An Easy Guide to Creating a Stunning Easter Tablescape

Easter tablescape ideas for families and friends of all ages

Planning an Easter celebration can be quite daunting. We want to help you WOW your guests with a gorgeous dining table that encompasses the elements of spring. From napkin rings to flatware—every carefully selected accoutrement can make your dinner table a little extra special. We’ve put together a simple guide with a few pieces to help inspire you when designing your Easter tablescape.

Easter Tablescape Ideas

From fun to fascinating, set the mood of your Easter gathering with the tablescape. Not every family is the same, so take some time to think about your home and the people attending your Easter meal. For example, if lots of kids are attending, then set the mood with more bunnies or other Easter gifts for kids.

Conversely, will you be hosting a more intimate gathering among adult friends? For example, decadent designs and formal wear will really set the tone of a mature conversation. Plus, don’t forget there are plenty of Easter gifts for adults (that don’t rely on chocolate), but still brighten your guests day!

To help, please find a few Easter tablescape ideas that aim to spur your imagination and spark some creative ideas that fit your party.


Easter takes place every spring, so embrace the season and include elements inspired by nature on your table. For example, make your setting warm and inviting by using wood and flowers. And, the best part of going with a natural setting, is it works for guests of all ages. For a party with a mixed guest lists, then consider using napkin rings and place card holders, which offer an easy way to subtly sit the guests and let everyone learn each other’s names. Conversely, for a family affair, skip the cards, but add some flair by placing a small candy on everyone’s plate. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or earthy tones, doing embracing spring sensations will invigorate you and your guests with the magic of the season.


For a mature crowd, then embrace the holiday with some sophistication and create a menu. Simply, place an individual menu on each place setting at the table. It’s an affordable way to make your dinner table look elegant. Additionally, plenty of online programs, such as Canva, easily (and inexpensively) allow anyone to design a menu (or other personalized decorations). Simply, print them out at home on some quality stock paper (or print them at your local print and copy center) to spark the elegant feeling.


Another way to add some elegance to the holiday is by simply adding a patterned plate with a vibrant color. A different set of China really elevates your table setting skills to the next level. Additionally, both online and traditional brick and mortar stores have many varieties to choose from, which are all at different price points. Finally, for an elegant but younger crowd, don’t worry about them matching as a perfect set. The eclectic flair of varying designs will only add to the dinner conversation. Simply, pick and choose whatever speaks to you–just as long as the patterns are cohesive.


Regardless of the mix of people attending your celebration or the age group, candles offer a perfect setting for creating pleasant ambiance. For example, incorporate a variety of unscented candles around the table to create a relaxing Easter tablescape. Additionally, if you alter the heights and sizes of the candles, this staging technique creates a sense of depth, which is very appealing to the eye. Try putting out a few tealight, votive, and pillar candles.

As for color, keep it simple. Stick to only two to three different colors at the most that pair well with your color scheme.


There are so many choices in flatware today, which are easily accessible–and affordable too! Shake it up this Easter holiday! Select a set that has a vintage inspired design like the photo above. Or go for a tone that compliments a specific aspect of your Easter tablescape. Perhaps the gold trim on the glassware? Or maybe the design on your napkins? The idea is to have to fun!


The best kind of dessert is a functional one. Maximize table space and please everyone’s eyes by using a hand-crafted treat made of fresh fruit and real chocolate. Make the Easter Bunny Celebration With Easter Berries arrangement a beautiful centerpiece to tie your table together. Another option is to intricately place either chocolate dipped strawberries on small pedestals and plates. It’ll add a festive flare, pop of color, and will be a great conversation starter.


Regardless of who attends, one thing is certain, you want to let the food, decorations and dessert shine. So, before the guests arrive (and preferably a few days before finalizing your Easter tablescape) take some time and check your things for some embarrassing mistakes. As Popsugar shares, “there’s no way to ensure that your dinner party will be flawless, there are a few major entertaining gaffes you can easily avoid.”

So, prior to setting the table, check for any lipstick on the glasses or rust spots on the flatware (especially if it was just acquired). Also, watch out for any candle wax buildup on those candle holders or wrinkled napkins (if you struggle to get them in the holders). Finally, if you embrace the season and put out flowers, make sure they are alive and healthy.

Or you can play it safe with any of these edible Easter gifts, which double as fantastic centerpieces.