10 Easy Desserts for Kids

Easy Desserts for Kids

Kids love desserts. In fact, you could argue that dessert is the best part of your kid’s day. They just love to dive into a sweet treat that’s delicious and looks great. Kids love desserts that are made with bright and vivid colors, such as rainbow food coloring or sprinkles (or like confetti desserts!). They also love anything that includes their favorite characters, imaginary unicorns, and other fun themes. When it comes to desserts, the best recipes are both easy to make and fun for them to eat.

How to Make Easy Desserts for Kids

Desserts are a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. If your kids are older or have more experience in the kitchen, you can let them take the reins and concoct an easy dessert completely on their own. Start your kids off on their baking journey with a boxed cake or brownie mix. Show them how to use measuring cups to measure out the water and oil. Then, instruct them on how to follow the instructions to make sure it comes together perfectly.

If you’re feeling brave, you can branch off and delve into more complicated desserts, such as cookies or a layer cake. There’s no end to the different concoctions you and your kids can make – and enjoy – when you use your imagination and a little know-how.

Top 10 Easy Desserts for Kids

We’ve gathered up ten easy desserts for kids that are easier than pie to make. Plus, they include their favorite characters and fun, bright colors that will entice your kids even more. So, take them by the hand (or let them loose) and get baking with some fun desserts:

1. Just Because Bouquet™ Dipped Strawberries

Just Because Bouquet Dipped Strawberries

With three big chocolate covered pineapple cupcakes loaded with sprinkles, this dessert is perfect for kids. It’s also packed with chocolate covered apples and strawberries with lots of other fresh fruit, including grapes, pineapple daisies, and more.

2. Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

This box set includes bananas covered with white and semisweet chocolate and apples and strawberries topped with semisweet chocolate. All the fruit is covered with white and semisweet chocolate Swizzle® that your kids will just adore.

3. S’mores Cookies

S'mores Cookies

What’s better than campfire s’mores? A s’mores cookie you can easily make any time you want! These soft and chewy s’mores cookies have a graham cracker flavored base, fluffy marshmallow middle, and chocolate topping.

4. Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn Fudge

Kids will go nuts over this delicious white chocolate fudge that looks just like the mystical, imaginary creature. Plus, it’s super easy to make with only five ingredients required, and it’s topped with colorful and sparkly pastel sprinkles.

5. Cookie Monster Popcorn

Cookie Monster Popcorn

Both fun and delicious, this sweet and salty popcorn is mixed with mini cookies and googly monster eyes. It’s easy enough for kids to make. Plus, they won’t be able to get over how much it resembles their favorite cookie-loving character.

6. Lucky Charms™ Rice Krispie Treats

Lucky Charms Rice Krispie Treats

Sure, your kids have tried Rice Krispies Treats®, but they’re missing out if they haven’t tried making them with Lucky Charms™ instead. Dip them in white chocolate for an easy-to-make treat that’s magically delicious.

7. Banana Split Popsicles

Banana Split Popsicles

These sweet treats skip the bowl and ice cream for a popsicle stick. Plus, the center of the banana is cored and stuffed with yogurt. They’re great for kids who are just learning their way around the kitchen to decorate with chocolate and sprinkles.

8. Rainbow Cupcakes with Vanilla Cloud Frosting

Rainbow Cupcakes with Vanilla Cloud Frosting

Rainbow cupcakes don’t have to be complicated. Just separate the batter into six bowls, add gel food coloring, and layer into cupcake liners. Top with the most delicious buttercream frosting you’ve ever tried.

9. Salted Caramel Brownies

Salted Caramel Brownies

With fudgy, rich brownie, studded with decadent, soft caramel, these sweet treats are sure to be a hit with your kiddos. Made with just a few simple ingredients, you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy they come together (yes, even the caramel).

10. Strawberry Icebox Cake

Strawberry Icebox Cake

This no-bake, one-pan strawberry cake is packed with fluffy whipped cream, plump fresh strawberries, and graham crackers. Kids will love helping you add the layers one by one, until the very last topping of sweet, juicy strawberries.

These desserts are so easy to make, your little ones can even lend a hand. Plus, they’re fun and delicious! What’s more to love?