Edible Rewards®: The Sweetest VIP Treatment

Simply Dipped Mixed Fruit Box

Here at Edible Arrangements®, we are all about celebrating what’s good in life, and we like to show that by WOWing our Guests with VIP access to specials, gifts, and other sweet treats through Edible Rewards® — the official Edible Arrangements® loyalty program

Here are the top 3 things you need to know about why Edible Rewards® is so SWEET:

1. Signing Up for Edible Rewards® is Sweet and Simple:

You can sign up for Edible Rewards® online, on the Edible® App, or in store by simply providing your email address and a bit of basic information about yourself. Of course, we’d love it if you’d set up your full online account where you can fill out a full customer profile. Once you’re logged in to your account, you can view “My Rewards,” your order history, gift reminders, and more.

2. Access to Fresh Edible Rewards® Account Features:

By setting up an account, you can update and maintain your personal address book of people you’ll want to send Edible Arrangements® gifts to. Once you save your address and your recipient’s address, the checkout process is a breeze! But that’s not all! You can view your rewards, gift reminder notifications, an overview of your order history, and a list of FAQs to learn more.

3. Fruit Freebies & Other Perks:

Everyone who signs up for Edible Rewards® is eligible to receive exclusive coupons and specials, including a FREE birthday box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™!* You’ll also get a free chocolate Dipped Fruit™ box with every 3rd purchase, VIP gift reminders, and surprise offers. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

Now that you know all about the sweetest VIP treatment there is, go ahead and sign up! Already a member? Shop our site or download the Edible® App from the App Store or Google Play to place your order and get one step closer to earning your free box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™!

*See Edible Rewards® Terms & Conditions for details.