The Best Covid Vaccine Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Best Covid Vaccine Gifts

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly altered our standard way of living over the last year and will likely impact our everyday living for quite some time. During the pandemic, we missed birthdays, graduations, wedding and more. Many families and friends also suffered loss throughout the year. From celebrations and unique quarantine date nights to sympathy and get well gifts, small tokens of appreciation and acknowledge are one way that we try to connect and share a moment of intimacy with our loved ones. We also found a new way to engage with our loved ones, the quarantine gift that send a sign you were thinking of someone when you weren’t able to physically connect with them. But now, the vaccines are here and many of us are feeling a sense of relief and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, sending a Covid vaccine gift offers another way to celebrate one of life’s everyday occasions!

How to Choose a Covid Vaccine Gift

Like other gift giving, when it comes time to send a Covid vaccine gift, start with the person that is receiving it! This past year has been extremely trying, so consider what has changed in their life during the pandemic. Did they take up any new hobbies? Have they discussed their dream trip or new desires once the coast is clear? Do they love a particular restaurant and have not gone in quite some time? For most of us, we are looking to get out of the house, so the common quarantine gifts like robes and slippers are likely out the window now that your loved one has a vaccine. If you are still in doubt, then perhaps a care package or gift basket is an option. After all, we’ll still need to relax and eat in a post pandemic world! For example, an arrangement from Edible Arrangements® provides a sweet treat that she can enjoy for herself (or now possibly even share with friends!). Additionally, at Edible Arrangements®, we remain diligent on our safety protocols so you can be confident in the safety of our team and products. Or, some other sweet treat or gift card for her favorite restaurant is another great Covid vaccine gift idea. The choice is yours.

Covid Vaccine Gifts

As our loved ones start to get their Covid vaccines, we can see the relief on their faces. And for many of us, we can feel the relief of this trying time start to fade. Vaccine day is rapidly becoming another everyday occasion, so you may want to acknowledge this day for your loved ones. To help, some Covid vaccine gifts to add some extra smiles to mark the day!

  1. Fresh Celebrations FruitFlowers®

Fresh Celebrations FruitFlowers®

Flowers are always a great gift idea! This bouquet of sunflowers and yellow, purple, and white chrysanthemums can be delivered to your loved one’s door, which makes it a great Covid vaccine gift. Plus, this collection also includes a strawberry sampler box featuring chocolate covered strawberries covered with everything from almond crunch to fine coconut shavings, which adds some sweetness to celebrate the occasion.

2. Blooming Hearts & Chocolate

15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Blooming Hearts & Chocolate

Celebrate a Covid vaccine with a classic gift like chocolate and flowers! Our take on the classic gift is packed with a box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates that features caramels, nutty clusters, and buttercreams. It also includes an arrangement with pineapple hearts, strawberries, and chocolate dipped strawberries. A great vaccine gift during that offers some comfort food with a loving feel that things are going to get much better.

Cost: $106.98

3. Traveler Gift Set

Traveler Gift Set

If your loved one travels, then she’ll want some new personal items on her upcoming adventures. And, this traveler gift set is certainly on the short list because it makes the manicure on the go easy with two non-acetone nail polish remover pads, a nail file, a base and top coat, and three beautiful colors, all contained in a stylish zipper pouch.

Cost: $38.00

4. Meditation Box

Meditation Box

A Covid vaccine means some light at the end of the tunnel. So, take a deep breath and exhale with a meditation box. Filled with fine grains of sand that shift and swirl, this simple wood box provides the perfect canvas for inspiration, hopes, and dreams. A soft velvet layer lines the base, creating a soothing sensation as you write, draw, and create.

Cost: $85.00

5. Rapid Fire Starter

Rapid Fire Starter

Now that things will start to open up, this means some more get-togethers. For your loved one who goes camping with friends or just loves a backyard fire pit, there’s no better pick than this portable air-driven fire lighter. It projects a four-inch flame that instantly lights up charcoal and wood before injecting airflow to quickly spread flames.

Cost: $49.95

6. Landscape Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

Landscape Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

Did your loved one take up cooking during Covid? Do they love the outdoors and embrace hiking over the last year? If so, then this landscape kitchen knife set is a great Covid vaccine gift! This is no ordinary set of knives. Each knife presents a beautiful landscape scene – from snow capped mountains to the swirling ocean and everything in between.

Cost: $49.95

7. Smart LED Mirror

Smart LED Mirror

Your loved one will want to look great now that they are ready to go out and about. You might not think you need your mirror to be smart, but one time using this device and you’ll be hooked. You simply press and hold the circle to acquire the perfect amount of light so you can touch up your makeup and inspect your complexion with precision. A great way to spend less time getting ready and more time with friends!

8. iHome iBT78 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

iHome iBT78 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A speaker that projects lights in sync with the music you play? Sign us up! This speaker not only sounds great, but its six color modes add dynamic visual style, and it offers 16 hours of playback on a single charge. So, 16 hours of music and a sync’d light show? Sounds like a tremendous Covid vaccine gift to us!

Cost: $49.99

9. Swimline Game Station Set with Waterproof Playing Cards

Swimline Game Station Set with Waterproof Playing Cards

The pool is the best place to relax and stay cool, but most of us have spend a little too much time relaxing by ourselves this year. So, these floats are a great way to relax with a friend because they let you play your favorite card games with someone else while floating, relaxing and laughing the afternoon away!

Cost: $34.48

10. TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector

TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector

As your loved ones get their vaccines, then we’ll naturally want to gather. So, get your group together for a fun outdoor movie with this projector. It’s equipped with various ports so that you can connect your smartphone, DVD player, game console, and so much more. Plus, it features 4000lux LED for brightness and 3W HiFi stereo speakers with SRS sound system.

Cost: $89.99

Covid Vaccine Gifts for a Parent

All of us worry about our parents as we age. And over the last year, we have all had some extra worries about our parents and their safety. As they start to receive their vaccines, a few Covid vaccine gifts for your parents that shows some appreciation and gratitude for all they have done for you.

1. Thanks A Bunch Bundle

Thanks A Bunch Bundle

What is a better way to show your appreciation than a box of delectable chocolates? A box of chocolates with strawberries covered in decadent semisweet chocolate and a cheerful thank you balloon! This simple arrangement offers a straightforward way to say thanks to your parents for all of their support over the years.

Cost: $79.98

2. Chocolate Dessert & Cheesecake Platter

Chocolate Dessert & Cheesecake Platter

With fresh juicy strawberries covered in chocolate, plus chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, and graham crackers, this platter has something for everyone and will provide a sweet treat to mark your parents Covid vaccine. If that weren’t enough, at the center, you’ll find three creamy cheesecakes topped with chocolate covered fruit.

Cost: $39.99

3. Nat Geo ”My Town” Custom USGS Map Puzzle

Nat Geo ''My Town'' Custom USGS Map Puzzle

A unique, but thoughtful way to show your parents how much they mean to you. This puzzle starts with a house-shaped puzzle piece and then extends outward in a topographical representation of your home town. Just specify your home address, and the company will create a truly unique and personalized jigsaw puzzle with her home in the center. A great Covid vaccine gift for your parents that shows your appreciation and acknowledgement that you are happy they are healthy.

Cost: $44.95

4. Box of Hope Cookies for Kids Cancer

Box of Hope Cookies for Kids Cancer

A touching way to say thanks and acknowledge the tough times for everyone. With each purchase of these cookies, 100% of the proceeds are donated to critically needed pediatric cancer research. You can choose any three varieties of cookies you’d like, and you can feel good about making a difference in a sick child’s life.  Perhaps atypical, but thoughtful because it shows the empathy instilled in you from your parents.

Cost: $89.99

5. Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

Especially great for your mom, this necklace is perfect for someone who helped you along your way and definitely during the pandemic. It’s made with lapis stone, which represents truth, along with sterling silver moon phase and gold vermeil charms to represent your journey and provide some sense of inspiration for the future.

Cost: $55.00

6. Canvas Print Wall Art

Canvas Print Wall Art

A personalized print of your family that your parents can enjoy provides a great Covid vaccine gift idea for your folks. This canvas wall art can include up to eight people with individual characteristics, such as hair color and style, and their names. After a difficult year without much contact, a family print will surely make your parents happy.

Cost: $55.95

Covid Vaccine Gifts for a Grandparent

If you are fortunate enough to have your grandparents around, then you are surely very happy they received a Covid vaccine. Grandparents share family stories, offer meaningful guidance and provide an all-around sweet attitude. A few sweet and savory Covid vaccine gifts for grandparents to show how much you care about them.

1. Thank You Swizzle Berries®

Thank You Swizzle Berries®

A classic gift that simply says thanks and enjoy! One of the best Covid vaccine gifts around are chocolate covered strawberries. These strawberries are hand-dipped in semisweet chocolate and topped with white chocolate drizzle. They’re all packaged beautifully in a custom Thank You box that shows your appreciation for your grandparents!

Cost: $52.99

2. Fresh Cut Bouquet

Fresh Cut Bouquet

Flowers are another classic gift and this sweet bouquet will let your grandparents know just how much they mean to you. It’s packed with juicy, ripe strawberries, and flower-shaped pineapple, all artfully arranged in a keepsake ceramic container.

Cost: $59.99

3. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch 40mm

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch 40mm

If your grandparent has a little tech savvy, then a smartwatch makes a great Covid vaccine gift. We learned the importance of smartwatches throughout the last year and they monitor core vitals, so this watch will helps keep your grandparents healthy (and fashionable). This smartwatch is 40mm wide, so it features a much larger display than some of  other models, making it easy to read and navigate.

Cost: $179.00

4. Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

We all learned about the power of technology in the last year. We also learned about the power of connection, so this Amazon device allows your grandparents to connect face to face with friends and family, help manage their day, and entertain with music, videos, and more. Although they will be able to gather, this makes a great Covid vaccine gift if they need to wait for the rest of the family or simply just want to remain connected virtually (and in-person).

Cost: $69.99

5. The Useful Gardener Gift Set

The Useful Gardener Gift Set

Is your grandparent an active gardener? This box is chock-full of everything an avid gardener would want, including a wooden planter, wind chime, lemon candies, toffee chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, a nail brush, knee pad, spade, trowel, gardening gloves, herbal teas, and hand cream.

Cost: $59.99

6. Personalized Grill Set

Personalized Grill Set

For the grandparent who loves grilling, there’s no better gift than this personalized grill set. It comes with tongs, a fork, and a spatula in a handy carrying case that can be engraved with any one of six designs. Your grandparent will love to host the family at their house as everyone starts to gather, so this personal grill set makes a great Covid vaccine gift idea.

Cost: $47.99

Covid Vaccine Gift for Friends

Most of us dearly missed our friends over the last year. Sure, we’ve had plenty of chats, Zooms and even some walks, but we’ve missed some hugs, meals and close conversations. Take some time to celebrate your friends Covid vaccine gift with some of these ideas.

  1. Just Because Bouquet® Dipped Strawberries

Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything: Just Because Bouquet® Dipped Strawberries

This arrangement has it all and you know your friend wants it all! It’s packed with cupcake-shaped pineapple covered in delectable chocolate, apple bites dipped in chocolate and topped with white chocolate drizzle, strawberries, grapes, and more. A perfect Covid vaccine gift for your friend to say “enjoy” and we’ll see each other soon.

Cost: $72.99

2. A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

Enjoy a Variety of Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn and a movie with their close friends? A great way of saying, let’s plan a friends night to just enjoy each other’s company. This variety popcorn pack offers plenty of choices and enough popcorn to last the night while you catch up with your bestie.

3. Friends Apartment Floor Plan

Friends Apartment Floor Plan

For a friend who loves TV, these apartment floor plans are sure to please. You can choose Monica and Rachel from Friends‘ apartment, Frazier‘s apartment, the apartment from Will and Grace, and so much more. A great Covid vaccine gift for your friend as you say “lets chat.”

Cost: $36.00

4. Guide Birds

Guide Birds

Does your friend provide you with inspiration? Did they help you get through the past year (or even longer?)? Show your appreciation with these guide birds! Each bird corresponds to an inspirational word, such as joy, courage, and generosity, so give her the one that makes you think of her.

Cost: $48.00

5. Little Jar of Good Luck

Little Jar of Good Luck

Hand-crafted with love, this little jar contains positive quotes, affirmations, and humor to inspire and uplift. It’s perfect for anyone in need of little inspiration and a positive attitude and offers a great way to say “the best is yet to come” as she just received her Covid vaccine.

Cost: $16.74

6. Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game

Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game

Does your friend have a dog? Did you love having a game night with your close friends? A humorous Covid vaccine gift that says, let’s have a game night and enjoy each other’s company. This game takes a new twist on the classic memory game and challenges you to see if you can do just that.

Cost: $16.95

7. Pac-Man Retro Mini Arcade Game

Pac-Man Retro Mini Arcade Game

This handheld video game will take your friend back in time. It looks, sounds and plays like the original with authentic 80’s graphics and a joy stick control to make it just as exciting as it was when you were a kid. A cool way to say “thinking of you” and acknowledge a good day in their life.

Cost: $15.95

8. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Perfect for friends who love sleeping in the great outdoors, this tent pops up on its own without any poles, stakes, or brutal manpower. It’s all done for you with an easy, 10-second set up. A great way to say, “let’s hang out this summer” and not waste any time setting up the camp site.

Cost: $62.00

9. TABLETOPICS Family: Questions to Start Great Conversations

TABLETOPICS Family Questions to Start Great Conversations

Have you missed the intimate and personal connection with your friends this year? For most of us, the answer is a resounding yes. This set includes 135 thought-provoking questions that your group can use to spark conversations with one another and really connect with each other. They’re all family-friendly, so you can even bring in the kids for a little bit of family fun.

Cost: $25.00

10. Personalized Makeup Brush Set and Roll Pouch

Personalized Makeup Brush Set and Roll Pouch

Ready to head out on the town with your friend? This personalizable roll pouch includes four high-quality makeup brushes: a powder brush, foundation brush, angled eyeshadow brush, and blending eyeshadow brush. A faux-leather roll case keeps the makeup brushes safe and secure. A great way to say the night out is on the way back into our lives.

Cost: $24.95

From travel related items to personal touches, celebrating Covid vaccines with a gift is quickly becoming a great occasion. We’ve missed so many everyday occasions in the last year, that we need something uplifting as we move forward. And a Covid vaccine gift marks a turning point, plus helps us make some plans for the not-too-distant future.