Come Study at Edible® University


If you’re  interested in becoming a Franchise Partner with Edible Arrangements®, you better prepare to go back to school – Edible University, that is! Edible University is an all-encompassing, 2-week training program new Franchise Partners and managers must complete before they open up their Edible Arrangements® stores.

My name is Nancy Hall, and I am the Communications Specialist at our corporate headquarters in Wallingford, CT. I am participating as a corporate employee and just finished my first week of class. I wanted to share some of my experiences with you.

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In this session, there are Franchise Partners and managers from Florida, Alabama, Texas and California. Needless to say, some of our fair weather friends were a little thrown by unexpected snow showers on the first day of class here in Connecticut. Despite the weather, we got down to business because there was a lot to learn during the first week of class.

Edible University is split between lectures and hands on activities guided by Training Manager Ramona Mosley. Guest speakers from a variety of corporate departments visited the class to explain everything from how to use our software to the importance of fruit safety. It was a great way for new members of the EAI family to meet the individuals on the corporate team who will be their “go-to” helpers once they get started.

One of the most important and exciting training activities is working in the university kitchen at the corporate office where the class learns to make beautiful (and delicious!) arrangements, boxes, smoothies and others items sold in stores. Working as a team, the class goes through the entire process from selecting and cleaning fruit, to cutting and counting to dipping and decorating. In the end, our hard work came together to create the finished product.

From left: Nidhi Khurana, Cierra Taylor, Franchise Partner Adam Wayne, Ketaki Bhandare, T. Danielle Rusell, Mark Taylor, Leslie Zenarosa, Rebeck Gutierrez, and Asim Ahmed at sotre #207 in Manchester, CT
From left: Nidhi Khurana, Cierra Taylor, Franchise Partner Adam Wayne, Katie Bhandare, T. Danielle Russell, Mark Taylor, Leslie Zenarosa, Rebeck Gutierrez, and Asim Ahmed at store #207 in Manchester, CT

We ended the first week with an in-store experience, traveling to Edible Arrangements Store #207 in Manchester, CT. The class prepped and arranged all orders for the day with Franchise Partner Adam Wayne and his team. We even accompanied Adam’s crew on deliveries. It was extremely rewarding to see everything we learned during the week put to real use!

Well, I better get back to class! Talk to you soon about week two.

If you are interested in learning about opening up your very own Edible Arrangements® franchise, check out our franchise site for all the information to get started!