Edible Arrangements Introduces Two New Custom Apps for Franchisees


With more of our franchisees becoming enterprise owners and opening multiple locations, Edible Arrangements® has created 2 custom mobile apps so that busy franchisees can manage their stores from their smart phones.  The Fransupport Mobile app is a mobile version of Edible Arrangements operating system which allows franchisees to monitor their businesses in real time as if they were physically at the location(s).  The FranView® mobile app provides an interactive means by which field business leaders and support staff can better assist franchisees in all areas of their operations.

At Edible Arrangements, technology has and always will play an important role in our success, growth and franchisee operations.   Working with sister company Netsolace, Inc., started by the founder and President of Edible Arrangements, Tariq Farid, Edible Arrangements can customize software specifically for the needs of its franchisees.   Whether it’s the Edible Arrangements consumer website, franchise sales web site, POS system, franchise operating system, the new consumer mobile website, these 2 new apps, and much more, Edible Arrangements and Netsolace is at the forefront of franchise and business technology to help its franchisees build successful businesses and enterprises.

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