Celebrating Halloween at Home

Celebrate Halloween at Home

Halloween is all about customers, customs and celebrations! Although 2020 is throwing a wrench into the standard Halloween celebrations, we can still dress up and enjoy the occasion. For some Halloween at Home celebration ideas, we connected with some experts and shared their amazing ideas!

How we are celebrating Halloween at home this year?

  • Halloween is NOT Cancelled Kits

Melissa from @a_magicalmess has two little girls who are 19 months apart that make everyday more fun! She shares how her family will celebrate Halloween this year.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year but these days it’s extra special because October 31st is also my oldest daughter Everly’s birthday!

There is no doubt that this year Halloween is going to look a bit different, but we are making sure to make the most of it. I got the idea to make these “Halloween is not cancelled” kits which we placed in our neighbors mailboxes at the beginning of October. My girls and I painted little canvas bags and put a bag of candy inside them. I then asked a printable shop to create tags (available at Olive and Eve) to attach to them to let our neighbors know that we’ll still be leaving candy outside our house this year for trick or treating (and we hope they will too!). Before we go out looking for candy we’ll be having our annual sweets “picnic” filled with all of Everly’s favorite treats from Edible Arrangements!

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and keeps the magic alive!

  • Enjoy Halloween Treats & Games

Tina from @herlifesparkles would love to be the mom who is a pro at baking all of the yummy treats and goodies. But, she understands this is not her strength…and baking goodies from scratch will just leave a big old mess for her to clean up. But, this Halloween, she recommends the Halloween Dessert Platter and focusing on your family.

For starters, she suggests bringing Halloween into your home by putting a spooky spin on some of your favorite at home party games like:

-Pin the Skeleton
-Witch Hat Ring Toss
-Pumpkin Boo-ling (bowling)

You can pick these games up from your local Target or use items from around the house. For example, you can make a toilet paper pyramid instead of buying toy bowling pins; it’s safe to say we should all have plenty of that right? Then using a small pumpkin (real or plastic) as your bowling ball. Set up your pins in a hallway or your living room and let them have a blast knowing them down.

Plus, it’s not Halloween without Trick or Treating. Fortunately, Tina has some suggestions to replace the typical door-to-door activities with a scavenger hunt. Depending on the size of your space you can hide items throughout your home or in your backyard. Let them get dressed up in their adorable little costumes, play some spooky tunes and let the search begin. This will allow your little ones to enjoy the surprise of unexpected treats, while playing safely at home. Depending on their age and reading level you could make it a scavenger hunt and leave clues throughout the home to tell them where they’ll find a huge stash of treats.

Yes, Halloween will look different this year but different can still be fun. When you think about it, it’s always been about putting smiles on their little faces and making sweet memories right? So this year won’t be that much different, they’ll still be smiling and making memories while having Halloween at home!

  • Halloween at Home Inspiration

Paula from @youmeandlucy_ is the mom to a 4 year old that is a BIG lover of Halloween, along with a 4 month old just learning how to celebrate. Her family was in limbo about trick or treating, but ultimately decided on a socially distant Halloween this year. To avoid disappointing her Halloween loving daughter, she created some fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

  1. Kick off Halloween and make a spooky charcuterie board! This was so easy to make and you can get the kids involved too! We threw in all our favorite treats including the yummy mummy and eyeball pineapple slices from Edible to achieve the spooky look! Use any cheeseboard you have at home, and et voila! You have a fun and yummy treat for your next Halloween movie night!
  2. Go extra on the decor! This year I decided to “spookily” not just our living room but also Lucy’s room! We made lots of DIY decor this Halloween and clocked in lots mommy and me times together!
  3. Halloween weekend movie night! Put on a fun and kid friendly Halloween movies like Halloween Town, Casper, Hocus Pocus to keep get them excited for Halloween. We will be introducing Casper to Lucy on Halloween!
  4. Create your own trick or treat station at home! My husband and I were adamant Lucy still get to trick or treat so we will be setting up a station per room where she can “trick or treat” and will be handing out candies per room in the house. I am super excited for this and I hope she will be too!
  5. “BOO” your neighbors. This one is all the rage right now which essentially just means “ghosting” someone by secretly dropping a pre-packaged treat on their doorstep. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood so I know they will appreciate this gesture and Lucy will have fun packaging treats and doorbell ditch her friends.

Celebrate Halloween at Home

Halloween may be different this year and quarantine may be hindering all the fun, but I hope these fun, creative, and safe ways to celebrate right at home helped you!