Edible® Spotlight: Olympian Sable Otey


Our Edible® family has a passion for helping others celebrate what’s good in life, but what are they celebrating when they leave the store at the end of the day?

Meet Sable Otey. Not only is she an incredible Delivery Ambassador, Fruit Expert® and smoothie maker extraordinaire at the Edible Arrangements® store in Memphis, TN, but she’s also a mother, sister, wife, teacher, role model and Olympian.

Road to the Olympics

Sable was a brakeman for the 2015 USA Bobsled Team. She’s on a mission to make the team again, and bring home the gold! Previously training in Track & Field after her son Amar’e was born, Sable learned from a good friend that there would be a Bobsled Combine (or try out) in South Carolina. Approximately 2 weeks before the combine, she stopped training for track and field and started bobsled training! Sable was instantly hooked on the sport. She has since developed a true passion for bobsled, but says the most rewarding part of her Olympic experiences is having the opportunity to represent her country. She will find out next week if she’ll make the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. In the meantime, she is training hard — around 20 hours a week. She fuels her workouts by consuming nutrient rich foods, including one of her favorite Edible To Go® smoothies, “You’ve Got Kale.”

Beyond Training

Training to be a Team USA Olympian isn’t the only item on Sable’s to-do list. Sable is a true master of time management. Amongst her rigorous training schedule, Sable is a Delivery Ambassador for her local Edible Arrangements® store in Memphis, TN, a Physical Education teacher, and a dedicated wife and mother. How does Sable manage to balance everything? She explains that it’s all possible because of the amazing support system she has behind her. Sable’s sister, who’s in the army, trains with her every day. Sable also explains that her coworkers work with her schedule and help her stay focused. Her husband, her son, the school she works for, and her Edible Arrangements® family help her balance her schedule, making training for Team USA possible. Some tips from Sable for conquering it all? Plan ahead, stay organized, and always remain focused!

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and not everyone gets to do this. Not everyone gets to be a part of a U.S. team.”


With all of this on her plate, what keeps Sable motivated? She says that she’s inspired by her husband, as well as the students she teaches. She loves that she can make an impact on her students’ lives, and that they look up to her as a mentor and role model. Despite her own goals, Sable’s family always comes first. Spending time with family is very important to her, and she values the time she has with them. When she’s not training, teaching, or delivering WOW-worthy gifts, she loves watching movies and playing miniature golf with her husband and son!

Following the Journey

Sable has put in a tremendous amount of work training hard and eating clean (including lots of fresh fruits and veggies!). We will be following her journey closely, but to get an inside look into Sable’s training, make sure to follow Edible Arrangements #551 Wolfchase, TN! You can also follow Sable’s Facebook page at Sable Otey Team USA Bobsled. We’re so proud of you, Sable, and can’t wait to see you conquer your dream! You’re an inspiration to us all!