December Birthdays in the Spotlight

The Perfect Birthday Gift

A birthday is a great time to make someone feel like the most important person in the world but for people who celebrate Birthdays in December, it’s easy to feel left out when the holiday celebration overflows into the birthday celebration. For most of us, our birthdays bring well-wishes and celebration. A birth day often turns into a birth week or even a birth month. This, however, is not always the case for December babies. Their special day often gets combined with holiday celebrations and they may even get just one gift for two occasions. At Edible Arrangements® we’re the birthday experts and we’d like share some tips for celebrating December Birthday Babies (or as we like to call them, DBBs).

The Perfect Birthday Gift

1.)    Mind the Dress Code. The most important rule is birthday gifts and holiday gifts NEED to be wrapped in separate paper. While it’s convenient to use holiday paper, birthday gifts deserve their own birthday-themed wrapping paper. They shouldn’t have to share. It’s possible that DBBs have NEVER even received a present wrapped with Birthday paper. We can’t let this continue.

2.)    Be Appropriately Festive. Celebrate with birthday-specific decorations, birthday balloons, a birthday card, and birthday themed treats like a beautiful fruit arrangement. Take your DBB out to a special birthday brunch or dinner at a restaurant that makes a point to sing “Happy Birthday” or brings out a free dessert. Less mistletoe and more confetti will make the DBB feel special.

3.)   Birthday Cake, Not Fruitcake. Everyone is typically doing a lot of cooking and baking around the holidays so use this opportunity to take a break from the oven and have a fresh fruit bouquet hand delivered right to their door. Remember, Christmas cookies and fruitcake don’t double as a birthday dessert (unless specifically requested by the DBB).

4.)   Send out the Perfect Birthday Gift. Having to pick out TWO awesome gifts for the DBB in one month can prove to be a lofty task. Panic ensues! We have the ultimate solution; Best Birthday Ever. This package features our Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake™ with Dipped strawberries and a birthday balloon bundle. Your DBB will enjoy cupcake-shaped pineapples dipped in gourmet white and semisweet chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. Have it sent to the DBB’s work to alert everyone in the office that it’s their special day OR send it home so they won’t have to share their birthday fruit.

Birthday Wish-tini™

This year make your DBB feel the love. Let’s help our December Birthday Babies by sharing this blog on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a birthday in December, use this blog to send a subtle hint that you’d love a fruit arrangement on your big day!