What Kind of Dad Do You Have?


No two dads are alike, but we love each and every one of them! Is he a super-dad, a kid at heart, or the ultimate sports fan? Take our quiz to find out! We’ll even tell you the perfect gift that will #MakeHisDay based on your results!


It’s Saturday morning – your dad is:

What would your dad most likely wear?

Pick your dad’s favorite food.

Pick a Dad-ism:

How do you spend time with Dad?

What would you say your dad is most known for?

What Kind of Dad Do You Have?
Sports Fan Dad

The sports fanatic who can tell you all the world records! He will never miss a big game and he’s your number one fan. He motivates you to do your best and is your biggest cheerleader in life. #MakeHisDay with a winning treat arranged in one of our sports keepsakes! Whether he prefers golf, baseball, or football, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift.

You can always count on him to save the day! He’s the go-to for fixing things around the house and car, and he can even cook! At the end of the day, he’s always there for you no matter what. Show him how much you appreciate him coming to the rescue with the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift! Surprise him with the best of both worlds – a unique arrangement AND chocolate Dipped Fruit™ for his special day.
No-Nonsense Dad

He knows it all, and if he doesn’t know, he’s going to find out! He was always there to make sure you got to where you needed to go safely, and he gives the best life and career advice. He takes his role as a dad very seriously, and you love that you can always count him on him. Our recommendation for this kind of dad? The Father & Friend gift set! Even though he can be serious and no-nonsense at times, you can still satisfy his sweet tooth!
Still-A-Kid Dad

Sometimes you wonder who is more mature. His jokes, hobbies, and interests make his high-energy personality even more fun! He will always be a kid at heart, and he never fails to make you laugh. Give him a gift that is as unique as he is with the You’re One in a Melon gift set! We bet something this delicious WOW him this Father’s Day.

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