10 Engagement Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Engagement Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Are you attending an engagement party or know someone who just got engaged? Picking out an engagement gift can be tricky because the happy couple probably doesn’t have a registry set up yet. How can you know what they want without a list detailing exactly what they need? Don’t worry. Choosing an engagement gift can be fun and easy. Just follow our gift guide below.

How to Choose an Engagement Gift

Choosing an engagement gift doesn’t have to be complicated. Almost anything can be an engagement gift, as long as it’s something special the happy couple can enjoy together. So, your first step is to uncover what the newly engaged couple enjoys doing together. If they hit the bowling alley each Friday after work, you can know to get them something bowling related. Or, if they’re ski bums in the wintertime, choose a gift such as lift tickets or new ski gear. If you aren’t sure what the happy couple does for fun, choose a general gift like a delectable food item. You can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting something delicious. Or, get something they can use for their upcoming wedding, such as a photo album or cake serving set. Alternatively, if you know that the happy couple is just settling into a new home together, you can choose a home decor item. A new comforter or doormat can go a long way in making their new house feel like a home.

Top 10 Engagement Gifts

If you’re stumped on what to get the happy couple in your life, here are ten engagement gift ideas they’re sure to love:

1. Blooming Hearts™

Blooming Hearts

This delectable arrangement features juicy pineapple hearts, fresh strawberries, and juicy grapes. Plus, it all comes in a keepsake container the happy couple can use for years to come.

Cost: $69.99

2. Confetti Berry And Chocolate Bouquet

Confetti Berry And Chocolate Bouquet

This fun bouquet is tailor-made for the happy couple in your life. It’s packed with chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberries dipped in cake batter flavored white chocolate and topped with confetti cake crumbles.

Cost: $59.99

3. Adventure Together Map

Adventure Together Map

This unique gift makes an excellent engagement gift. Choose three places the happy couple loves, such as their hometowns, the place they met, or their favorite vacation spot and the artist will choose a map of those locations and arrange them on the print, along with their names.

Cost: $63.00

4. Custom Personalized Doormat

Custom Personalized Doormat

Perfect for a brand new couple cohabitating for the first time, this doormat will be a hit at the engagement party. It’s made of coir with rubber backing and the paint is hand-painted on with outdoor paint that’s designed to last.

Cost: $43.20

5. Lush Velvet Album

Lush Velvet Album

Covered in lush silk velvet with a sweet pink ribbon detail, this photo album is perfect for storing all of the couple’s happy memories from the wedding. It comes with blank thick, archival artist paper that’s just ready for photos or scrapbooking other important wedding mementos.

Cost: $88.00

6. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Make date night more interesting with this personalized four-across game. It’s created with heirloom-quality maple wood and can be personalized with the happy couple’s names and date of engagement.

Cost: $85.00

7. Floating Frames

Floating Frames

This floating frame is the perfect way to memorialize the day the happy couple got engaged. Just grab a picture of the couple from that momentous day and send it in along with your order and the fully finished framed photo will arrive at your doorstep ready to hang.

Cost: $79.00

8. Gold Heart and Bow Cake Server and Knife Set

Gold Heart and Bow Cake Server and Knife Set
Made of stainless steel with gold bow details at the top of the handle accented with cubic zirconia stones, this cake serving set helps the happy couple enjoy a sweeter slice of love. It’s perfect for that momentous first cake cut at the couple’s future wedding.

Cost: $50.00

9. The Cloud Comforter

The Cloud Comforter

Made of super-soft eucalyptus fabric and fluffy recycled fill, this comforter is seriously soft and snuggly. It’s so comfy, the happy couple won’t be able to help hitting snooze in the morning.

Cost: $150.00

10. Blue and White Stripe Picnic Basket

Blue and White Stripe Picnic Basket

Get the happy couple a gift that evokes some fun in their relationship. This woven willow picnic basket is sturdy and charming and perfect for packing an outdoor spread worthy of a storybook romance.

Cost: $44.00

You’re sure to make the happy couple’s day with one of these fun and unique engagement gifts.