Celebrate with Edible® (Almost) Anywhere!

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There’s nothing we love more than helping others celebrate with friends and family near and far, and with over 1,300 Edible Arrangements® franchise stores worldwide, we are well on our way to covering the entire globe with our delicious fresh fruit gifts, on-the-go treats and more. But, did you know that even if there isn’t an Edible Arrangements® store near you, we can deliver our fresh fruit products almost anywhere nationwide in the United States today?

Can you really get Edible Arrangements® almost anywhere?! Sure can!

We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, with Edible Arrangements® stores opening in many new areas, but there are still a few areas of the U.S. where there aren’t Edible® stores just yet. But, even if there’s no local store close-by enough to offer local hand-delivery, we’ve still got you (chocolate) covered, because we can ship our boxes of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit™ almost anywhere nationwide – to 95% of the continental U.S.!

This means even more people can gift and enjoy our legendary fresh fruit gifts in even more areas – like your snow-loving aunt and uncle who live in Montana or your college roommate who moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming after graduation. So, even in places like Montana, Wyoming, and northern California, we’re still able to help you celebrate by shipping a sweet treat there.

How do we do it? Very carefully.

Our mission is to WOW everyone who receives a gift from us, so we take deliveries (and our fruit!) pretty seriously. To ensure that every single gift is perfectly fresh, each chocolate Dipped Fruit™ box that’s shipped is always handmade at the peak of freshness by the Fruit Experts® in a local Edible Arrangements® store. Each treat is then carefully packaged with lots of different special packaging elements to ensure it stays in place during shipping and stays nice and cool. Once it’s ready to go, it’s shipped for next-day delivery!

Swizzle Berries®

Our Swizzle Berries® are hand dipped to perfection in gourmet, semisweet chocolate, then topped with decadent white Swizzle® so they look and taste spectacular! They’re perfect for any occasion and celebration!

Edible® Ultimate Dipped Fruit™ Platter

Edible® Ultimate Dipped Fruit™ Platter

This delicious platter includes fresh banana bites covered in white and semisweet chocolate, chocolate covered apple wedges, chocolate covered pineapple daisies, and so much more. Rich chocolate and a wide offering of fruit flavors make this platter ideal for any celebration.

Swizzle Berries® & Chocolate Dipped Mixed Fruit Bundle

Swizzle Berries® & Chocolate Dipped Mixed Fruit Bundle

This custom box of chocolate covered fruit is like a celebration for your taste buds. Featuring a box of strawberries decorated with white and semisweet chocolate with festive drizzle, along with a box of mix chocolate Dipped Fruit™ that’s packed with chocolate covered strawberries, apples, and bananas, it’s a guaranteed hit!

So, go ahead and send your friends and loved ones everywhere a delicious chocolate Dipped Fruit™ box, or let them know you’re thinking of them with a box of our exclusive new Edible® Signature Chocolates. We’re here to help you make each celebration the sweetest one yet – no matter where the celebration takes place!