10 Family Activities To Bring Your Family Together

Family Activities

Whether you’re bonding over a board game or taking a family road trip together, nothing beats spending quality time with family. So often, families are busy rushing from one obligation to another that they miss taking the time to slow down and appreciate one another’s company. If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to family activities, we’ve created this list of ten ideas that will bring your family closer together and create some wonderful memories for all of you.

How to Choose Family Activities

Choosing family activities isn’t always easy, especially when you have kids of varying ages and personalities. What’s something that mom, dad, brother, sister, and baby are going to like to do? Luckily, when it comes to satisfying all ages and personality types, simplicity is key. You don’t have to go all out, spend a lot of money, or plan a huge event to have fun as a family. Simple activities, such as washing your car, playing a board game, or putting together a puzzle can be simple and easy ways to bond as a family. Because they’re simple and easy, if one member of the family isn’t into the activity, that’s ok! Just change course and pull out another simple and easy activity.

Another good way to bond as a family is by sharing some food together. That’s why family dinners are such a great idea. Family meals provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together, strengthen family ties, and build better relationships. The same goes for enjoying sweet treats together. Check out our Fresh Eats-Sweet Treats Bundle. It’s full of indulgent goodies, including strawberries, bananas, gourmet popcorn, and popcorn!

Top 10 Family Activities

If you’re trying to come up with great ways to bond as a family, look no further. We’ve gathered up ten amazing family activities that are surefire ways to bring you closer together:

1. Camp in the Backyard

Camp in the Backyard

You don’t have to go far for an adventure. Camping in your own backyard is just as exciting. The trick is to gather all of your supplies ahead of time and limit trips inside the house to really make it feel like camping.

2. Learn a New Card Game

Play Cards

Playing a card game is a simple and easy way to get the entire family involved. It’s even educational! The link above shows you how an easy card game helps teach math skills.

3. Grow an Herb Garden

Grow and Herb Garden

The whole family can get involved in picking out which herbs to grow, planting the seeds, watering the growing seedlings, and tending to the garden. Follow the link above for ten tips on how to start the perfect herb garden.

4. Play Mini Golf in the Backyard

DIY Mini Putt Course

You don’t need to visit the local putt-putt range to practice your mini golf game. The link above has all the plans you need to create your own course in your backyard. Not only will the entire family have fun creating the boards (and coming up with exciting obstacles), they’ll also have fun playing mini golf once the course is created.

5. Create Art Projects Out of Recycled Materials

Recycled Art Projects for Kids

Go dumpster diving in your own recycling and gather up as many recycled materials as you can, including toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, milk jugs, and cardboard, then let the entire family use those to create out-of-this-world art projects. If you’re all out of ideas, you can visit the link above for inspiration.

6. Take Nature Walks

Take Nature Walks

There’s nothing more exhilarating than taking the family on a long hike through nature. Make it even more exciting by bringing along magnifying glasses and binoculars and exploring the natural surroundings and wildlife as you go.

7. Have a Glow in the Dark Water Balloon Fight

Have a Glow in the Dark Water Balloon Fight

These glow-the-dark water balloons are fun for the whole family. Grab a few glow sticks and put them into water balloons as you fill them. Then, just wait for dusk to hit and compete in the coolest water balloon fight in your life.

8. Build a Pillow Fort

Build a Pillow Fort

Build a magical pillow fort complete with fairy lights, star details, and even star snacks right on your living room floor. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon first building the fort and then snuggling in the fort and reading or watching movies through the evening.

9. Wash Your Car

Wash Your Car

Getting the kids involved in cleaning the car is more about learning a life skill and creating a fun bonding experience than getting the car totally clean. The kids especially will love playing in the bubbles and the water.

10. Create an Emergency Escape Plan

Create an Emergency Escape Plan

It might not be the most up lifting activity on the list, but your family needs to be prepared in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Visit the link above for a printable that helps you map out your home and identify two ways to escape from each room.

These activities are sure to bring your family closer together and create some wonderful memories you all will cherish. Last but not least, consider our Family Fruit Dipping Kit to top off a fun day of family bonding. This chocolate fondue dipping kit includes fresh strawberries and bananas and Edible’s® Dipping Chocolate so you can make even more sweet family memories together creating your own chocolate covered fruit.