“Cheers To Mom” Brunch: Pulling off the Perfect Get-Together in a Pinch


This Mother’s Day, nearly half of Americans will celebrate with their moms at a restaurant, which can sometimes mean long waiting lines, crowded tables, and a feeling of being rushed while enjoying time with family. This weekend, ditch the reservations and throw your own “cheers to Mom” brunch instead! Start the tradition among your friends and family to host a delicious Mother’s Day brunch to honor the moms in your life! After all, there is no better way to celebrate than making memories together!

Plan the perfect Mother’s Day brunch by following these 5 simple steps:

1 – Pick your Mother’s Day brunch location

One of the easiest places to host your brunch is at your home – you don’t need to rent a space, and it’s a warm and familiar setting that your friends and family will feel comfortable in. If space is a concern, consider hosting outside! If weather permits, utilize your backyard as an outdoor space. You can then decide whether you’d like your gathering to start outside with some appetizers and work your way in OR if you’d rather seat your guests at picnic tables outside the whole time. You can enjoy each other’s company AND the weather!

Additionally, some of us may worry about hosting a Mother’s Day brunch because of our home cleanliness. However, Show Me The Yummy offers a few tips and ideas to prevent this excuse!

“Prep everything you can the day or night before! The only thing you should be doing the morning of is rolling out of bed and grabbing yourself a pre-brunch cup of coffee. Clean/tidy up the house…and be sure to DELEGATE the tasks [to the rest of your family]. Set the table/serving area. Glasses, silverware, plates. Check. Check. Aaaand check. Also. #noshame in using paper plates for minimal clean up. Food. Make it the night before, then re-heat in the morning. At least for the most part.”

2 – Spread the Word

With Mother’s Day only days away, try to get the word out as quickly as possible. Opt for sending your invitations electronically! Draft up a fun and playful email, inviting your friends and family to your “cheers to Mom” brunch. If you want to add some festive flair, search for some fun email templates, e-card images, or GIFs! There are tons out there you can choose from. After a day or two, follow up with your closest friends and family with a quick text message or phone call to remind them about your gathering. Things can get busy during this time of year, so it’s okay to let them know you’re thinking about them and that you can’t wait to see them!

Related, think about your guests and when they might arrive and/or how to seat them. For example, having some small bites and coffee help make the arrival easier (especially if you are still putting the final touches on the table). Additionally, think about where everyone will sit and how that impacts the flow of the brunch.

“If guests will be eating at a table, lay a background of plain linens or subtle patterns to help accentuate the beauty of mismatched pieces. A simple and inexpensive way to show off these pieces is to use “chargers”: large decorative plates that sit under dinner plates. And speaking of eating at the table, if that’s in the cards for your buffet, keep the main table’s centerpiece short. Guests are going to want to converse with-and see- the other guests. Leave plenty of room in front of the serving dishes so that guests can set their plates down while they serve themselves. If guests will be eating at a table, set flatware on the table in place settings. If there won’t be a main serving table, put flatware at the end of the buffet line.”

3 – Pick your Mother’s Day brunch menu (it’s okay to leave it to the pros!)

Brunch is a great meal option for Mother’s Day gatherings because you can serve a wide variety of dishes and recipes! Mix it up by serving light dishes for breakfast and some more savory recipes to satisfy lunch cravings. Our best piece of menu advice? It’s okay to leave it up to the pros! The clock is ticking, and you want to keep things as seamless as possible. For example, order something ahead of time, and have it delivered for your special day. If you’re looking for a treat that’ll WOW all your guests, consider a  fresh, and incredibly delicious, hand-crafted fruit arrangement or some eye-catching chocolate Dipped Fruit™! After all, who DOESN’T love to indulge in fresh fruit and chocolate? Plus, you can even take advantage of same-day delivery!

Additionally, many party planning pros recommend a self-serve “bar” to keep the brunch moving. Taste of Home shares the key features and benefits.

Make space on the counter for a special spread for guests to serve themselves as they mingle. Your party-goers will love being able to customize their snack. Plus, it gives you a chance to make a super-sweet display. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Coffee bar: Start by rounding up coffee essentials like sugar and cream, then go one better by offering flavored syrups, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and an assortment of teas.
  • Parfait bar: Divvy out fresh fruit, granola, nuts and a few sweet toppings in separate bowls. Guests can layer their fixings into cups of plain yogurt.
  • Toast bar: Plate up sliced bread or bagels and lay out a few jams, jellies, butters and spreads. Have a toaster ready for people to toast on the go.”

4 – Add a creative & personal touch to make your Mother’s Day brunch special

By leaving it to the pros for your menu, you have more time to dedicate to adding your own creative and personal touch. Start by decorating your tables with a simple white tablecloth. Simplicity allows you to have so much flexibility in the decorations you can use, including colorful dishware and decorations to add a creative pop!

Next, grab the kids and start creating name cards for each guest’s place setting. Have your kids help you by coloring and designing the cards for your guests – they’ll love feeling like they contributed to your special day! Do you have kids attending your brunch? Add one of our Fill in the Blank Mother’s Day Printables to their place settings! They will love decorating and filling these out with their parents, and it’s a great keepsake that everyone will love!

Finally, pull all your decorations together with an eye-catching centerpiece. This centerpiece will complete the look for your “cheers to Mom” brunch, and we’re sure it’ll be a conversation starter! Lastly, try adding a more personal touch by decorating with photos of the moms in attendance! Place photos of all the moms in your life along your table. Your guests will love this personal and heartfelt decoration!

5 – Keep it simple & remember – this is to celebrate ALL the moms in your life, including YOU!

Remember that your “cheers to Mom” brunch is a way to celebrate and honor ALL the moms in your life – including you! There is no need to stress and go over the top with any of your planning – keep it simple! Focus on creating a comfortable and fun environment that will allow you and your guests to celebrate this special day. As The Kitchn notes, don’t let the details cause any unnecessary stress!

“Remember the point of this gathering: to spend time with friends [and family]. Don’t be afraid to assign someone to cocktail and coffee duty while you’re chatting with friends and keeping an eye on the oven.”

With these time-saving tips, you will be able to spend time with those who matter the most this Mother’s Day, and create beautiful memories together!

Ready to start planning your own “cheers to Mom” brunch? Don’t forget to share photos of your celebration with us on social media. We’d love to see them! You can tag us on Facebook & Instagram @ediblearrangements and on Twitter @edible, and use #EdibleCelebratesMom.