10 Delicious Gluten-Free Gift Baskets

Gluten Free Gift Baskets

If you have someone in your life who’s following a gluten-free diet, you might not know what to send them as a gift – and that’s where gluten-free gift baskets come in. Rather than avoiding food at all costs just to ensure that you don’t get something she can’t eat, sending her a gluten-free gift can really go a long way. Not only will it give her the chance to enjoy some exciting gluten-free treats, but it will also show how much you care about her dietary needs. Here’s how to choose the best gluten-free gift basket.

How to Choose a Gluten-Free Gift Basket

Luckily, finding a great gluten-free gift basket for your loved one doesn’t have to be complicated. There are tons of gluten-free options on the market today that are really made to impress. In fact, when it comes to gift baskets, gluten-free is far from boring. You can find baskets full of pre-packaged gluten-free snacks, gluten-free baked goods, fresh fruit, and so much more.

Your biggest priority when choosing a gluten-free gift basket is to ensure that each item in the basket is actually gluten-free. Gluten can hide out in some unexpected places, so it’s important to read the labels. However, if a product claims to be gluten-free on the package, then it is most likely safe for your loved one to eat. Additionally, some packaging lists common allergens, such as wheat, soy, egg, nuts, and milk, as well as if the product was manufactured in a facility that also produces foods containing those ingredients. Therefore, if the package says, “contains wheat,” it can be a quick way to rule something out. Also avoid obvious wheat, barley, rye, malt, Brewer’s yeast, and oats.

Top 10 Gluten-Free Gift Baskets

For a loved one who is following a gluten-free diet, check out the following ten gluten-free gift baskets. You’re sure to find one that’s just right for her:

1. Blooming Daisies®

Blooming Daisies®

Filled to the brim with juicy, ripe strawberries, this arrangement will make a great impression no matter the occasion. It also includes pineapple daisies that taste as good as they look. Plus, since it’s all made of fresh fruit, you know it’s 100% gluten-free.

Cost: $69.99

2. Pineapple Bouquet

Pineapple Bouquet

Bursting at the seams with pineapple flavor, this arrangement also looks like the tropical fruit. It’s made with our signature pineapple daisies and slices of honeydew melon to complete the look.

Cost: $69.99

3. Gluten Free Basket

Gluten Free Basket

Full of irresistible treats, including chocolate chip cookies, trail mix, hard candies, and tea, this gift package has it all. Even better, all of the goodies are tasty, delicious, and 100% gluten-free.

Cost: $74.99

4. Gluten-Free Soup Gift Package

Gluten-Free Soup Gift Package

Wow your loved one with a complete meal that’s entirely gluten-free. This impressive package includes your choice of soup from five gluten-free favorites, gluten-free vegan dinner rolls, gluten-free vegan cookies, and a ladle.

Cost: $79.99

5. Gluten-Free / Vegan Snacks Care Package

Gluten-Free Vegan Snacks Care Package

Made out of 100% recycled materials, this box is filled with the ultimate in gluten-free and vegan snacks. It includes veggie sticks, popcorn, nuts, plantain chips, fruit crisps, energy bars, and more.

Cost: $44.95

6. Gluten Free Snacking Gift Basket

Gluten Free Snacking Gift Basket

This willow basket is filled with the best of the best in gluten-free snacking. It includes veggie straws, sweet potato chips, kettle chips, gummy bears, fruit snacks, sour worms, yogurt raisins, granola bars, pistachios, almonds, and apple crisps.

Cost: $79.99

7. SnackBOX Gluten Free Healthy Snacks Care Package

SnackBOX Gluten Free Healthy Snacks Care Package

Packed with popcorn chips, pistachios, granola bars, popcorn, and more, this gift box delivers a little bit of everything for your loved one. Plus, with the purchase of one SnackBOX, a meal goes to children in need.

Cost: $36.99

8. Gluten-Free Cookie and Brownie Crate

Gluten-Free Cookie and Brownie Crate (1)

Send your loved one a care package filled with baked goodies that are all gluten-free. This beautiful wooden crate is filled with twelve decadent gluten-free cookies and ten gluten-free brownies and blondies.

Cost: $48.00

9. Our Favorite Gluten Free Gift Basket

Our Favorite Gluten Free Gift Basket

This basket proves that gluten-free doesn’t have to mean boring. The wicker basket is filled with gluten-free wafers, peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies, brownie brittle, biscotti, cookies, and so much more.

Cost: $160.99

10. Elevate DELUXE Vegan Gluten Free Snack Box

Elevate DELUXE Vegan Gluten Free Snack Box

Fruit sticks, rice rolls, gluten-free cookies, granola bars, and pistachios make his snack box unique. Like a treasure chest just waiting to be explored, this box is filled to the brim with 20 unique pre-packaged snacks.

Cost: $41.97

Your gluten-free loved one is sure to appreciate any of these wonderful gift baskets made just for her. Whether you’re sending a birthday surprise, a care package to someone on the mend, or just sharing some love, you can go wrong with one of these delightful options.