10 Meaningful Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift Ideas

A new baby’s christening is a meaningful experience for the newborn, his godparents, and everyone involved. While different denominations have different traditions and customs, a christening marks a new baby’s entrance into the Christian faith and is a pretty significant milestone. If you’re attending a new baby’s christening, you’ll want to choose the perfect christening gift ideas to commemorate this special day. Here’s how to do it.

How to Choose a Christening Gift

When shopping for a christening present, you have a range of options to choose from, including jewelry, decorative pieces, and religious-inspired toys and books. Your first step is to try to choose a gift that comes from the heart. You want something that bears a unique meaning to you, the newborn, or his family.

It’s a good idea to choose a gift that speaks of God or the Christian faith in some way. Or, choose something that’s personalized to lend a sentimental and unique feel to your gift. Either way, your gift will have an emotional impact on the parents of the baby. For instance, you could engrave a piece of jewelry, such as a pendant or a bracelet, with a short message. Or, choose a personalized book that teaches baby about God, his love, and baby’s place in God’s big vision.

Perhaps you could get baby a religious-themed toy, such as a plush rabbit that sings a religious tune, or a plush Noah’s ark set. You could also choose a delectable food gift that the parents and godparents can enjoy. Consider one of our Edible® Arrangements that will last well beyond the festivities and may even come with a fun plush toy for baby depending on the arrangement or gift bundle you choose.

Top 10 Christening Gift Ideas

Here are ten amazing christening gift ideas. Whether you’re the godparent, a family member, or friend, these gift ideas are sure to please:

1. Baby Boy FruitFlowers®

Baby Boy FruitFlowers®

This gift set comes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers with white and peach flowers, touches of lovely lavender, and gorgeous greenery. It also comes with indulgent strawberries dipped in white or semisweet chocolate and decorative Swizzle®.

Cost: $92.00

2. It’s A Girl Bundle

It's A Girl Bundle

This bundle comes with a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries. Half of the strawberries are topped with white chocolate and white crispies, while the other half is topped in decadent semisweet chocolate. A sweet plush bear makes the bundle complete.

Cost: $112.98

3. God Loves You! Personalized Book

God Loves You! Personalized Book

Rich with meaning, this book explains to your new baby just how much God loves him. It also adds an individual touch with your baby’s name personalized on the cover and throughout the book.

Cost: $34.99

4. Noahs Ark Musical Snow Globe

Noahs Ark Musical Snow Globe

In white bisque and silver, this delightful snow globe features pairs of animals, two by two, as they set sail. It can be engraved with your new baby’s name and birth date or your own special message.

Cost: $75.00

5. Lullaby Lamb Interactive Stuffed Animal

Lullaby Lamb Interactive Stuffed Animal

Playing the sweet melody of Jesus Loves Me, this soothing lamb brings calming magic to bedtime. It features two playback modes: a one-time playback or a timed 20-minute recording to help baby drift off to sleep.

Cost: $29.95

6. Salisbury Rattle

Salisbury Rattle

Engraved with your baby’s name and birth date, this rattle is expertly crafted from pewter that’s non-tarnishing and polish to a bright luster. It’s a family keepsake that can be passed down for generations.

Cost: $69.00

7. Baby Boy Baptism Ornament

Baby Boy Baptism Ornament

This lovely ornament celebrates baby’s baptism and will be a wonderful addition to the family’s Christmas tree during the holidays. It features ivory and blue roses surrounding the baby’s name, baptism date, and cross in lustrous gold.

Cost: $18.95

8. Plush Noah’s Ark Play Set

Plush Noah's Ark Play Set

Give baby a toy he can use to re-enact the story of Noah’s ark in the bible. It comes with six plush animals and a plush ark for hours of creative and imaginative fun.

Cost: $34.95

9. Sterling Silver Girls Pave Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Girls Pave Cross Necklace

Baby will quickly grow into this beautiful piece of jewelry that’s just right for little girls. Made of genuine sterling silver, it features an engraved solid heart charm and a wavy cross with Swarovski crystals.

Cost: $44.99

10. Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box

From their hospital tags to their birth certificate, this beautiful keepsake box is the best way to store all of baby’s most precious mementos. Made of vegan leather with a soft linen lining, it’s crafted with care to last many years to come.

Cost: $139.00

You’re sure to find something for a baby in your life to celebrate their christening. From jewelry to keepsake boxes, there’s no shortage of creative, meaningful, and sentimental christening gift ideas.