 20-second increments, stirring between each increment, until the chocolate is smooth and glossy.
  2. Hold each strawberry by the stem and dip it in chocolate, letting it drip before transferring it to the prepared baking sheet. Add your preferred decorations at this point.
  3. Chill the strawberries at least 20-30 minutes or until the chocolate is completely set.
  4. Store any leftover strawberries in a single layer in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  5. Enjoy!”

Ruiz AsriRuiz Asri

Ruiz was born in Malaysia and now runs Honest Food Talks with his partner Victoria. He is the chief knowledge officer and helps with recipe content creation.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is Chocolate Drizzle Strawberries with a Nutty Crunch.


  • 20 large, ripe strawberries
  • 8 oz (225 g) high-quality dark chocolate, chopped
  • 8 oz (225 g) high-quality white chocolate, chopped
  • 1/2 cup (60 g) finely chopped mixed nuts (such as almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts)
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (optional, for a sweet and salty twist)


  1. Prepare the strawberries: Wash the strawberries thoroughly and pat them dry with a paper towel. Make sure they are completely dry, as any moisture will prevent the chocolate from adhering properly. Leave the green leaves intact.
  2. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Set aside.
  3. Melt the dark chocolate: Place the chopped dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl and set it over a pot of barely simmering water (make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl). Stir occasionally until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Remove from heat.
  4. Dip the strawberries: Hold each strawberry by the green leaves and dip it into the melted dark chocolate, coating about two-thirds of the strawberry. Gently shake off any excess chocolate, then place the dipped strawberry onto the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining strawberries.
  5. Melt the white chocolate: Repeat step 3 with the white chocolate, using a clean heatproof bowl.
  6. Drizzle the white chocolate: Using a fork or a piping bag with a small round tip, drizzle the melted white chocolate over the dark chocolate-dipped strawberries in a zigzag pattern.
  7. Add the nutty crunch: While the white chocolate drizzle is still wet, sprinkle the finely chopped nuts over the strawberries. If you prefer a sweet and salty twist, sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top as well.
  8. Allow the chocolate to set: Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened.
  9. Serve and enjoy: Carefully remove the chocolate-covered strawberries from the parchment paper and arrange them on a serving platter. Enjoy them within a day or two, as the strawberries are best when fresh.”

Jen Dyer BrownJen Dyer Brown

As a professional food stylist and chef for more than 25 years, Jen Dyer Brown understands the love and relentless pursuit of perfection that goes into your recipes and specializes in
showcasing that passion in picture-perfect plates.

“Flavor-infused chocolate is one of the best and easiest ways to jazz up traditional chocolate-covered strawberries.

Melting chocolate with flavored oils, extracts, or spices like lavender, mint, orange, or cinnamon adds an extra layer of complexity and depth to the taste of chocolate-covered strawberries.

It’s important to note that you should start with a small amount of the flavoring agent, then taste and adjust accordingly based on your preference. You can mix and match these flavors or create your own combinations, too.

Here are some of my favorite flavor-infusers for chocolate-covered strawberries:

  1. Coffee: Add a shot of espresso or a few teaspoons of instant coffee powder to your melted chocolate for a rich and indulgent mocha flavor.
  2. Raspberry or strawberry: Mix some raspberry or strawberry puree into your melted chocolate, creating a fruity chocolate coating with a touch of tartness.
  3. Almond or hazelnut: A few drops of almond or hazelnut extract to your chocolate for a rich and nutty flavor.
  4. Cardamom or ginger: A slight hint of cardamom or ginger powder will give your chocolate-covered strawberries an aromatic and warm spiced flavor.
  5. Rose or violet: Add a few drops of rose or violet essence to your melted chocolate for a subtle, floral touch.
  6. Bourbon or rum: Stir in a splash of bourbon or rum to your melted chocolate for a boozy kick.”

Norah ClarkNorah Clark


Norah Clark is an experienced chef who has worked for numerous hotels and restaurants worldwide. She has been featured on Pinch of Yum, Bon Appetit, and Good Housekeeping, Parade.com, Homes & Garden.

“As an experienced chef, my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry idea combines the elegance of classic flavors with a playful twist:

  1. I love dipping plump, ripe strawberries in rich, dark chocolate and drizzling them with silky white chocolate.
  2. Once the chocolate has set, I like to garnish the strawberries with a pinch of edible gold leaf or freeze-dried raspberry powder.
  3. This adds a luxurious touch and a delightful pop of color, making these chocolate-covered strawberries delicious and visually stunning.”

Zakiyya RosebelleZakiyya Rosebelle

Zakiyya is the founder of Happy Rosy Day, a fine tea company on a mission to help you enjoy a happier, healthier day through uplifting tea and herbs.

“There is nothing more indulgent than a tea-infused chocolate covered strawberry.

Steep a rich, aromatic tea like earl grey tea or spiced chai. Melt dark chocolate and add the cooled tea to it. Dip the strawberry in this blend for a decadently flavorful tea-infused chocolate-covered strawberry.”

Isaac RobertsonIsaac Robertson

Isaac Robertson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Total Shape, a leading fitness brand focused on providing high-quality nutrition and training advice to customers around the world. As a registered nutritionist and personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Isaac is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

“As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I believe in enjoying indulgences like chocolate-covered strawberries in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

One of my favorite ideas is to sprinkle chopped pistachios or sliced almonds on top of the chocolate for an added crunch and boost of healthy fats and protein.

Here’s a simple recipe for my favorite chocolate-covered strawberries:


  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, washed and dried
  • 6 oz dark chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup chopped pistachios or sliced almonds (optional)


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until smooth and fully melted.
  3. Holding the strawberries by the stem, dip each one into the melted chocolate and gently swirl to coat.
  4. Place the chocolate-covered strawberries onto the prepared baking sheet.
  5. If using, sprinkle chopped pistachios or sliced almonds on top of the chocolate before it hardens.
  6. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes or until the chocolate is fully hardened.
  7. Serve the chocolate-covered strawberries immediately or store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.”

Collen ClarkCollen Clark

Collen Clark is a highly accomplished attorney and the founder of Schmidt & Clark, LLP. He has earned a B.B.A. from Baylor University and a J.D. from Baylor University School of Law. He specializes in the representation of plaintiffs in group and individual cases, including toxic torts, product liability, construction and oil field litigation, toxic exposure, and transportation disasters.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is White Chocolate and Coconut Covered Strawberries.


  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, washed and dried
  • 8 oz. white chocolate chips or chopped white chocolate
  • 1/4 cup shredded sweetened coconut
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the white chocolate chips or chopped white chocolate with the coconut oil.
  3. Microwave the mixture on high for 30-second intervals, stirring after each interval, until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
  4. Dip the strawberries in the melted white chocolate, one at a time, and place them on the prepared baking sheet.
  5. Sprinkle the shredded coconut over the melted white chocolate on each strawberry.
  6. Chill the strawberries in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes or until the chocolate is firm.
  7. Serve chilled.

These white chocolate and coconut-covered strawberries are a tropical and delicious twist on a classic treat. The sweet and creamy white chocolate pairs perfectly with the crunchy and nutty coconut, and the juicy strawberries provide a burst of freshness.”

Richard WestRichard West

Richard West is the Founder of PuppyHero. At Puppy Hero, they are committed to helping individuals and families find the perfect family pet.

“Chocolate covered strawberries cloaked with pistachios are my healthy snack.

A white chocolate bar, wafers, and ground pistachios are required. Wash the strawberries thoroughly and let them dry completely. Chop the chocolate and add it to a microwave-friendly bowl. Microwave it for 30 to 50 seconds, stirring every 30 seconds.

Give more time if needed. Make sure the chocolate mixture is smooth without any lumps. Take the strawberry from the stem and add the red part to the chocolate mixture. Then cover it with crushed pistachios. Refrigerate them and enjoy your light, flavorful chocolate-covered strawberry recipe.”

Jeff HuntJeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt is the co-founder of Kid Travel, a travel blog for families read by 21 million parents since 2017. He’s a dad of two boys and two girls, one with special needs, and a proud grandad of four. Jeff is an expert product tester, an ex-IBM Project Executive, and a best-selling author.

“As a father, I’m always looking for treats that are both good for my kids and delicious.

One of my favorite ways to impress my kids is to make chocolate-covered strawberries in a healthier way. Many people might think that chocolate makes fruit taste better, but I think that strawberries are the only fruit that can really make chocolate taste better.

Using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate is one of my favorite ways to make chocolate-covered strawberries. Dark chocolate is a healthier sweet treat than milk chocolate since it has more antioxidants and less sugar.

To create these chocolate-covered strawberries, just melt dark chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave, then dip fresh strawberries in the chocolate. You may also add chopped almonds or shredded coconut to the chocolate-covered strawberries to make them taste and feel different.

If you use Greek yogurt instead of chocolate to cover strawberries, that’s another healthy way to make them. Greek yogurt has a lot of protein and calcium, which makes it a good choice for a healthy snack. To prepare these strawberries covered in yogurt, you just dip fresh strawberries in Greek yogurt and freeze them for a few hours until they are firm. For a touch of sweetness, you can also add honey or agave syrup to the yogurt.

Using dark chocolate and almonds is one of my favorite ways to make chocolate-covered strawberries. For this dish, all you have to do is melt dark chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave and then dip fresh strawberries in it. Sprinkle chopped almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts on top of the chocolate while it is still wet. This will give the chocolate-covered strawberries a great crunch and a nutty taste.

So, the next time you want a nutritious and tasty treat, give these chocolate-covered strawberries a try and watch how your family goes crazy over them.”

Kevin TurnerKevin Turner

Kevin Turner is the founder and CEO of The Grilling Master, dedicated to sharing his love of cooking with a global community of food enthusiasts. Kevin’s website is a hub of culinary inspiration and education. He is an expert pitmaster and professional cook with vast knowledge in this field.

“One of my favorite cocoa-coated strawberry ideas involves utilizing white chocolate and drizzling dark chocolate over the strawberries.

To create these delectable treats, first, wash and clean fresh berries. Soften the white chocolate using a dual boiler or in a convection bowl until creamy and velvety. Sink the strawberries into the melted chocolate, coat them evenly, and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

After the white chocolate has set, melt the dark chocolate and drizzle it over the strawberries in a decorative pattern with a spoon. A piping bag can also be used to make intricate designs. Allow the chocolate to set before serving. This is my way of using chocolate and strawberries.”

Josh WeissJosh Weiss

Josh Weiss is the founder and CEO of Reggie, the leading wellness regimen for dogs. A lifelong entrepreneur, Weiss has built successful online fashion retailers, but his true passion for being a business operator has come full circle with Reggie. A lifelong dog owner and supplement taker himself, Weiss felt the motivation to educate consumers on the benefits of preventative supplementation for their pets.

“One way to enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries is to turn them into a pop.

It’s a quick and easy way to transform this dessert option. All you need to do is rip the green, leafy stem off the top, skewer the strawberry onto a lollipop stick, and then dip them in chocolate before setting them to dry. Adding the stick allows you to fully coat the fruit with chocolate, and it makes it a mess-free way to enjoy them afterward.”

Jeremy DuboysJeremy Duboys

Jeremy Duboys is the Founder RxGo.com.

“My favorite chocolate covered strawberry idea is to combine two classic flavors — dark chocolate and raspberry.

The combination of the two creates a unique flavor that is both sweet and tart. To create this treat, start by melting dark chocolate in a double boiler. Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate and then roll them in raspberry sugar.

Place the strawberries on a parchment-lined baking sheet and let them cool. Once cooled, the chocolate covered strawberries can be enjoyed!”

Lori Walker, MS, RDLori Walker


Lori Walker is a registered dietitian, freelance food and nutrition writer, and recipe developer. Her goal is to help people find joy in eating well! Lori shares easy healthy recipes on her blog.

“When it comes to chocolate covered strawberries, there are so many possibilities that it really depends on your taste.

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: These are a classic option for those who love dark chocolate and the tartness of strawberries. You can also add in some finely chopped nuts like pistachios or almonds for an extra crunchy texture.
  • White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, try white chocolate-covered strawberries! Dip them in melted white chocolate and sprinkle them with either coconut flakes or crushed candy pieces to make them even more delectable.
  • Milk Chocolate-Coated Strawberries: For those who want something traditional but still interesting, try coating your strawberries in creamy milk chocolate. Add some sprinkles for a fun flair or leave them as is for an elegant presentation.
  • Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: Take things up a notch and dip your strawberries into melted chocolate of different colors such as pink, blue, yellow, and green. Then drizzle with white chocolate to create a beautiful rainbow pattern.
  • Nutella-Covered Strawberries: If you can’t get enough of the classic hazelnut spread, why not use it to coat fresh strawberries? Simply spread Nutella on top before rolling the berries in chopped nuts like walnuts or peanuts for an extra crunchy texture.

No matter which option you choose, chocolate-covered strawberries are always a delicious treat that everyone can enjoy. So don’t be afraid to express your creativity and have fun with it!”

Davin EberhardtDavin Eberhardt

Davin Eberhardt is a home designer, remodeler, and the founder of Nature of Home, a website dedicated to providing home improvement information that merges building science, appearance, and principles from nature.

“Waffles are my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry idea.

Waffles can be made in tiny cupcake sizes and shapes. Cut strawberries into slices. Sliced strawberries are then dipped in Belgian chocolate. Pistachio powder is then sprinkled on the strawberries.

These strawberries are then placed on warm waffles. They are further layered with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate syrup. It is the perfect blend for a snack or dessert. It is a great idea for breakfast as it is refreshing and provides fullness.”

Lillian E DoddLillian E Dodd

Lillian E Dodd is the lead publisher and travel editor at The Hobby Kraze. They are a community of art-promoting enthusiasts with the inherent zest to lead a healthy life.

“Dark Chocolate and Pistachio-Covered Strawberries are one of my favorites.

To make this decadent treat, melt dark chocolate in a double boiler, dip fresh strawberries in the melted chocolate, and then roll them in crushed pistachios. The combination of dark chocolate and pistachios adds a rich and nutty flavor.

Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate. It contains less sugar and is rich in antioxidants. Pistachios add a satisfying crunch and provide a good source of protein and healthy fats. This is perfect for those who want to indulge in a sweet treat while also incorporating some healthy ingredients.”

If you’re craving the sweet combination of strawberry and chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect treat. Give one of these chocolate covered strawberry ideas a try, or for a done-for-you option, choose from our extensive collection of mouth-watering chocolate covered strawberry treats. From boxes of classic chocolate covered strawberries to a Confetti Berry and Chocolate Bouquet or chocolate covered strawberries with other decadent chocolates, Edible Arrangements® offers the best chocolate covered strawberries to satisfy any craving.

Common Questions about Various Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ideas

How do you get chocolate to stick to strawberries?

The best way to get chocolate to stick to strawberries is to ensure that they’re completely dry before dipping them. After washing your strawberries, pat them dry and lay them on a clean dish towel until they’re completely dry.

Do I put chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge or freezer?

If you’re keeping chocolate covered strawberries for more than a day, store them in the refrigerator for about two days. Line your container with paper towels, lay your strawberries in the container in a single layer, and cover them loosely with plastic wrap or foil.

If you’re planning on eating your chocolate covered strawberries within a day, keeping them at room temperature is best. You can store chocolate covered strawberries in the freezer, but storing them properly is key:

  1. Flash freeze: Place your strawberries on a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper with ample space between berries. Freeze for about three hours.
  2. Transfer them to a freezer container or bag: Then, transfer them to a freezer container or bag. Your bag or container should be airtight to avoid freezer burn.
  3. Defrost in the refrigerator: When you’re ready to eat them, dethaw them in the fridge for about an hour.
  4. Eat them cold: Enjoy them while they’re still cold. Allowing them to thaw completely may result in mushy, watery strawberries.

What pairs well with chocolate dipped strawberries?

Chocolate covered strawberries are versatile. They can be paired with many foods, such as:

  • Champagne or sparkling wine: Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or sparkling wine is a classic pairing that many people enjoy. The bubbles and acidity in the champagne or sparkling wine perfectly contrast the sweetness of the strawberries and chocolate.
  • Cheese: Cream cheese or tangy, softer cheese varieties like brie or goat cheese work best paired with chocolate covered strawberries. The creaminess of cheese pairs well with the sweetness of the chocolate and fruit.
  • Whipped cream: Whipped cream is another simple, classic option that pairs well with chocolate and strawberries. Add a dash of vanilla extract for extra flavor.
  • Vanilla ice cream: The coolness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream are a great contrast to the sweet and slightly tart strawberries.
  • Coffee or espresso: The bitterness of coffee balances nicely with the sweetness of chocolate and strawberries.
  • Nuts, nut butters, and flavored liquers: Almonds, hazelnuts, or pecans in the form of nuts, butters, or flavored liqueurs perfectly complement the strawberry and chocolate flavors.
  • Mint: Fresh mint leaves or a mint-flavored dessert or drink can provide a refreshing contrast to the sweet strawberries and chocolate.
  • Port wine: Port wine is a sweet, fortified wine that pairs well with chocolate and fruit.

Keep in mind that pairing is subjective. Experiment with different pairings to discover the pairings you enjoy most.

What to decorate chocolate covered strawberries with?

There are many ways to decorate chocolate covered strawberries for a fun, cute, or festive look or an irresistible flavor pairing, such as:

  • White chocolate drizzle: Chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate drizzle, like Swizzle Berries® from Edible Arrangements®, provides a nice contrast in both color and taste.
  • Nuts: Crushed almonds, pistachios, pecans, or hazelnuts provide a decorative look and a complementary flavor profile.
  • Coconut flakes: Coconut flakes give your chocolate covered strawberries a tropical feel. If you’re looking for a less-sweet option, use unsweetened coconut flakes.
  • Sprinkles: Different kinds of sprinkles can add some fun and color to your strawberries, such as delectable Confetti Berries from Edible Arrangements®.
  • Sea salt: A light sprinkle of sea salt can help to bring out the flavors of the chocolate and the strawberry.
  • Crushed cookies or graham crackers: Crushed chocolate sandwich cookies (without the filling), graham crackers, or your favorite cookie is a fun and flavorful topping for chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Candy pieces: Crushed pieces of candy bars or hard candies can add extra sweetness and texture to white or semisweet chocolate covered strawberries. For example, a Chocolate Fruit Bouquet made with TWIX® Cookie Bars from Edible Arrangements® includes white chocolate covered strawberries topped with TWIX® Cookie Bars for the perfect flavor combination.
  • Colored sugar sprinkles: Red and green sugars for Christmas, pastels for Easter, and green for St. Patrick’s Day will give your chocolate covered strawberries a festive flair.