Edible Franchise Spotlight with Kyle Dumont


At Edible®, our foundation is rooted in helping people celebrate life’s most special moments. From birthdays and anniversaries to milestones like retirement or holiday get-togethers, we want to help people cheer life’s spontaneous moments with extra sweet memories and smiles! Equally important is how we work to celebrate these moments. Edible® prides ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and the same mindset of our franchise owners that offer our sweet treats in right in your neighborhood. As you acknowledge life’s special moments, we want to celebrate the special franchise owners that delivers the delicious fruit and sweets that our customers expect. Today, we want to celebrate Kyle Dumont and his Edible store in Nashua New Hampshire!

Kyle opened the Nashua location in February 2016 and has been helping people in his local community celebrate all kinds of occasions for over 5 years! The team prides itself in delivering fruit arrangements and gifts that are always freshly-crafted using fruit that’s grown and picked to our Fruit Expert® standards. And, they have the best variety of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit, too! Kyle has led the Nashua team and achieved a lot of success in the last year. He helped share his experience and leadership skills as he built a $1 million store. Congrats Kyle!

What have you done differently this year versus last year to become a million-dollar store?

Last year was actually a better year for us, as we grew dramatically during the COVID shutdown. This year, we are still seeing momentum carry over. The best part of this year is that my team is already used to blasting out orders, so slightly less volume days are handled with ease.

What have you done differently to engage with the community during the pandemic?

We have emphasized our delivery abilities so that people who don’t want to leave the house don’t have to. Our customers are loving the next-day free delivery promotion and our willingness to offer no-contact delivery. Now, more than ever, we are able to emphasize our ability to “send emotions” not just fruit. For example, when families weren’t able to get together on Easter or Thanksgiving, we were able to connect them and send meaningful gifts to ensure a celebration is still happening even in the absence of loved ones.

How did you build your customer base?

My store has always had a glowing reputation and lots of repeat customers. I have extremely high expectations on product quality and customer experience. My customers know that when they order from us, they will get a WOW-worthy product that is professionally crafted and delicious. They like to call my store and deal with us directly, as my team always takes the best care of them. I have also been a part of a local BNI chapter for the past two years, and through this business networking, I have been able to develop relationships with small and large business owners in the Nashua, NH area. Out of 60 members in this group, I am one business that everyone can use all the time. There is always a reason to send an Edible® gift. I feel that through my connections with local businesses and the ability to give my customers a consistent outstanding experience, I am able to maintain the continued growth of my business.

What have been your most successful marketing tactics for Edible®?

During the pandemic, our co-op advertised on a few radio stations, and this went over well for us. This was a great way to let our customers know that while you might not be able to see your loved ones right now, you can send them a sweet gift to let them know you are thinking of them. In terms of marketing specifically from my store, business networking and routine mailers seem to be our most effective marketing strategies.

What kind of culture exists in how you run your store, and how did you establish it?

I worked for a store before owning mine, starting at the age of 16. I learned so much in my time as an employee and developed a passion for the brand. I feel that this experience helped me immensely as I grew into the owner that I am today. I have dealt with every situation you can think of in my 8 years with Edible®, and my employees stick with me because I am very much in touch with what they go through on a daily basis. I have five employees that have dedicated more than 12 years to Edible®, one of which is going on her 20th year. I give them just as much credit as I take for our success over the years. I am so lucky to have such a reliable and supportive team, who worked harder than ever during the pandemic. The culture within our store is very unique and one that keeps holiday help coming back year after year. To summarize the team’s characteristics, I would say: hard-working, laser focused, attention to detail, and reliable.

What has been your most satisfying moment as an Edible® store owner?

The most satisfying moment was when we ran one of the most efficient Valentine’s Day holidays ever and fulfilled over 1,000 orders in three days without shutting off. This holiday can make or break your year and we have finally worked out most kinks to become one of the highest volume stores in the system while saying yes to everyone.

How do you define success in this industry (outside of financial)?

In this business, we are successful when we accomplish what this brand was made to do. Each day, we show new customers just how powerful of an effect an Edible® gift can have on a person. Each store has a responsibility to WOW both our customers and recipients with nothing but the best product and overall experience. I feel most successful when I have satisfied every single customer and have helped them with their specific occasion.

What advice would you give to your fellow franchisee?

My best advice would be to learn your store inside and out. Learn the products, interact with your customers, and be sure your team cares about each and every product they send out. Without product quality and customer experience, you will never grow to reach your true potential. Knowing your team and knowing what it takes to deliver the best customer experience also allows you to work out kinks and become consistently more efficient and profitable.

Who, and what, has been your greatest inspiration?

I have several people that I look up to as great inspirations in this business. My parents top the list as they believed in me at a young age and helped me acquire a business that I have grown to love so much. Another inspiration is the person who I met on my first day working at Edible Arrangements as a high schooler. They now work for me at my store, and I would never have such a passion for what I do without their influence.

Overall, my greatest inspiration is my team. They show up to work everyday and never let me down. I tirelessly look to improve because of them and our shared goal to be the best store we can possibly be.

From all of us at Edible®, thank you Kyle for your dedication to executing our mission and taking pride in delivering WOW-worthy gifts to the people in your community!