Father’s Day Gifts: How to Be Unique This Year


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Struggling to figure out what to get your dad for Father’s Day? We can help you with that… starting with what NOT to get. Let’s go over the gifts you’ve probably gotten him a time (or two) over the last few years.

A Hammer. Does your dad really not have a hammer? If he doesn’t, then okay –we’ll allow it. BUT he probably already has one, and if he does, he doesn’t need a new one. A hammer isn’t something that’s better when it’s new. Its only job is to hit stuff. The old hammer will work just fine.

A Drill. Better than a hammer at least. But you’re still saying, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Now get to work.”

A Tie. The age-old fallback gift. It’s FINE, but you probably won’t win favorite child with this one.

Golf balls. On the surface, this seems like a pretty decent gift. But if you gave him this last year, it’s basically like saying “you tend to lose a lot of golf balls on the course because you’re not that good, so here’s a replacement of the pack I got you last year that you sliced into the woods. Better luck this year.”

And what about … {Holds up #1 dad shirt and shudders}

Now, ALL of these gifts are better than …nothing… but if you want to REALLY stand out, get your dad a gift with no undertones. We have the answer. You just can’t beat fresh fruit dipped in chocolate. No work required here. Be unique. Get your dad a sweet treat from Edible Arrangements this year. AND we have a feeling he’ll probably share.

Win win.