Creative Teacher Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Creative Teacher Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

What do the start of a new school year, the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Day, and the last day of school have in common? They are all occasions when students and parents might want to do something nice for a teacher to show them how much they appreciate them. But teachers only have so much room in their kitchen cupboards for mugs, and one person can only eat so many apples – so finding the perfect gift can be challenging.

Edible Arrangements® offers dozens of ways to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate all that they do. Our Bundle of Cheer gift set includes everything you need to make your teacher feel special, including an assortment of dipped and fresh fruit in a keepsake container, plus a box of mixed Dipped Fruit™ with a flavor to please every taste bud. A cheerful balloon completes the package, making this is a gift that’s sure to make any teacher’s day. Or, go for our Hard Work Deserves Fresh Fruit gift set, filled with chocolate covered pineapple stars, daisies, strawberries, and more – it’s a deliciously sweet way to show your appreciation. Check out our selection of thank you gift baskets and just because gifts and fruit baskets for more amazing and delicious gifts that are sure to please your favorite teacher.

Creative Teacher Gift Ideas

For more teacher gift ideas, we put out a call for ideas and curated their responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the products or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say.

Jeffrey LaxsonJeffrey Laxson


Jeffery Laxson is a designer, entrepreneur, loving hubby, dad of two, music enthusiast, and the co-founder of Vidday. He and his partners started Vidday because they wanted to build a company that can have a positive impact in the world. They help people build better connections and have fun while doing so.

“A gift that really shows appreciation is one that feels sincere.

With Vidday, it’s easy to make a surprise video montage with students, parents, and co-workers. They can share what they most admire from that teacher, tell a funny story or simply leave a sweet message which shows how much of a positive impact that teacher has made in many lives. All you need to do is invite people to submit their videos, and Vidday will make the video montage for you. It’s a gift that’s easy to do and hard to top.”

David HawkinsDavid Hawkins


David Hawkins is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for YourSongmaker. He has been playing the piano and writing music since the age of 12. He is a firm believer that music is a universal language that is gripping, emotional, and important.

“Teachers impact the lives of their students (and their students’ parents) in so many special and unique ways. Sometimes, the smallest of actions can affect a child’s life forever. It’s important that we tell our teachers exactly how much we appreciate that extra step they took to help. Creating a song for your teacher with YourSongmaker is a creative surprise that can really show the teacher exactly how the student feels and what they appreciate using their own words, through a song. It’s a guarantee that the song will be played over and over, and your teacher will love and cherish it. What a powerfully emotional gift to give a teacher. And on those days when it’s rough being a teacher, this song will remind them exactly why they chose this profession.”

Kerry WekeloKerry Wekelo


Kerry Wekelo is the founder and visionary of Zendoway, a company that encourages holistic wellness. Her Zendoway Cubes received the Parent’s Pick Award for 2018. She is an entrepreneur, coach, yoga instructor, award-winning author of children’s books, and speaker. Kerry has been featured on ABC, NBC, and NPR Marketplace.

“Teachers are so stressed out, let’s gift them some relaxation and stress management tools. An unusual but great gift idea is to offer to set up a relaxation center or corner in their classroom. Fill it with books and stress-reducing items for students and teacher. Set up relaxation music with headphones, books on breathing, calming glitter jars, coloring books, and stress-reducing squeeze balls or cubes. Giving teachers a calm classroom is an invaluable gift.”

Shelley GrieshopShelley Grieshop


Shelley is a former Associated Press journalist and editor who joined the team at Totally Promotional as a creative writer in January 2016.

“Every teacher can use a tote bag to carry paperwork, lunch, and personal items for work each day. Make their tote bag stand out from the crowd by customizing it with their favorite saying, the name of their school, or a character they adore! For the ultimate unique and personal gift, use a blank tote bag and decorate it yourself! Watch Totally Promotional’s easy DIY tutorial for a teacher-themed tote bag.”

Melissa KalimovMelissa Kalimov


Melissa Kalimov is the COO of RISE Brewing Co.

“One great gift idea for teachers to show your appreciation is RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to help get them through the week!! Soon coming in lattes, too!”

Stevie D'AndreaStevie D’Andrea


Stevie D’Andrea is a self-taught jewelry designer running her own company with her mother Sandy, Jewels For Hope. Creating handcrafted gifts that give back, everyone can look good while doing good!

“One creative gift idea for teachers is a foodie related gift! From food jewelry to coasters and more, I feel like food fashion gifts are a huge trend and great as a special thank you for teachers that they will actually get use out of.”

Katie SegnerKatie Segner


Katie Segner is a former floral designer who loves to share her passion for arranging with video tutorials suited for all skill levels.

“Surprise a teacher with a gift that keeps on giving by creating a flower arrangement with a vase that does double duty for storing school supplies after the flowers fade!

To create an adorable pencil vase, you simply put a rubber band around the vase and start inserting the pencils one by one. Then arrange a half dozen roses in your hand, cut and put them in the vase, and add a ribbon for a super cute gift!”

Lauren WalterLauren Walter


Lauren Walter is a consultant for Passion Lilie, an ethical clothing brand with fair trade products made in India and designed in New Orleans, LA.

“Passion Lilie is an ethical apparel brand that offers creative and thoughtful gifts perfect for showing appreciation for teachers, such as our fair-trade elephant tote, the perfect unique gift for a teacher you appreciate. It’s great for throwing in daily essentials, school supplies, and papers. They can take it home or hang it in the classroom or under their desk. The elephants keep it fun and fashionable while the soft, eco-friendly cotton makes it comfortable and easy to fold.”

Kelly Parker SmithKelly Parker Smith


Kelly Parker Smith is a rubber stamp designer and manufacturer. She has grown her shop, Hello World Paper Co., with the idea that great products become even better when paired with top-notch customer service, a little surprise and delight, and of course the perfect packaging!

“We design and sell custom stamps, and several of our stamps are perfect for teachers. We have a variety of designs and sayings on stamps. One is ‘From the Library of…’ that teachers can stamp on their classroom books!”

Kathryn StarkeKathryn Starke


Kathryn Starke is an Urban Literacy Specialist/Author/Keynote Speaker at Creative Minds Publications, LLC. A former elementary school teacher, Kathryn has seen and received the best teacher appreciation gifts.

“While gift cards are always appreciated, the best presents are those that perfectly match the teacher’s interests and hobbies. Monogrammed gifts are always a plus, including bags, cups, etc. A beach-themed gift basket that preps them from time away from school or summer break with items like sunglasses, a beach chair, a beach towel, and books or a gift card to buy books is a creative and thoughtful gift to thank a teacher.”

Carol BarkesCarol Barkes

Carol Barkes is a Neuroscience Based Conflict Resolution Consultant/Mediator at Media Ambassadors, Public Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, as well as a former educator.

“One semester, I had a student with severe anxiety that was debilitating to her. Over the semester, she learned skills to decrease her episodes of unmanageable anxiety. After she had graduated, she gave me a lovely wooden box with places for pictures to be inserted around the sides. The box had the wording, ‘May You Always Be Happy.’ On the inside of the box, she had placed a lovely note telling me how she had given me this box because I had helped her learn to be happier and not let the negative things paralyze her. She also included several pieces of paper each with a lovely, positive quote. It brought tears to my eyes. As a teacher, there is nothing better than knowing you have made a difference.”

Stephanie LeclairStephanie Seaver


Stephanie Seaver is the RECE and Curriculum Developer at Tiny Hoppers.

“Getting your child involved in making a creative gift is key. Why not take a picture of your child with the teacher, put it in a frame, and have your child glue all sorts of colored crayons around the frame? Or, how about getting your child to add soil to a pretty teacup and planting a flower? Better yet, fill an empty light bulb with yellow candies and attach a note that says Thank you for making my future bright — decorated by your child, of course.”

Valerie AndrewsValerie Andrews


Valerie Andrews is a Communication Consultant specializing in copyediting, copywriting, and communication planning. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Tulane University.

“One creative and inexpensive gift (and one that I’ve received) is a funny T-shirt that reflects the teacher’s personality and/or hobbies and interests.”

Dawn BryanDawn Bryan

Dawn Bryan is the Founder of The Qualipedia and the author of The Art and Etiquette of Gift Giving.

“The most successful gift is more likely to be thoughtful than expensive. Homemade fudge, cookies, or preserves are always appreciated. Teachers who have worked at the school for a long time might appreciate a special reference book or other materials being given to the school in her/his name – or a new teaching aid for the room or department. If the gift marks spring break or summer vacation and the teacher is planning to travel, find out where she or he is going, then supply paperback or e-book travel guides, language dictionaries/lessons, traveling accessories, etc.”

Claire AllenClaire Allen


Claire Allen is a teacher of over 12 years who has received a number of gifts from students in the past.

“One thing to say from the start is there is no expectation from most teachers that parents or students spend a lot of money on teacher gifts. The most thoughtful gifts I have received have been hand-made or had an element of personalization to them. Gifts with names on or have some handwritten content from the student are the most meaningful. Teachers also love useful items – stationery is a huge favorite among all teachers; there isn’t a teacher out there who doesn’t love pretty stationery.”

Browse our selection of thank you gift baskets and just because gifts, which include a variety of options that are sure to impress, whether you’re selecting a gift individually or as a class. Whatever you choose, your child’s teacher will appreciate your thoughtfulness!