10 Fun Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of School Year

Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of the Year

Teachers make a huge difference in our children’s lives. Your little one’s teacher helps to inform her mind, expand her heart, and grow her character. That’s why it’s so important to show how grateful you are for all her hard work and effort at the end of the school year. One way to do this is by giving your child’s teacher a gift and attaching it to a handwritten thank you note from your child. This combo is sure to convey your appreciation and gratitude for your child’s teacher. Here’s how to pick the very best gift for the end of the school year.

How to Choose a Teacher Gift for the End of the School Year

Choosing a teacher gift can be a little tricky. At the end of the year, your child’s teacher probably receives dozens of gifts from her students. You don’t want yours getting lost in the crowd. While it may seem easy to just pick up a gift card at your local convenience store, take a few moments to put in a little thought and creativity. Your child’s teacher is sure to appreciate the extra effort.

You can often glean some nuggets of information about your child’s teacher from the one who spends the most time with her — your child! Ask if she’s into sports, or always has a cup of coffee in the morning. Or, maybe she spends each school break traveling the world. If your child isn’t sure, send her in to do a little digging on her teacher’s likes and preferences outside of the classroom. If you can’t get any good input, you can always turn to a tasty food gift. A delightful and decadent food gift is always a great option, especially for a teacher who you might not really know on a personal basis.

Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of the School Year

If you’re unsure of what to get your child’s teacher, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten teacher gifts your child’s educator really wants:

1. FruitFlowers® Bouquet

FruitFlowers® Bouquet

This simple arrangement puts all of your bright, fresh, and juicy fruit favorites right at center stage. It’s packed with pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, and honeydew melon all artfully arranged in a keepsake container.

Cost: $49.99

2. Pineapple Drip Cakes® And Swizzle Berries®

Pineapple Drip Cakes® And Swizzle Berries®

This delicious box is chock-full of cake-shaped pineapple covered in gourmet chocolate and drizzled with colorful glaze. Plus, it includes mouthwatering fresh strawberries covered in gourmet semisweet chocolate and topped with white chocolate drizzle.

Cost: $49.99

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

This sweet and simple plant is a perfect addition to help clean the air in your teacher’s classroom. It features thick waxy green leaves and is remarkably easy to care for, even for beginners.

Cost: $44.00

4. Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This mug features Thermalock vacuum insulation to help keep your teacher’s tea or coffee hot until well after lunch. It also features unique auto sealing technology that prevents spills whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go.

Cost: $18.99

5. Bean Box Coffee Sampler

Bean Box Coffee Sampler

If your child’s teacher can’t get buy without her daily cup of Joe, this coffee sampler is the perfect gift. It features four unique coffees handpicked by coffee experts from renowned roasters around the world.

Cost: $24.00

6. Personalized Burlap Bag Tote 

Personalized Burlap Bag Tote

Your teacher has to carry around books, lesson plans, and schoolwork that needs to be graded. Help her take a load of with this beautiful canvas tote bag. It can even be monogrammed in beautiful script for a personalized touch.

Cost: $18.32

7. 50 States Traveled Journal

50 States Traveled Journal

A great pick for the teacher who loves to travel, this journal has pages for each of the fifty states. Each state has two pages of prompts to help you keep track of your journeys, including spaces for the cities you visited, best meals, and greatest moments.

Cost: $30.00

8. ROVER Stainless Steel Lunchbox

PlanetBox Rover Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Help keep your teacher’s lunch organized with this stainless steel bento box. It features five compartments that make packing lunch a breeze with spaces for a main dish, vegetables, fruits, snacks, and even a yummy treat.

Cost: $55.95

9. Baseball Park Map Glasses

Baseball Park Map Glasses

Is your child’s teacher a big baseball fan? These glasses features a map of her favorite MLB team’s stadium in the team’s signature colors.

Cost: $35.00

10. Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Your child’s teacher deserves some time to relax after dealing with a noisy classroom all week. This innovative diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to release a cool mist of essential oils into the air for a subtle and calming effect.

Cost: $36.00

Whether your child’s teacher likes sports or relaxing at home on the weekends, you’ll find something for her on this list. Be sure to send your gift in with a thoughtful thank you note from your child to make her feel extra appreciated all through the summer.