Edible Arrangements CEO on Sweet Success


CEO of Edible Arrangements® Tariq Farid talks about his popular fruit bouquets, his plans for future expansion and his strategy for the year 2010

Tariq Farid the founder of Edible Arrangements® sat down with Liz Claman of Fox Business news to talk about his immensely successful company Edible Arrangements® which has beaten the economic trend and expanded to 940 stores in 2009. He says his plans are to open 100 stores in 2010 and goes on to say that his huge success comes from hardworking dedicated franchisees who have consistently delivered a high quality product. Tariq Farid says he has been approached several times with offers to take the company public but right now he is focused on its expansion. He said that going public is something to be considered much further down the line saying that “It’s not a single company that owns 940 stores but over 900 owners who own the stores”. Edible Arrangements is looking at imminent expansion this year and will be looking forward to taking advantage of the commercial real estate market this year.( Follow the link if video is not working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPkCRhjsqoA )