Edible Arrangements® is Now on Instagram


At Edible Arrangements®, we are invested in using social media as an important part of our overall brand strategy. The latest social platform we’re loving: Instagram! We recently joined the over 100 million other users on the photo-sharing service, and it’s definitely been a fruitful  experience for us so far.  It’s provided us with yet another great way to engage our guests in ways that are fresh.


Our product is unique, artful and fun, making it a great subject! And, in our experience, our guests love sharing sweet arrangement and dipped fruit photos with their friends, family and followers. We love that we get to see these great real-life fruit snapshots — in fact, we do our best to “❤” them all.

There are currently over 74,000 photos that have been shared publicly on Instagram using the hashtag #ediblearrangements (including some common misspellings). To date, we’ve created a collection of about 50 of our own photos using #ediblearrangements and #dofruit hashtags, including some “behind the scenes” images that people would probably never see otherwise! Some of our personal favorites so far have been playful fruit photos like the ones we took to say “hi” and “Happy Father’s Day” below, and pics that show off our great work environment here at the corporate office.

And, we’re even more excited that Instagram introduced a video feature!  We’re just getting started, so if you’re an Instagram user like us, make sure you follow us. Our username is: ediblearrangements