Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas for All Ages

Part of what makes Easter so fun are the games! We came up with our own rendition of the classic Easter scavenger hunt that’s filled with silly rhymes and good times! To make this game extra-special, we suggest that you surprise the little participants with a yummy treat after they complete their search. Perhaps a Berry Bunny Platter or some other chocolate treat that will put a huge smile on their faces.

Happy Easter egg hunting!


Easter Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Hide Easter eggs filled with candy around the house based on the clues below.
  • Print out the clues below for the children so they can find the eggs.
  • As each of the children complete the scavenger hunt, surprise them with a special Easter treat!

easter scavenger hunt ideas



More Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Tired of letting the kids have all the fun? Or are you spending Easter with kids of all ages this year? If so, then you are in luck because the Edible team found some fantastic ways to celebrate spring, friends and family!

  • Creative and/or Educational EGGstravaganza

In the EGGstravaganza, make the Easter egg hunt a little more difficult and include some sort of task in the egg. For example, each egg will include a task like sing a commonly-known song or name the state capital. For groups with a mixed aged group, then separate eggs by color. For example, green eggs for kids, blue eggs for teens and pink eggs for adults. Additionally, for the older groups, the tasks can be trivia questions, like name all of the states that start with A.

As Play Party Plan points out, the rewards can be as simple as a piece of candy or players can accumulate points for some larger prizes!

“After they’ve done the task, they can either pick out a piece of candy or a toy or give them coins or tickets that they can turn in for something bigger at the end of the hunt. If you want to do something like this for older kids, put different numbers of points on the tasks. So say one egg might have a task that is name ten states and their capitols that is worth 10 points and another egg might have sing I’m a little teapot worth 5 points. Keep track of points to “buy” something at the end of the hunt.”

  • Family Relay Race

Regardless of the ages and participants in your Easter scavenger hunt, a relay race always provides some fun competitive juices. The basics of the relay race remain the same, one person searches for an egg and returns to the group. Once they return, then the next member of the team searches for an egg. The team that finishes first, wins!

Depending on your age groups and size of your get-together, then you can hold a kids and adults race. Or, mix and match with teams of all ages.

  • Standard Scavenger Hunt

The Easter egg hunt we all know and love is basically a free-for-all. All the kids run with no abandon to find all of the eggs and sweets they can find. As the kids get a little older, this tradition losses some steam as kids remember the regular hiding places in your home or yard. So, switch it up a bit and turn the annual event into a Easter scavenger hunt!

In the standard scavenger hunt, then participants receive a list of the specific eggs they need to find. For example, for young kids, their list may include 3 green eggs, 2 blue eggs. For older kids, the list gets a little more difficult with 1 striped egg, 2 eggs with pennies inside. (Of course, for the scavenger hunt champion, feel free to include an egg that isn’t actually in the house or yard! This always creates a little friendly banter for the rest of the afternoon…)

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you recall the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? If so, then this Easter scavenger hunt ideas will bring a smile to your face. In this scenario, then create a list of clues that players must answer to find an egg. However, once they answer the clue or riddle correctly and find the egg, there will be two eggs in its place. Now, the player must choose egg #1 or egg #2 (each with a different clue) as they progress through the scavenger hunt. As this egg-venture is better suited for some older kids, feel free to include one good prize and one joke prize!

  • Make It Personal

An easy way to enhance your Easter scavenger hunt is add some personal touches. We all know the standard Easter egg basket filled with green plastic “grass” clippings. Although this is far from personal, it works. A simple way to add personal touch starts with the common egg basket and adds a touch of pizzazz. Simply, create or find a bunny shaped (or other animal if a child in your family has a favorite) and write their name on it. Then, just attach to the basket! Country Living offers a few more details for a more advanced name tag.

“If you’re having an Easter egg hunt, let each kid carry their own basket with these clever tags with dry-erase paint and simple wooden animal shapes. Drill a small hole near the top of one duck, as shown. Following package instructions for the dry-erase paint, cover the front and back of the duck with three coats, allowing at least 30 minutes of drying time after each coat. Let cure for two days. Thread a length of string through the hole and use a dry-erase marker to write a child’s name on the tag before hanging it on an Easter basket.”

Excited about a few new Easter scavenger hunt ideas, but not sure about the right prizes? Rest assured, Edible found some great Easter gift ideas! For example, to help find the right gift, ask yourself a few questions about your friend or family member, such as:

  • Do they like candy or delicious treats?
  • Do they like to entertain?
  • Do they like sweet knick-knacks?

Choosing an Easter gift doesn’t have to be complicated, just take a minute to think about the things your recipient would like and you’ll be set.

And if all else fails, everybody loves chocolate!