Chocolate Covered Everything


Chocolate covered fruits are basically well loved by nearly everyone. It only makes sense because why wouldn’t someone want something covered in chocolate. Especially, chocolate covered fruit that double as amazing gifts for basically any occasion or time of year!

Why chocolate covered everything is awesome!

Why does anything covered in chocolate make an awesome gift? Simple, it’s covered in chocolate. So, make your loved one’s day with a carefully selected chocolate covered fruit arrangement featuring all their favorite fruits! For more reasons why chocolate covered everything and anything is awesome, we cultivated some responses!

Trail Mix Trio Box By Edible - Chocolate Covered Fruit

Just say the word. Chocolate (or chocolate covered strawberries even…). Bam. Instant explosion behind your eyes as you fade away into a sweet, smooth, crunchy, bittersweet….well. Huh. Actually how do you describe the taste of chocolate?

“Is it the taste of Saturday Summer nights, gently melted by the heat of a charred marshmallow (whoops) and two honey Graham crackers where the crackle of tinder is punctuated by the laughter of your friends and family?”

Fire Smoke Smores

“Or maybe it’s the flavor of a library on a rainy day, tucked snugly between the ancient wooden shelves – deeply shrouded in mystery and unique to you alone.”

Chocolate Fantasy Edible Arrangements

“For others it’s the strange bite of spice, the subtle hint of hazelnut or the sharp tang of salty bacon on that luxury brand that you noticed while food shopping and casually slid into your shopping cart.”

Oh. And to us? Chocolate tastes like…well. You know that feeling when you get those chocolate covered strawberries delivered right to your door and you weren’t expecting it? It’s that- excitement, surprise, and the feeling that someone out there cares enough to send you something amazing. Even if that person was you and you just forgot.

Why chocolate covered strawberries?

“Chocolate covered strawberries are a deliciously sweet gift. They’re tasty, juicy, and absolutely delectable. Plus, they’re a wonderful way to curb those sweet cravings without bingeing on a whole box of chocolates! Whether your loved one is a fan of white chocolate or semisweet chocolate, or whether you’re looking for something fancy and impressive or simple and sweet, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for from Edible Arrangements®. Who knows? They might look so delicious that you might order a box for yourself!”

Luckily, Edible Arrangements® has a huge variety for gifts so you can select the perfect combination of their favorite fruits and flavors, from cantaloupe and honeydew wedges to pineapples cut into fun shapes, grapes, juicy strawberries, and more. We offer a large selection of chocolate covered fruits beautifully arranged in impressive displays. You can choose from a simple arrangement featuring chocolate dipped strawberries or kick things up a notch with a delicious array of chocolate covered pineapples, apples, bananas, and more.

Full Of Love Berries

Classics are classic for a specific reason. People like them and they are amazing. What’s more classic than chocolate covered strawberries? Carefully arranged in a custom box, this treat is packed with juicy, plump strawberries, covered in decadent semi-sweet chocolate.

Edible® Delicious Daisy® Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple

With chocolate covered pineapple daisies, chocolate covered strawberries, honeydew, grapes, and more, this arrangement will instantly brighten up your loved one’s day. It’s also downright deliciously covered in chocolate!

Edible® Swizzle Berries®

Another take on the classic chocolate covered strawberries are our Swizzle Berries! This box set is packed with fresh, juicy strawberries hand dipped in gourmet, semisweet chocolate and topped with a white chocolate swizzle.

Edible® Delicious Daisy® Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple

Don’t think there is a chocolate covered snack right for picky eaters? Think again because this arrangement is the perfect blend of decadent chocolate and fresh fruit to please any picky eater. It’s packed with strawberries, pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, and grapes. And, it includes a variety of fresh fruit, along with chocolate covered fruit to meet any preferred cuisine.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

This delicious gift box is chock full of sweet treats that are sure to make any chocolate lover’s mouth water. It features strawberries and bananas dipped in semisweet chocolate, along with bananas dipped in chocolate on one side and rich, smooth white chocolate on the other. It is the sure fire combination of milk and white chocolate and fresh fruit that satisfies any sweet tooth.

A decadent treat chock-full of chocolate-covered delights always makes a chocolate lover happy. So, check out this arrangement, which includes strawberries, apples, and pineapple. And, saving the best for last, the arrangement features a chocolate-covered pineapple cupcake topped with fun and colorful sprinkles.

Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake

This delicious treat features chocolate dipped pineapple cupcakes, strawberries, honeydew, and cantaloupe. It all comes complete in a cupcake-themed keepsake container, which makes it an ideal gift for any chocolate lover with an upcoming birthday.

edible® Delicious Celebration® - Dipped Fruit Delight

This delectable arrangement is sure to make an entire family of chocolate lovers happy, refreshed and their sweet tooth satisfied. It’s made with fresh banana slices dipped in white and semisweet chocolate and pineapple daisies and stars dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate, plus an assortment of fresh fruit favorites.

edible® Delicious Fruit Design® - Dipped Strawberries

Another delicious arrangement from Edible Arrangements® that is right for any chocolate lover with an eye on their diet is this display, which  includes fresh pineapple stars, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, and chocolate dipped strawberries. It’s all beautifully arranged in a keepsake container. The combination of fresh fruits will provide a refreshing treat mixed with an assortment of chocolate covered strawberries.

With such a large variety of gifts to choose from, Edible Arrangements® makes it easy to find the perfect gift for anyone, on any occasion – or even just because! Stop by your local store and see what chocolate covered everything will satisfy your sweet tooth!