Unique & Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

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“Where flowers bloom so does hope!”

Encouraging words of wisdom from Lady Bird Johnson that is all too relatable after the following year. But, hope is a great thing and provides a terrific mindset as we move forward. In addition to inspiring feelings of hope, flowers also signify gratitude, thanks and are simply, just pretty to look at! So, how do we embrace the magic of flowers at home? Or, how do we decorate our home with flowers? Fortunately, there are plenty of unique and interesting decorating tips that showcase flowers throughout your home.

Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Flowers in a glass vase on the kitchen table is classic. If this is your style, then go for it! It works and brings some extra color and beauty to your kitchen. However, there are more ways to showcase the beauty of fresh smelling flowers in your home. For more, some unique and interesting ways to decorate your home with flowers.

  1. DIY Pressed Flower Keepsake Frames

Kelly Mindell Shares How to Decorate Your Home With Flowers

As spring and our hopes of entertaining our loved ones emerge, we can embrace the power of flowers to brighten our homes and create new memories. Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY shares a simple way to utilize a FruitFlowers® arrangement to create a pressed flower keepsake. This 2-minute drying process preserves your flowers and helps turn them into a memorable keepsake frame! The simple idea turns a temporary gift into a lasting memory.

  1. Consider the Color of Flowers

Part of the beauty of home décor is its ability to set the mood within a house. So, as you look to decorate your home with flowers, consider the color of the flowers and the mood you want to set. Love Happens Mag shares some high level tips about what moods are set by various flower colors. For example, warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows provoke cheerfulness, positivity and happiness. So, adding warm flowers to a “dull” room creates more energy in the room. Conversely, cool colors like blue, green and purple provoke tranquility and relaxation. So, adding cool flowers helps create a sense of calm in a space.

  1. Repurpose Old Containers as Flower Pots

If you love flowers, but don’t have a lot of vases lying around, then repurpose your old containers as new flower pots. Plus, old containers have memories and even a few stories about the initial gift, which only makes the flowers more special. For example, many people love reusing their old Edible Arrangements® container! These containers are beautiful and easily convert into a vase.

  1. Add Flowers Where Your Family Congregates

When we think of decorating our homes with flowers, most of us think about a nice bouquet of flowers in the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Simple, the kitchen is the hub of any home. We gather around the table with our families to check in and see how the day went. Or, we stroll through the kitchen for an afternoon snack. Or, we drop the mail off on the counter. We simply use the kitchen a lot! So, when decorating your home with flowers, add them where people congregate, like the kitchen. Maison de Cinq adds some details on the best ways to decorate your kitchen with flowers.

  1. Celebration Flowers

How else do flowers add the extra special touch? They are a wonderful to to help celebrate! From big events like birthdays and graduations to everyday occasions, decorating your home with flowers is a great idea. But, looking for something more? How about chocolate and flowers! The Fresh Celebrations FruitFlowers® arrangement offers a simple solution to decorate your home with flowers and enjoy some delicious dipped fruit. This hand-tied FruitFlowers® Bouquet features freshly-cut premium blooms nestled in a bed of gorgeous greenery. Plus, you can pick between our classic and deluxe gift box options so you have an endless variety of chocolate and toppings.

For more FruitFlowers, then Edible® offers a variety of arrangements that will put the final extra special touches on your home flower decorations (and dessert).