Edible Franchise Spotlight with the Shreveport, LA Team


At Edible®, the foundation of our business is rooted in helping people celebrate life’s most special moments. For example, from birthdays and anniversaries to life’s important milestones like retirement or holiday get-togethers, we aim to help people cheer special moments with extra sweet memories and smiles! Equally important is how we work to celebrate these moments. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and that same mindset resides with our franchise owners that provide those sweet treats in your community. As you acknowledge life’s special moments, we want to celebrate the special franchise owners that deliver the delicious fruits and sweets that our customers expect. Today, we want to celebrate Alexis, Stacy, Fadi (Owner), and Hunter, along with the entire Edible team in Shreveport, LA!

The Shreveport team opened their location in September 2006 and has been helping people in the local community celebrate all kinds of occasions for over 15 years! The team prides itself in delivering fruit arrangements and gifts that are always freshly-crafted using fruit that’s grown and picked to our Fruit Expert® standards. And, they have the best variety of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit, too! In the past year, the Shreveport team has achieved a lot of success and recently shared their experience and leadership skills to build a $1 million store. Congrats!

What have you done differently this year versus last year to become a million-dollar store?

We focused on the small stuff. For example, we improved our organization and that allowed us to become more attentive. Additionally, we leaned into our local community by dropping off more flyers to prospective businesses and calling customers before holiday for reminders.

What have you done differently to engage with the community during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, we doubled down on the local community. We have put out signage out front saying we are open, curbside pick up, and drivers passing out brochures so everyone knew we were here and ready to help them with their needs.

How did you build your customer base?

We focus on proactively finding customers and meeting them where they are. In addition to handing out brochures to local businesses, we rely on word of mouth and social media marketing to keep us top of mind with our customers.

What have been your most successful marketing tactics for Edible®?

We focus on the local community. So, we rely on advertising in local magazines and billboards, along with leveraging social media to connect with our customer base.

What kind of culture exists in how you run your store, and how did you establish it?

Our culture starts with our employees. Our culture starts with proper employee training. We strive to work with happy and upbeat employees, who are very friendly, helpful and attentive to detail. Happy employees translate to happy customers and the results speak for themselves.

What has been your most satisfying moment as an Edible® store owner?

Our most satisfying moments are working with our teammates. We love the day-to-day interactions working with our loyal employees especially during the busy holiday season.

How do you define success in this industry (outside of financial)?

We view success through the eyes of our customers and employees. We work hard and go above and beyond for our customers, while striving for consistency and supporting our loyal employees.

What advice would you give to your fellow franchisee?

We start with supporting our employees and staying on top of the small stuff. It starts with the initial employee training to work with good, friendly and helpful employees. Then, staying proactive by keeping the store stocked and organized helps keep the store ahead of busy times like the holiday season.

Who, and what, has been your greatest inspiration?

We find inspiration from our team. Their hard work and dedication inspires us every day.

From all of us at Edible®, thank you for your dedication to executing our mission and taking pride in delivering WOW-worthy gifts to the people in your community!