Colors of Spring Quiz: Which Spring Swizzle® Color are You?

What is Your Spring Color

How do you like to relax?

What is your favorite season?

Describe your ideal meal?

What Edible Arrangements® -treat would satisfy your sweet craving?

Which of these things is most important to you?

Colors of Spring Quiz: Which Spring color are you?
Yellow Swizzle®

You are like a ray of sunshine –and enjoy soaking it up in the fresh air too! You find joy and happiness in life and strive to make smart and healthy choices.
Blue Swizzle®

You are trustworthy, confident, loyal, and an awesome friend. You enjoy sitting back & relaxing, and enjoy the happiness in life.
Pink Swizzle®

You are bright, cheerful, and find the fun in life! You exhibit the qualities of a true friend and are always willing to share with your friends and family (especially if it’s a sweet treat like our scrumptious Gourmet Shareable® Caramel Apple!)
Purple Swizzle®

You find the adventure in life and are always open to trying new things!

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