50 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom (Plus Great Gift Ideas for Mom from 28 Contributors)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Your mom may be the most tricky person on your Christmas list to shop for. She already has so much of what she needs and when you ask her what she wants, she just says she wants nothing more than your company. But, we all know mom wants a truly special gift that will show her just how much you care.

Consider a delightfully festive fruit arrangement featuring pineapple stars, chocolate dipped pineapple reindeer, white chocolate dipped pineapple snowmen, and more. Paired with a platter filled with oh-so-satisfying desserts like mini cheesecakes, gourmet brownies, and fresh-baked cookies in an assortment of scrumptious flavors, it’s a complete gift that’s sure to make mom’s Christmas brighter.

Want a personalized Christmas gift for mom? Why not customize a totally unique gift that’s perfectly tailored to her likes and interests? Create your own box of delectable chocolate dipped fruits including pineapple daisies, strawberries, apple wedges, and banana bites dipped in white or semisweet chocolate and topped with your mom’s favorite toppings like coconut, hazelnut crunch, graham cracker crumbs, and more. Or, create your own beautiful fruit arrangement just for mom including plain or chocolate dipped strawberries and pineapple daisies with your choice of toppings and tasty extras like a Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop, chocolate dipped apple wedges, or white and semisweet chocolate dipped banana bites.

For more fabulous Christmas gift ideas for mom she’ll absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about the best Christmas gift ideas for mom.

Max HarlandMax Harland


Max Harland is the CEO at Dentaly.

“The Warmies microwavable slippers are the best gifts for mothers for Christmas when it’s cold outside. Dried millet seeds make the slippers heat-resistant, and their lavender-infused fur helps revitalize the body and mind with a relaxing scent.

Another thing about microwavable slippers is that they’re Oprah-approved. If your mother is a big Oprah fan, tell her she’s wearing the same slippers as her idol, and she’ll be ecstatic for sure.”

Reuben YonatanReuben Yonatan


Reuben Yonatan is the Founder and CEO of GetVoIP.

“My top gift recommendation for mom is a solo weekend or week-long trip after Christmas.

Moms give a lot of themselves throughout the year. While they might not be able to get away during the Christmas season, booking them a trip after Christmas allows them to relax and rejuvenate before another year begins.

It gives them uninterrupted time when they do not have to cater to anyone but themselves. From past experiences, I have found that mom appreciates this a lot.”

Ian KellyIan Kelly


Ian Kelly is the VP of Operations at NuLeaf Naturals.

“Moms deserve a little pampering, especially if they’ve been busy navigating hosting duties during the holidays.

I’d recommend this Net a Porter Facialist kit which is loaded with products for an at-home spa experience.

If you want an affordable DIY option, you can buy some Himalayan sea salts or Epsom salts from the drug store, put them in a nice mason jar and add some therapeutic essential oils like lavender or even organic hemp CBD oil.”

Michelle OwensMichelle Owens


Michelle Owens is the Director of Marketing of Healing Crystals Co.

“Help mom find some stress relief using more mindful breathing with this unique crystal necklace. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, this patent-pending necklace doubles as a mindful breathing tool which helps slow your breathing and calm your body and mind.

Studies have shown that mindful breathing can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase positivity, relax the mind, improve concentration, improve posture, release toxins, and strengthen the immune system. The company that makes and sells this necklace is 100% female-run. They also have a ‘crystal karma’ program through which they donate a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations that work to provide health care to children with respiratory diseases in developing countries.”

Irma StefanovaIrma Stefanova


Irma is the website manager of Independent Fashion Bloggers. When she is not in front of her laptop, she is on the runway for high fashion brands. Travelling, hiking, and fashion are her creative boosters.

“Do you want to plan a special Christmas gift for your mom? OMG, so many options out there, right? First, you need to ask yourself those three questions:

  1. What type of person is your mom? Is she a housewife, a businesswoman, a passionate traveler?
  2. Does she have a special hobby? (If she is a book lover, you can never go wrong with a voucher from one of her favorite bookstores.)
  3. Does she like surprises? (If not, just stick to the more traditional choices!)

Now, if your mom is a housewife, you can easily impress her with kitchen appliances. I recommend a multi-cooker! It will save her a lot of time and money. I always go the extra mile and add one of those reindeer tablecloths. They are so Christmasy, and I already know she loves such details. (See what I did there – one useful present and one traditional!)

Another way to go is for something more sentimental: pick up a pretty frame and arrange for a photo collage of the whole family to be made. A good addition to this might be a cookie jar with handmade cookies. (Both presents show you dedicated some time to show her you love her!)

And if your mom is the traveling type, a voucher for a trip to a favorite destination of hers (or, if she likes surprises – an exotic place she never visited) would be the perfect gift! You can also take your mom to a beauty studio for a massage, manicure, haircut, or anything that she would enjoy. (Spoiling your mom is always one of the best options!)

Moms are usually happy and grateful for every gift their child would give them. However, it’s up to us to make them feel loved and respected. That’s why you should get creative and think about what they need or what would make them happy.”

James MajorJames Major


James Major is the owner and founder of Insurance Panda, an auto insurance quote comparison portal.

“My favorite gift to give to my mom is a neck and shoulder massager.

There is nothing she likes more than sitting down after a long day and getting a back rub. Unfortunately, my dad’s arthritis now prevents him from giving long massages. Luckily, electronic massagers can get the job done. They run for around $50 on Amazon, so they are not only useful but also very affordable.

P.S. Another added benefit is that they aren’t really made to last. They usually break each year, so you can keep giving mom a new one each Christmas without the stress of thinking of new gift ideas!”

Christina CayChristina Cay


Christina is a mother of two and creator of C’MON MAMA. With past work in radio and operations for a national theater chain (and a fun stint as Jessica Biel’s stunt double),
motherhood is the greatest thing she’s ever done. She’s traveled the world, and her favorite place is home.

“The best Christmas gift for a mom – and something she probably doesn’t already have – is a digital picture frame.

And trust me, these are not the tacky digital frames of yore. I adore having one in my house. Why? Because it’s HARD to update framed pictures around the house. It takes time. Which is something mamas don’t really have.

It also takes a lot of effort to pick your favorite picture when you have 395,873 frame-worthy ones to choose from. This solves that problem. It’s SO easy, you can send it all your favorite pics to rotate through, add any whenever you’d like, and kids and people of all ages in the house LOVE looking at them.

And here’s a bonus: A digital picture frame also makes a killer gift for grandmas! Whether they live 10 states away or 10 minutes away, I guarantee they’ll love it. And they don’t have to do a thing to ‘make it work!’ Win-win.”

Jamie BacharachJamie Bacharach


Jamie Bacharach is a Licensed Medical Acupuncturist and Health Coach in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as the Head of Practice at Acupuncture Jerusalem. Jamie’s travels have taken her across the world as she has learned to synthesize the best of Western and Eastern medicine to the benefit of her patients.

“My favorite Christmas gift for mom is a family photo album. There’s nothing mothers like more than celebrating, appreciating, and showing off their families. This Christmas, create a custom photo album of family memories for your mother to appreciate. A photo album is not only a personalized gift that requires effort, love, and consideration, but it can even be Christmas-photo-themed, adding a nice touch to a Christmas gift that your mom will be sure to appreciate and cherish! As an alternative, you could also have one large family portrait blown up and framed.”

Jeanine DuvalJeanine Duval

Jeanine Duval is a co-founder at Edelwyn.

“Most mothers love an aromatic living room. But why would you stick to the usual scented candles? These last months, aroma diffusers have become a worldwide hype, and receiving one as a gift certainly will surprise your mother. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the water drop shape is the one most sought-after. For example, Saje has great diffusers available.

Revive the good old ’70s with macrame kits. With macrame kits, you can bond with your mother while tying intricate knots. You can create plant hangers, window and wall decorations, or something as simple as a keychain. But I would recommend halving a coconut and constructing a hanging storage ornament, just the way they used to do in the ’70s.”

Lucy ReyesLucy Reyes


Lucy Reyes is with Cheers To Life Blogging. She’s a working mama of one who definitely keeps her busy. She shares helpful mom hacks and tips to help other busy moms to make their lives a bit less stressful but a lot more cheerful.

“The best gift moms could receive (working or stay at home) is the gift of self-care. There are many subscription boxes that provide tons of self-care items at a fraction of the cost.

Since we tend to put our families first, our own self-care ends up coming in last when it shouldn’t be the case. A little reminder via gift would go a long way.”

Tess DiNapoliTess DiNapoli


Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but she also enjoys covering articles in the beauty industry. She sometimes works for companies like Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.

“The best Christmas gifts for mom strike a perfect balance between self-care and indulgence. To that end, we’d recommend high-end medical-grade skincare products for the mom who truly deserves to feel as amazing on the outside as she is on the inside.

These advanced products take skincare to the next level, with ingredients that make a lasting and substantial impact on facial skin that’s dry, damaged, or otherwise impacted by environmental stressors and the natural processes of aging.

Start with an essential hyaluronic acid product. Hyaluronic acid has properties that provide multiple layers of moisture, minimizing fine lines and plumping up the appearance of skin for a naturally youthful appearance. Add cleansers, moisturizers, and other highly targeted medical-grade skincare products to create a customized luxury skincare routine she’ll absolutely love.”

Meaghan ThomasMeaghan Thomas


Meaghan runs Pinch Spice Market, an online organic spice shop. She loves how spices connect us to cultures near and far, and how meals bring us together. She’s passionate about fair trade, believing farmers around the world deserve thriveable wages.

“So many customers tell us their mom has loved our organic spice gift boxes. They’re great for the moms who love to cook and jazz up any meal with just a few sprinkles.

We also have many authentic traditional organic spice blends, which can remind mom of her own mother’s cooking when she was growing up. We’ve heard feedback that those are big hits, too.”

Jamie PenneyJamie Penney

Jamie is the founder and editor at TheBackyardPros.com. They write about all topics that are related to the backyard, whether it be about yard maintenance or the best patio furniture set. They specialize in many topics relating to outdoor home maintenance. Jamie is a Realtor so she likes to provide their readers with expert home advice when searching for backyard information.

“When searching for the best Christmas gift for your mom, you can’t go wrong with some backyard gifts! Here is a list of backyard gifts your mom would appreciate this year:

  • Gardening Tool Kit
  • Patio String Lights
  • Poolside Chair
  • Comfy Fire Pit Chair
  • Outdoor Sectional
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Hammock”

Benjamin NguyenBenjamin Nguyen


Benjamin Nguyen is the owner of Full Color Cleaners.

“One excellent Christmas gift for mom this year is having the house decorated with permanent Christmas lights. Have a professional install these lights around her house, and she’ll have to worry about ever having to hang up Christmas lights ever again. Just simply turn them on, and her home will always be ready for the holidays.”

Ari TheelAri Theel


Ari Theel is a full-time wedding and commercial photographer, and the owner of an online bridal shop.

“Last year, I used a phone app called Fairy Tale Maker and turned my parents’ wedding picture into a fairytale scene.

I then printed that cartoon image onto a canvas via Fracture. The end result was such a fun twist on a normal framed picture because they were still recognizable but looked straight out of a fairytale.”

Lisa Torelli-SauerLisa Torelli-Sauer


Lisa Torelli-Sauer is the Editor at Sensible Digs. After graduating from the University of South Florida in 2002, Lisa enjoyed ten years working in financial services for both large and small companies. After her sons were born, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom and has since immersed herself in the ins and outs of motherhood and housekeeping.

“My mom is one of those people who has everything. When Christmas comes around, it’s a real challenge coming up with gift ideas. However, I’ve found something this year that I know she will love: Paint Your Life is an online-based company that can turn a meaningful photo into a beautiful work of art. Simply upload a photo of your mom’s favorite family photo, pet, or special place, and the artists at Paint Your Life will do the rest. Your one of a kind gift will be shipped to you at no extra cost. You can even combine more than one photo to create the perfect painting of what she loves most.

You can check in on your painting’s progress as it’s being created and make any revisions you like. Paint Your Life even offers a complete money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the end result.”

Amy MotroniAmy Motroni


Amy Motroni is a Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and the Founder of The Postpartum Party, where she helps new moms celebrate motherhood!

“I have to admit that I am a terrible gift receiver. I have returned more gifts than I want to admit. But I also hate wasting money (and things), so I often ask – where’s the gift receipt? (It’s terrible, I know!)

I believe there are truly two great gifts for moms, both of which are non-returnable.

  1. Time alone. I love my family dearly, but if my husband surprised me by taking my daughter out for a few hours, that would be heaven. He’d earn even more brownie points if he scheduled me a massage or trip to the salon during that time.
  2. Giving mom the gift of sleep. This can come in a few different forms. You can offer to watch the baby for a few hours so mom can take a nice nap or you can hire a sleep consultant to fix any baby sleep woes. Sleep consultants can be pricey and are a luxury item many moms won’t splurge for themselves, so it would be a welcomed gift for many tired moms.”

Lauren TingleyLauren Tingley


Lauren Tingley is a formerly stressed out, working teacher-mom of two who tried to do it all and ended up losing herself in the process. She shares her tips for fun family activities, minimalist homemaking, and simple parenting advice on Simply Well Balanced for families looking to create more balance in their homes.

“Without a doubt, the best Christmas gift ideas for moms are going to be items or services that make life easier without adding any stress or clutter. The holidays can be an overwhelming time for mothers who already have so much on their plate. The best way to show you really care is to give her a gift that helps to reduce stress or make life easier. Some examples include monthly car detailing, a meal delivery subscription, or
even a housekeeping service. I guarantee these practical and thoughtful gift ideas will be appreciated more than any typical holiday gift set.”

Sturgeon ChristieSturgeon Christie


Sturgeon Christie is the CEO at Second Skin Audio, a company that specializes in making auto insulation and sound-deadening materials for a more comfortable ride.

“A great Christmas gift idea for mom is to get her a pair of winter boots that will actually keep her feet warm. If you live where it gets cold around Christmas, you know just how painful it can be walking around outside in boots that aren’t warm enough. Unless you have boots specifically rated for the deep cold, mom’s toes are going to sting when she’s outside for a long time! That’s why getting mom a pair of winter boots that are stylish and that will keep her feet dry and warm can be such a great Christmas gift.

The waterproof Ugg Adirondack III Boot is a great option to gift your mother. It features a cold-weather rating of -32˚C. The outsole is designed to stay flexible in freezing temps, and it offers extra warming insulation and a cushioning insole. The Ugg Adirondack III Boot will also last your mom for years to come. They are extremely high-quality, and customers always say how they are a favorite for many winter seasons in a row.”

Karen AtkinsKaren Atkins


Karen Atkins is the Founder of The Original Worm.

“The Original Worm is a portable, full-body massage roller that combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. The Worm is a perfect gift for stay at home moms, moms on-the-go, young moms, older moms…any mom can benefit from The Worm. The Worm’s two compact size makes it perfect to use while working from home, in the car, on a plane, at the office, or at the gym. The Worm provides neck to foot relief and pretty much everything in between.”

Alice AndersonAlice Anderson


Alice Anderson is the founder and creator of Mommy to Mom, a website where moms go to find resources and information on topics ranging from pregnancy to parenthood.

“The absolute best gift ideas for moms are the most personalized ones. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, how big the present is, or where you got it from. As long as you figure out what special means for her and can incorporate that in a gift, that would be the best present to show her how much you care.

I actually have an article on my website that breaks down some ideas according to different personality types of moms, whether they are new moms, homebodies, outdoorsy, etc.”

Theresa PickettTheresa Pickett

Theresa is a teacher on Outschool. With over 100 reviews, her American Girl Writing and Acting 5-Day Class are listed under learner favorites and most popular.

“One of the best Christmas gift ideas for mom can be the gift of time. Along with a self-care package filled with candles, spa supplies, and good reading material, gift the children a gift card for a class on Outschool. Since not as many people are caring for others’ children these days, this can help provide interactive entertainment for children while mom takes care of herself.”

Richard RobertsRichard Roberts


Richard Roberts is the founder and owner of CustomLogoCases, a successful online-based global business that markets and sells custom cases, covers, and sleeves in bulk, targeting corporate, government, and education. Richard runs his company from Melbourne, Australia and is an expert in all things digital marketing and general business.

“One perfect gift for moms would be a personalized wallet phone case. It’s something they can use every day and since it’s personalized, the gift becomes extra meaningful. You can customize the case with a family portrait or any memorable photo, or it can be as simple as having one made with their initials on it.”

Rhett LewisRhett Lewis


Rhett is the CEO of Gemstone Well, a company the designs and sells products to benefit from the powerful healing effects of gemstones and crystals.

“The best Christmas gift idea for mom is the Gemstone Well Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle. The Elixir2Go glass water bottle allows moms to charge their water/liquids with their favorite gemstones of their choice in a safe, stylish, and fun way. Its patented lid allows users to easily change their crystals to create gem elixir recipes to help them deal with the stress and demands of the holiday season.”

Ari BanayanAri Banayan


Ari is one of the founders of Habit Nest, a company that makes wellness journals to help people build specific healthy habits.

“Our products make for awesome Christmas gifts, and the vast majority of our
customers are women ages 35-65. Moms love these journals. Here are some items from our collection:

  • The Morning Sidekick Journal: An engaging, fully guided morning planner to help you wake up earlier and start the day with a perfect morning routine that works for you.
  • The Gratitude Sidekick Journal: A journal to help you make gratitude a core part of your day-to-day life.
  • The Nutrition Sidekick Journal: A versatile meal tracker to hold you accountable to your nutrition goals.
  • The Meditation Sidekick Journal: A practical guide to exploring mindfulness and staying consistent with a meditation practice.
  • Badass Body Goals: An ‘at-home friendly’ fitness journal that focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit workouts.
  • The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal: A complete 12-week personal trainer for the gym.”

Alane BoydAlane Boyd


Alane Boyd is a mom, often having her son a part of her business, BurgerFit. Alane’s passion is to help moms fight one less battle in the day by making mealtime easier. BurgerFit hides vegetables with ground meat so families can eat healthier…whether they know it or not.

“Moms have enough battles to fight in a day, and by the time they make it to dinner, the last thing they want to do is accidentally burn their hands cooking. As a mom, I know how hard it is to keep up with everything there is to do in a day, then come home and try making something for dinner that everyone will enjoy. Too many times, I have tried holding a skillet handle with a towel only to have it slip and end up burning my hand on the pan. I then have to spend dinner eating with one hand and icing the other.

Moms are cooking even more during the pandemic, and using cast iron in the kitchen has been a go-to favorite. HANDLENVYs are beautiful, non-slip accessories hand-made from leather that protects your hands from hot pans. They easily slip onto skillet handles or lay over lid handles, and you can keep them on the entire time while cooking, eliminating the need to reach for a towel every time you need to handle the pan.”

Amanda DrummondAmanda Drummond


Amanda Drummond is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Analytics at Greater Good.

“The best gifts for mom for Christmas are those that are thoughtful and practical. It’s the perfect combination to show that you care about her and give her periodic reminders each time she uses the gift.

Some of the best gifts that I’ve seen given to mothers at Greater Good are from our own store. We tend to have a common mission, so it just makes sense that we like the products. We’re also pretty close, so we get to know each other over time and hear each other’s stories about the gifts we give over the holidays.

The best gifts I’ve seen given to moms:

  1. Bond Between Sisters Pin: It’s handmade and fairly traded from Bolivia, and the purchase feeds 35 shelter animals and supports the artisan community there. The recipient of this gift had recently shared a touching story about her sister, so it was relevant, thoughtful, and gave back to the community (shared mission). My coworker’s mom loved it.
  2. Alpaca Fingerless Mittens: They’re handmade, fairly traded, and a purchase feeds 71 animals. This mom always has cold hands but needs to use the computer, so her son gave her these knowing they would help her and that she’d like that they were fairly traded.
  3. Super Cozy™ Fleece Paw Print Throw Blanket: This purchase feeds 71 animals and is designed exclusively for The Animal Rescue Site. A mom received this after mentioning that she liked my coworker’s blanket. She also liked that it fed so many animals.
  4. Super Cozy™ Paw Print Fleece Slipper Booties: Purchasing this gift feeds 71 animals, and there are a bunch of designs. A woman received this when her son saw that she had a complementing blanket. His mother loved that she had the booties to pair with her blanket to help make her cozy at home.
  5. Handmade Recycled Driftwood Christmas Ornament: This gift is fairly trad​ed from the Philippines and feeds 35 animals. My coworker knew that her mom liked decorating for Christmas, so my coworker got this ornament for her. It wasn’t the only thing, just an additional gift that her mom thought was cute and appreciated that it fed so many animals.”

John ChoJohn Cho

John Cho is the Founder of My Pet Child.

“Moms who are pet lovers will be thrilled to receive a gift that is a treat for them and their beloved dogs. Mutts & Mousers is an online pet gift retailer that has pre-made gift baskets you can send to your mom from a safe distance this Christmas.

What I love is that there are many baskets that feature treats for humans, such as wine! If a gift basket you love doesn’t include a human treat, you have the option to add on a bottle of champagne, wine, chocolates, and even plants. If your mom is the kind of lady who loves to share quality time with her best furry friend, these baskets are the perfect gift. They have cat gifts, too. The Crazy Cat Lady basket is a fun, tongue in cheek nod to your cat-obsessed mom.”

Still looking for some inspiration to find the best Christmas gift ideas for mom? We’ve gathered up 50 great Christmas gift ideas for mom – to make your holiday shopping a little less stressful and mom’s Christmas even more special.

1. Kick Up Your Heels-Tini™

Kick Up Your Heels-Tini

This arrangement is just what mom needs to kick up her heels and have a great time. It’s packed with high heel-shaped pineapple covered in semisweet chocolate and pink drizzle, strawberries, grapes, and melon. Plus, it’s all packed in a keepsake martini glass container.

Cost: $64.99

2. Bundle Of Cheer

Bundle Of Cheer

Packed with a little bit of everything, this set is sure to make mom light up with joy. The arrangement is filled with chocolate dipped pineapple stars, pineapple daisies, and a whole lot of fresh fruit, while the box is filled with chocolate covered strawberries and apples, plus bananas dipped in white and semisweet chocolate. A smiley face balloon completes the package.

Cost: $70.98

3. Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Necklace

This beautiful necklace features the initial and birthstones of each one of mom’s children (or grandchildren). The necklace is made in your choice of finishes: gold filled or sterling silver.

Cost: $29.00

4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

This handy-dandy hair dryer helps mom get more done in less time. Its flexible bristles help smooth and style your hair while you dry, resulting in less frizz and a more polished style.

Cost: $37.79

5. Assorted Bath Bomb Set

Barr-Co. Assorted Bath Bomb Set
This set is packed with six luscious bath bombs that make each bath a whole lot more exciting. They’re also packed with epsom salts, European spa salts, and natural minerals for a soothing and replenishing bath experience.

Cost: $40.00

6. Custom Handwriting Recipe Square Plate Platter

Custom Handwriting Recipe Square Plate Platter

This recipe platter can be customized with any photo, text, handwritten note, or recipe of your choice. It’s the perfect way to memorialize grandma’s famous stew recipe or other family heirloom dish.

Cost: $34.99

7. Custom Family Portrait 

Custom Family Portrait

This custom portrait is hand-drawn individually to capture the unique characteristics of each member of your family. Your family will be framed by delicate floral branches for a wonderful work of art.

Cost: $60.00

8. Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

Present Over Perfect Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

Give your mom the gift of a more simpler and peaceful way of living. This book details how to take the journey to leave behind the pressure to be perfect and just focus on being present.

Cost: $19.99

9. Kitchen Helpers Wood Cutting Board

Kitchen Helpers Wood Cutting Board

Mom will love this cutting board with tiny handprints featuring the names of all her “little helpers.” You can personalize it with any name, such as “Mom’s,” “Grandma’s,” “Nana’s,” or “Mimi’s,” and as many as 12 names (up to 9 characters each) to be featured on the handprints.

Cost: $39.99

10. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera


Let mom talk to her favorite pooch while she’s out of the house all day. It allows you to livestream video so you can monitor your pet on your phone and toss a treat to your dog whenever you want with the touch of a button.

Cost: $199.00

11. Farm Address Stamp

Farm Address Stamp

If mom is a fan of farmhouse style, she’ll love this chicken address stamp. It allows you to quickly add a return address to your envelopes in your own personal style — perfect for next year’s Christmas cards.

Cost: $39.95

12. Mama Bear Necklaces

Mama Bear Necklaces

A mama bear loves her cubs and fiercely shows them the way. This necklace can be personalized with the number of cubs your mama has, from one to five.

Cost: $120.00

13. The Pioneer Woman Instant Pot

The Pioneer Woman Instant Pot Lux 6-In-1 Vintage Floral 6-Quart Programmable Multi-Cooker

This bright and colorful appliance will quickly become mom’s new favorite. It acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, and more. Plus, it’s decorated in a beautiful floral pattern with a teal lid.

Cost: $59.00

14. illy® Y3.2 Espresso/Coffee Machine

illy® Y3.2 Espresso Coffee Machine

Let mom make her latte at home instead of driving to the coffee store with this espresso maker. It features adjustable brew strength, temperature, cup size, and so much more.

Cost: $149.99

15. Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle

Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle

If your mom has a heart of gold, let her know with this bangle. Plated in 12-karat gold, it holds a special engraving on the inside with the phrase “heart of gold.”

Cost: $38.00

16. Close at Heart Throw Pillow

Close at Heart Throw Pillow

Your mom may live far away, but she’s always close at heart. This pillow can be customized with any two states and the exact number of miles between you and your mom.

Cost: $34.99

17. Women I’m Not Like A Regular Mom I’m A Cool Mom Funny Saying T Shirt

Women I'm Not Like A Regular Mom I'm A Cool Mom Funny Saying T Shirt

This t-shirt says it all. Your mom is more than just a regular mom – she’s a cool mom. Made of a soft cotton blend, it’s comfy, cozy, and perfect for a casual at-home kind of day.

Cost: $16.99

18. Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68″ 5mm

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68 5mm

Perfect for a yoga-loving mom, this yoga mat features extra-thick cushioning and a non-slip surface. That means more support and grounding as you move from pose to pose.

Cost: $69.98

19. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

Mom will flip over these personalized mugs that depict each member of the family. One side side of the mug features your family member, personalized by your choices of skin tone, hair, and clothing color, while the other displays your family name and year established.

Cost: $30.00

20. Maroa Tufted Cotton Apron

Maroa Tufted Cotton Apron

If your mom is always entertaining and cooking, she’ll love this all-cotton apron that will keep her clothes clean. It features tufted details, a fringe trim, and a colorful mix of patterns and prints for a unique look that’s 100% mom.

Cost: $36.00

21. Panama Glasses Case

Panama Glasses Case

If mom wears glasses, she’ll love this exquisite eyeglasses case to house her specs. It’s made of crossgrain leather with a navy suede interior.

Cost: $140.00

22. Goop Discovery Set

Goop Discovery Set

This set includes travel sizes of all of the most popular Goop beauty products so mom can try them out before purchasing the large sizes. It’s packed with a revitalizing day moisturizer, enriching face oil, replenishing night cream, and exfoliating facial.

Cost: $125.00

23. Kent Cardigan Sweater

Kent Cardigan Sweater

This cardigan will soon become her very favorite. It’s super soft and cozy with an extra-long length so she can wear it over leggings or her most comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans.

Cost: $98.00

24. The Commuter Three-Hand Date Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

The Commuter Three-Hand Date Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

This beautiful watch will make an impression sitting on mom’s wrist. It features a turn-of-the-century design, three hand date, concave dial construction, and polished aesthetic.

Cost: $95.00

25. ‘Le Pliage’ Backpack

'Le Pliage' Backpack

Mom will love this stylish, durable, and water-resistant nylon backpack. It’s roomy enough for all her essentials and leaves her hands-free so she can keep up with the kids (or grandkids).

Cost: $125.00

26. Wood Calendar

Wood Calendar

A beautiful calendar helps get the new year off to a great start. Upload 12 of mom’s favorite family photos and you’ll create a truly unique, hand-crafted clipboard calendar she can enjoy month after month.

Cost: $25.00

27. Ember Temperature-Control Mug

Ember Temperature-Control Mug

With her busy schedule, mom can never enjoy a hot cup of coffee. That is, until this cup. You can set your preferred drinking temperature and the cup will maintain that temperature for one hour.

Cost: $79.95

28. Beach Tote Bag

Beach Tote Bag

Once summer rolls around, mom won’t be able to leave the house without this beach tote in hand. It’s large enough so you carry everything you need for a day at the beach or pool with durable construction to ensure it lasts a long time.

Cost: $33.96

29. Knitted Wool Blanket

Knitted Wool Blanket

These handmade merino wool blankets are cozy, comfy, and just what mom needs to relax and unwind after a long day. Pick mom’s favorite color, and she’ll always love it.

Cost: $35.60

30. TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box

This subscription box delivers the best in self-care to mom’s doorstep every month. It includes one research-inspired therapeutic activity and six to eight self-care goodies to help increase joy, reduce stress, and enhance your life.

Cost: $34.99/month

31. Nina Marble Cheese Board

Nina Marble Cheese Board

If mom loves to entertain, she’ll adore this marble cheese board. It’s made with shell, white marble, and brass for a completely unique look that’s just waiting to display cheese, appetizers, and crudités.

Cost: $68.00

32. Personalized Yarn Bowl

Personalized Yarn Bowl

For knitters and crocheters, there’s nothing more exciting than this handmade yarn bowl. Personalize it with your mom’s name, and her favorite pastime will instantly be a whole lot more exciting.

Cost: $60.00

33. Modern Copper Watering Can

Modern Copper Watering Can

If your mom has a green thumb, she’ll love this beautiful copper watering can. It features a large circular handle that’s perfect for looping around your arm as you stroll around the garden.

Cost: $69.00

34. Women’s Tree Breezers

Women's Tree Breezers

A step above casual but made with comfort in mind, these flats are just what mom needs to carry her to work, an after-work date, and weekend fun. They’re also made with eucalyptus tree fiber, so they’re breathable, silky-smooth, and environmentally friendly.

Cost: $95.00

35. Seaside 6 Piece Picnic Blanket Set

Seaside 6 Piece Picnic Blanket Set

With its nautical pinstripes and waterproof lining, this blanket is just waiting for mom’s next romantic picnic under the stars or lunch date at the beach. It includes service for two, plus four stakes to ensure it stays put.

Cost: $44.00

36. Becky G Collection Makeup Set

Becky G Collection Makeup Set

This makeup set includes everything mom needs to feel glamorous. It features the Salvaje Shadow Palette, three Ultra Matte lip shades, two Ultra Satin lip shades, and two highlighters.

Cost: $58.00

37. Birkenstock Gizeh

Birkenstoc Gizeh

Birkenstocks are so comfortable, she’ll want to wear them all spring and summer. Plus, these look extra chic thanks to the unique design.

Cost: $99.95

38. J. Crew Perfect Rain Jacket

J. Crew Perfect Rain Jacket

Keep mom dry all spring with this sporty and sophisticated rain jacket. With water-resistant fabric, a hem that’s longer in the back for extra coverage, and a cute hood, she’ll wear this jacket every time there’s a chance of rain in the forecast.

Cost: $120.00

39. Great Coffees of the World Gift Box

Great Coffees of the World Gift Box

For the true coffee lover, this box contains the four most famous and flavorful coffees from around the world. It includes Indonesian Sumatra, Ethiopian Yirgecheffe, Organic Fair Trade Colombian, and 100% Kona to truly take your palette on a journey.

Cost: $79.99

40. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Book Clutch

'Pride and Prejudice' Book Clutch

For literary lovers, this book clutch first masquerades as a book and then opens to reveal a surprise ⁠— room for all of your essentials. Made of vegan leather, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Cost: $78.00

41. Dansk Kobenstyle Chili Red Casserole

Dansk Kobenstyle Chili Red Casserole

This pot is essential for all caliber of home cooks. It’s finished with three coats of enamel for a shiny luster and its convertible lid becomes a trivet for easy serving.

Cost: $80.16

42. Hygro Plus Cool Mist Humidifier

Hygro Plus Cool Mist Humidifier

Bring some moisture back into your home with this cool mist humidifier. It removes allergens from the air, helps to relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms, and improves sleep quality.

Cost: $62.89

43. Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub

Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub

This ultra-luxurious body scrub is just what mom needs for an at-home spa day. It’s a hydrating, exfoliating body treatment with micro-polishers that leave skin soft and glowing.

Cost: $79.00

44. Smart Writing Set Ellipse

Smart Writing Set Ellipse

For a mom that loves handwritten notes and to-do lists, this smart writing set offers the best of both worlds. She can write in the notebook on the pages of the tablet with the Pen+ Ellipse, and her notes will be instantly digitized and can be edited, organized, and shared on any device.

Cost: $199.00

45. Custom Dog Photo Pillow

Custom Dog Photo Pillow

We all know mom loves the dog best. So, upload a photo and get her a pillow printed on high quality eco-canvas that’s made to look exactly like her favorite pooch.

Cost: $19.95

46. Shriver 2 Piece Table Vase Set

Shriver 2 Piece Table Vase Set

This two-piece set of vases look great in any style aesthetic ⁠— classic, contemporary, and eclectic arrangements. Crafted from ceramic, each vase sports a glazed white finish that catches the light in just the right way.

Cost: $89.99

47. May I Come In?: Discovering The World In Other People’s Houses

May I Come In Discovering The World In Other People's Houses

This coffee table book features a stunning visual display of some of the most interesting and extraordinary spaces today. It’s a must-have for anyone with a touch of the home design bug.

Cost: $65.00

48. Luno Max Sitting Ball Chair

Luno Max Sitting Ball Chair

Activating your back and core muscles, this ball chair improves posture and can relieve back pain. Plus, it’s easily portable thanks to the durable carrying handle.

Cost: $109.99

49. Zero Waste Gift Box

Zero Waste Gift Box

If mom is looking to go more eco-friendly, this is the gift box for her. It includes a bunch of products you need to go waste-free, such as a reusable produce bags, a silicone sandwich bag, bamboo utensil set, stainless steel straw, and a bamboo toothbrush.

Cost: $50.00

50. Family Portrait

Family Portrait

This is the most unique family portrait you’ll ever find. The artist hand-paints each peg doll to resemble each member of your family and places them in a shadow box for a sweet, one-of-a-kind display.

Cost: $74.99

Though she may be tricky to shop for, mom is sure to love any of the gifts on this list. Whether she’s into sentimental or practical gifts, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for her.