Celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Week: A How-To-Guide

Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas

Administrative Professionals’ Week is only a few days away! This is your chance to thank the administrative team in your office for everything they do throughout the year. In particular, due to changing work conditions, more and more people are working from home and trying to balance raising families and managing work. This year, think outside the box by finding creative ways to show your appreciation because administrative staff members are certainly trying to do it all.

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Take some inspiration from our Top 5 Celebration Ideas!

celebration ideas to thank your administrative team

Top 5 Ways to Thank Your Team on Administrative Day

Administrative Professionals’ Week is happening NOW, and we want to help ensure each and every admin receives the recognition they deserve. Although originally founded in 1952 as Secretaries Day, now we celebrate all admin staff for an entire week. So, although the way people celebrate Administrative Day evolved over the years, its purpose is STILL the same – recognizing the amazing administrative professionals in YOUR life for ALL their hard work and dedication!

1 – A Memory Collection

Whether it’s a list of their favorite sayings, a scrapbook of funny work photos, or an exchange of memorable anecdotes, memories are the perfect way to celebrate an administrative professional on your team. Put together a collection of memories you can use to reminisce on all the special experiences you shared – it’ll make them feel incredibly special! Like any business gift, giving a personal and individualized gift really goes a long way.

“Have you ever received a generic card from your boss? If so, you realize that your boss is just going through the motions. Typically, these types of cards say how much you matter to them. However, the card demonstrates the opposite feeling. As a result, make sure your gift leaves an impression! If you take the time to send some business gifts, then ensure the gift shows you care. For example, go for a gift that both reflects your personality and accurately represents the relationship you with your team. Consider ordering your gifts from a vendor that offers a variety of options so you can give your team members something with a similar theme, but are different enough to add a more personal touch.”

2 – Take a Walk in their shoes

Volunteer to cover their desk while they grab a coffee or take a long lunch. This is a great way for you to not only see what they do every day (and how difficult it can sometimes be!). Plus, it’ll also let them truly enjoy their break without worrying about rushing back! Plus, through offering coverage, you are making an effort to understand their world and recognize their contribution. After all, most employees desire the proper recognition. So, small actions like covering their desk goes a long way to generating positive morale!

“Sometimes all an employee wants is to feel recognized and giving attention to your administrative professionals can go a long way. Take this week to ask how people are doing, get feedback on their workload and any suggestions they have to improve it. Simple employee recognition appeals to intrinsic motivators and can go a long way in making your employees feel like the important team members they are.”

3 – Opportunity to learn

Is there a new skill or program they would like to learn? Maybe even something you could learn together? Offer them the opportunity to sign up for a training session or take a professional development class that teaches them something new. There are a variety of classes offered by local organizations, universities, and companies. Look to see if there is anything in your area that would interest your administrative professional, or yourself. Remember – the gift of learning is something they’ll always have! Plus, providing some reimbursement to any conference or program of their choice helps keep good employees engaged (and educated)!

“Offer reimbursement for professional conferences, organization memberships or courses. Administrative professionals are eager to learn and expand their skills, and they need to stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices. When you encourage employees to grow in their careers, the result benefits the entire team.”

4 – Send them away to an afternoon off or treat them to lunch

Nothing makes a workday go by quite like having the afternoon off! Show them your appreciation by giving them some time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy time with their family. Or, take time out of your day to treat them to lunch at their favorite café or nearby restaurant. They’ll truly appreciate the thoughtful gesture! For example, Top Resume shares why some extra time off goes a long way towards recognizing your staff.

“Who wouldn’t like an extra day for a long weekend? If your company allows a little flexibility in these things, there are very few things your hard-working AP would like more on Administrative Professionals Day. Vacation days are closely guarded and judiciously used throughout the year. To get one, extra, guilt-free day off is a treasure. Not only that, science has shown that three-day weekends are good for you. By giving your AP that extra day off, you’re actually showing how much you care and saying, “Hey, take a day and take care of yourself.” Best. Boss. Ever.”

5 – Sweet Surprise

Surprises never get old, and they’re an awesome way to show you care! So, surprise them and leave a breakfast treat on their desk. Or drop by their desk with an afternoon pick-me-up. Finally, if you need something in a pinch, we have the perfect solution – same day delivery for ALL of these sweet gift options.

“Did you forget that Administrative Professionals Week was coming up? Or, perhaps you’ve just been putting off selecting a gift for those at your office. Whatever the reason, Edible Arrangements® has you covered. For example, browse our selection of mouth-watering treats online and order the perfect gift from the convenience of your home or office. There’s no need to rush out to the store or figure out a DIY solution. After you choose the perfect Administrative Professionals Week gift, just tell us where to deliver it, and we’ll handle the rest!”

We hope you’re inspired to think outside the box this year for Administrative Professionals’ Week, and that our “Top 5 Celebration Ideas” will make this year’s holiday that much more memorable. Happy celebrating!