E.A. Road Trip: Manager Training in Houston


Last week, the Edible Arrangements® team hit Houston, Texas for a marathon Manager Training session on the road! The weekend of E.A. education brought together 16 local store managers with corporate staff members and the area’s Franchise Business Leader to pilot the newest version of our Field Training program.

Our Manager Training program has been expanded to foster even more open discussion among experienced store managers. In this forum, managers share their valuable in-store experience firsthand, and (we hope) fill each other’s “bag of tricks” with their best tips for running a successful Edible Arrangements® store. The ultimate goal: to help build a culture that sets the “golden pineapple standard” for every store and the Edible Arrangements® brand!

“Something amazing happens when you bring a group of Edible Arrangements® store managers together in one place,” said Todd Lamson, Curriculum Developer and Trainer. “Of course, they’re being trained officially by our corporate team and their Franchise Business Leader, but they’re also able to learn from and inspire each other.”

Based on feedback and learnings from the pilot in Houston, we expect our latest Field Training program to fully re-launch with additional sessions in select areas across the U.S. later this year (and beyond!).

Think you have what it takes to be an Edible Arrangements® store manager? You can find out more about employment opportunities in your area by getting in touch with your local store.