No-Churn Watermelon Strawberry Ice Cream

Edible Arrangements No Churn Ice Cream

Our very own Edible® Product Development Chef and sweet treats expert/extraordinaire Olivia shares her recipe for one of her favorite summertime snacks – watermelon strawberry ice cream!

Creamy No-Churn Watermelon Strawberry Ice Cream: A How To Guide (Steps Included)

Running through sprinklers, cookouts, sandy bare feet, and the smell of sunscreen – these are the things summer memories are made of. But you can’t talk about summer without the mention of the ice cream truck’s melody and melty sugar cones, or the incredible bounty of summer fruits like peaches, cherries, watermelon, and strawberries. Ripened under sunny summer skies, these fruits are fresh and juicy, and at their peak of flavor and sweetness.

This was the inspiration behind my recipe for Creamy No-Churn Watermelon Strawberry Ice Cream. Fresh cream and a hint of vanilla serve as a dreamy backdrop for the gorgeous, fresh fruit. You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker for this one, and the ingredients are wholesome and easy to find at your local market. With only 15 minutes of active prep time before freezing the ice cream, it’s a great recipe to involve little helpers with short attention spans.

By using the ingredients below and following the steps carefully, you’ll be ready to spend the rest of your afternoon enjoying refreshing watermelon strawberry ice cream!

Edible Arrangements No Churn Ice Cream

To make Creamy, No-Churn Watermelon Strawberry Ice Cream, you’ll need these ingredients:

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups cubed seedless watermelon, rind removed
  • 16 ounces (about 3 cups) hulled strawberries, frozen
  • 1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk, chilled (refrigerate 2-3 hours)
  • ½ cup mini-chocolate chips (optional, but I like to add them because they look like watermelon seeds!)

Once you gather all your ingredients, follow these steps to make a perfectly sweet summertime treat:

  1. Place the heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract into a large bowl. Using an electric mixer set on medium speed, whip the cream until stiff peaks form (until soft), about 2-3 minutes. Place the bowl into the refrigerator until ready to use.
  2. Place the watermelon, strawberries, and sweetened condensed milk into the bowl of a food processor. Pulse to chop the frozen berries, then process until the mixture is combined and smooth. The mixture should be thick and have milkshake consistency.
  3. Remove the whipped cream from the refrigerator. Gently fold the watermelon mixture and chocolate chips into the whipped cream.
  4. Pour into an 8 x 11 inch (2qt) baking dish. Cover with plastic wrap place the dish in the freezer for about 3 hours, or until firm.  For the creamiest results, stir every half hour for the first 1 ½ hours.

Easy Summer Desserts for a Crowd

Here’s to many more delicious summer memories with your family. For instance, not only is no churn ice cream refreshing and delicious, but it also offers a simple family fun activity that helps beat the heat!

“Keep things cool in the kitchen by sticking to fresh and cold foods. Make it a fun family activity by hosting a taste test with different popsicle recipes! Made with fresh ingredients, this is the perfect summer treat to beat the heat. Create different variations (there are SO many) and see which recipes you and your family like best. Click here for some YUM-worthy recipes you can try today!”

From backyard water parties to afternoon (or early morning) bike rides, summer offers virtually limitless opportunities to reward yourself with some nice juicy watermelon or home-made no churn ice cream!

Additionally, fruit is always a crowd pleaser on those hot summer days. Our juicy summer fruit platters and gifts are great for every summer party or occasion.

For more wonderful summer fruit treats, Edible provides a handful of refreshing fruit arrangements and smoothies that offer a great snack for families on the go!

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Chocolate Dipped Indulgence Platter

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Edible® Ultimate Dipped Fruit™ Platter

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